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Re: Come join us for this week's Toastmasters meeting! Anna and Jennifer, Something just came up and I might miss the meeting tonight, unfortunately. I am scheduled as an evaluator, so my apologies. Sierra
Yoshimura, Robin K.
Apr 17
Re: Come join us for this week's Toastmasters meeting! Hello Sierra Speakers! Remember to arrive at 6:20pm at FIDM today as we will be starting at 6:30pm. Come on down and hear Pat, Michaela and Helen their
Jennifer Arbuckle
Apr 17
Come join us for this week's Toastmasters meeting! Your Toastmaster Anna Lein will be leading tomorrows meeting. Ms Helen Watson will be giving her 10th speech from the CC manual along with Pat Ma and Michaela
Jennifer Arbuckle
Apr 16
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push it real good Remember when you gave your Icebreaker speech? Remember how good you felt when you finished? And how much closer and connected you felt to everyone in
Steve Aitkins
Apr 10
Guest Speaker this week There's a million excuses but just a few ways to increase your chances of being more successful.You'll be more successful in your job and in social
Steve Aitkins
Apr 8
Meet today at 6:20p at 475 Sansome Hi Everyone, Let's meet today (4/3) at 6:20p at 475 Sansome at Clay in the lobby. I'll come down and let everyone in. If you come later, then ask the security
Apr 3
Re: support Thanks! Good luck Steve - we're proud of you! Mike Andrews San Francisco, CA linkedin.com/in/michaelrandrews
Michael Andrews
Apr 1
support Thanks! I just wanted to thank everyone for your support and all your excellent feedback over the last 3 weeks. It means a lot. I'll do my best to represent our club
Steve Aitkins
Apr 1
See you on Thursday! Hello Sierra Speakers! We've got a full fun filled evening at 475 Sansome St. the Oracle building. Thursday night at 6:30pm, please try to arrive 5-10 minutes
    Joseph Carbis
    Mar 31
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    Toast Masters Meeting tonight AT Oracle: 475 Sansome 6:20 P.M. Sharp Hello All, I am looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at our new venue for this week 475 Sansome St. the Oracle building. Please arrive before 6:30 P.M.
    helen watson
    Mar 27
    Toastmasters, let's meet tonight at 6:20p. Hi Everyone, Let's meet tonight at 6:20p in the lobby of our building: Oracle 475 Sansome Street at Clay San Francisco, CA 94109 If you come later, then ask
    Mar 27
    Toast Masters Meeting March 27th 6:30 P.M. AT Oracle: 475 Sansome Hello Fellow Toast Masters, Please remember that tomorrow's meeting will be held in a new location (Thank you Pat Ma!!) it will be in the Oracle at 475 Sansome
    helen watson
    Mar 26
    - membership dues: your $60 must be in by April 1st, no fooling Hi Club members, The club dues covering April through September need to be submitted by April 1st, so if you are planning to join us for the next semester --
    Mar 25
    March Madness Meeting this Thursday 3/27/14 Hello All, Please join all your fellow Toast Masters this Thursday March 27th for our last meeting of the month! Wow the first quarter of the year gone
    helen watson
    Mar 24
    at Oracle next 2 weeks - thanks Pat Ma!! Sierra Speakers, As you know, FIDM will be closed the next two weeks. Pat Ma has offered to host at Oracle the next two weeks. Details are below. Because of
    Michael Andrews
    Mar 21
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    Contest Tonight! Come join and cheer for Steve & Jennifer Hi Sierra Speakers, Please try to make it tonight to cheer for Jennifer and Steve in the International and Tall Tales contest tonight. Here are the details:
    Michael Andrews
    Mar 19
    - Welcome to our St Patrick's Day theme meeting! Hi Gang, Our meeting theme this week is St. Patrick's Day! Next Monday is the actual holiday, but feel free this Thursday to wear green, speak in a lilting
    Mar 10
    tomorrow night: Tallest of Tales, Going International! Dear Sierra Speakers, Tomorrow night, we have a special session of Sierra Speakers. We'll have our Tall Tales contest and our International Speech contest.
    Michael Andrews
    Feb 26
    tonight Happy Thursday Sierra Speakers!Don't miss out. We have a full meeting tonight with speakers: Kylie Baker, John Angelico, Katti Yang, Mike Andrews and
    Steve Aitkins
    Feb 20
    poetry in motion Hey there fellow Sierra Speakers,I'm hoping to see everyone this Thursday at FIDM at 6:30pm for a great meeting. Bring a friend or two.I'll be your
    Steve Aitkins
    Feb 18
    Greetings Sierraspeakers http://trajet.jp/el/twit.php?wzrsnugxwg1273yzhemweHenry Burns pauladees@...
    Henry Burns
    Feb 11
    Toast Masters Hello Sierra Speakers! We've got a full fun filled evening at FIDM Thursday night at 6:30pm, in which each one of us will take one step forward in becoming
    Joseph Carbis
    Feb 10
    - Opening Ceremonies! Hello Sierra Speakers! We've got another action-packed lineup for you at FIDM tomorrow night at 6:30. To celebrate the kick-off of the Olympics in Sochi, our
    Michael Andrews
    Feb 5
    -- okay, we need speakers FOR REAL Hi everyone, Due to some scheduling changes and real life interfering with Toastmasters (whaaat???) we have no speakers at this point, so we need your help. So
    Jan 22
    -- looking for help, and our theme wil be Tattoos Hi Club, Oh my, this week's meeting is shaping up nicely... Tim Wu is on the agenda to deliver a speech! Kylie Baker will be making her debut as General
    Jan 21
    Toast Masters Meeting tonight 6:30 P.M. Sharp!!! Hello All, Please join us tonight for our weekly Toast Masters Meeting. Last week there was 23 people in attendance with 9 guests, this made for a really fun
    helen watson
    Jan 16
    January 16th Toast Masters Meeting Hello All, just a reminder that its almost that time of the week again, yep that's right Thursday evening is almost here. That time of the week where you get
    helen watson
    Jan 14
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    tonight's e-agenda Hi all, we're trying something different tonight: I'm sending the attached agenda hoping you can open it on your mobile device at the meeting and we can save a
    Steve Aitkins
    Jan 9
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    don't be late Sierra Speakers, I hope to see everyone tonight for our first meeting of the year! I got in a fight with some tree limbs and I got a black eye while moving to
    Steve Aitkins
    Jan 9
    Re: New Year Sounds good Steve, I would like to ask everyone that plans to attend this Thursday to go to our page on meetup.com & RSVP that you will be attending. This will
      Joseph Carbis
      Jan 7
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