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Wilderness Sierra Radio Differences Questions ...

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  • Andy - GM0NWI
    ... Good Afternoon Good People ! ... Today I UPLOADED 2 photo s of a couple of Wilderness Sierra QRP Transceivers to a folder in the groups Photo s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2013
      " ... Good Afternoon Good People ! ..."

      Today I UPLOADED 2 photo's of a couple of " Wilderness Sierra QRP
      Transceivers " to a folder in the groups " Photo's " section ...

      I am hoping that I am very well aware of the history of this great little
      transceiver, but also as a relative " Newbie " I can get some
      EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND answers to a question (which may actually be MORE than 1
      question split into categories, depending on how you see it !) ...on a
      dilemma I have here ...

      I purchased this radio from eBay in December of last year as a
      Christmas-Present-To-Myself ... and are so far VERY happy with it ..

      In the photo's uploaded - The version of this radio I have is the one
      WITHOUT the " Digital Display " and different looking layout to the other
      there ... In essence the more " Simpler " looking version of the two is the
      one I own at present ...

      I have a few " other " bits that came along with the transceiver however
      including :-

      ALL HF Band Modules (from 10m - 160m)

      Extra " Case Clips "

      Blank Front Facia (matching what is actually in place on the radio at
      present - again the " simpler " of the two versions)

      A few " Extra " IC chips etc, ... for which I think are a replacement (or
      still needed to be installed) Keyer (Not Sure Yet !)

      There more than likely are other " Extras " I have forgotten to include here
      at present, but I am sure you all will get the general idea ...




      Can someone PLEASE "try" and keep any advice " Easy " for me to understand,
      as I am at a total lose with this ... I have had so much " seemingly helpful
      " advice thus so far, NON of which is making much sense to me I am afraid

      Apologies For Being " A Complete Dork ! " on this ...

      Question 1 - " ... IF I SEEMINGLY have a good lot of " Extras " included in
      my purchase ... HOW THEN ? WOULD I\DO I go about making MY " Version " of
      the radio have the same controls & " functionality " as the 2nd Wilderness
      Sierra Radio "version" I have included in the folder there ? ..." (i.e the
      one that shows 4 pictures of the radio's internal layout etc ...

      Q1b - By This Question .... I suppose I am asking, " ... How Does One Go
      About changing the Front Panel ... Including A Digital Display .... And
      Adding\Including all the other Controls found there on the 2nd Font Panel
      Facia ... so that they are functioning as they should ? ...."

      Question 2 - IS THE ANSWER(s) to Question " Q1b " EVEN AT ALL POSSIBLE ?
      I at present have NO IDEA ! Perhaps some of the other things that
      Might\Would be needed to do any " Upgrade\Conversion " are NOT available
      through ANY source now due to the vintage of the radio in the first place
      ...? Would that be a correct assumption ?

      This whole thing just " Seems " to me that, if there was the possibility of
      doin' an " Upgrade\Conversion " to make my radio be more like the one in the
      2nd picture, that it again would raise the enjoyment of the radio experience
      whilst using the radio to another level ...

      People ! Guy's\Gal's .... Before anyone attempts to answer any of the above
      enquiries on this, let me firstly say a HUGE THANKYOU for letting me join &
      become a member of this wonderful list, to share in the enjoyment & "Wonder"
      of things QRP related & to share the experiences and knowledge in owning &
      using this wonderful little radio ...

      I look Forward to anything that anyone can assist\enlighten me with as
      respect to answers to the questions above ... I am always eager to learn
      from other more knowledable people than myself...whatever becomes the
      answers\outcome of this enquiry I am sure I will continue to use this
      wonderful radio & have many, many get experiences & contacts all over the
      world with the many owners & like minded people who share my passion ...


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