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Sierra back on the Air

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  • Rick W4DST
    After 10 1/2 years of inactivity, I ve gotten my Sierra back on the air. I built it and the KC-2 in June 1998, so that makes it a teenager. At one time I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2011
      After 10 1/2 years of inactivity, I've gotten my Sierra back on the air.  I built it and the KC-2 in June 1998, so that makes it a teenager.  At one time I modified it for use with a DL-QRP amp and didn't care for the increase in current drain on the battery when using it in the field.  I took out the DL-QRP, sold it, but never put my Sierra back in operation.  Luckily I put the NTE-342, 500 ohm drive pot, toroid transformer and NTE-5088A 47V zener in a plastic bag inside the Sierra. That makes the restoration easier and I will have it aligned and back on the air by the weekend.  The next project will be to put my antenna back up from having it come down during an ice storm last winter and check out my ZM-2 tuner and WM-2 wattmeter.  

      I was a Fox several times on the old QRP-L 40 meter Foxhunts and also did my share of Hounding the Fox.  I'm looking forward to the 20 meter Foxhunts and getting my trusty old Sierra back on the air.  I was able to obtain a full set of band modules, 160 - 10, and still have all my notes on the modifications done to them at the time.  I noted 6 watts out on 160 - 40 meters,  5 +/- watts on 30 - 17, and 4 - 5 on 15 - 10.   The higher power on the upper bands was due to modifications to the modules by adding some "missing" capacitors and addition of small trimmers to eliminate the touchy tuning of the modules.  All of these power levels are with the NTE-342, associated transformer mod and modified band modules.  The NTE-342 and transformer mods were found to be the best way to increase the output of a Sierra without drastic increases in current consumption.

      72 to all,

      Rick W4DST  ex-KF4AR
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