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  • lowpowerop
    hahaha. Ok Grant. I will certainly keep that in mind! john
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 1, 2013
      hahaha. Ok Grant. I will certainly keep that in mind!

      --- In sierra_wilderness_radio@yahoogroups.com, "querencias" wrote:
      > Hi John
      > It may look hideous but it works superbly! My sister told me when she saw my new Prius - "That car is Butt-Ugly!" She bought her own within six months, not that you'll buy a KX-1 - it is a superb little rig and carries its own power supply, 6 AA batteries inside.
      > I hope that you're able to find an unbuilt Sierra kit or an assembled and tested one in good shape but give the KX-1 a 2nd thought - it's a really cool radio too with more features, including digital display, room for a built-in automatic tuner. It's a lot easier to travel with and operate the KX-1. My wife and I were in Starsbourg, France, and I hung a wire from the 3rd floor window straight down to within 12 feet of the sidewalk - nobody noticed -but I managed a QSO with a ham in Croatia who wanted to meet my wife and me in Budapest. Ham radio is a world-wide hobby, actually more like a brother-hood.
      > I plan to keep my Sierra forever even thought I hardly ever use it - guess I prefer the KX-1 but I LOVE my Sierra
      > Best of luck in your search.
      > 72 de grant
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