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Welcome to Al, AJ4JA

Al, welcome to our group. Hope You will enjoy it. Good luck and see You on the air with Sierra soon. 73 - Petr, OK1RP
May 22

Re: NC 40A help

I had a similar but different problem with my Norcal 40A when first built. I heard an ugly electronic hum or buzz when I backed R8 away from fully clockwise.
May 17

NC 40A help

Not sure if anyone here can offer suggestions but here goes. I built & love a Norcal 40A. Need help troubleshooting 2 things on receive: when adjusting AF gain
May 15

Re: Wilderness Sierra docs

Thanks Pat Looks as if I will have to wait until I go through all my junk until I find the manual. it also has the extra modules I purchased from Bob, was not
Mar 27

Re: Wilderness Sierra docs

I just purchased a Manual from Bob as I misplaced mine years ago and have a few band boards to wind up. Also bought a few left over cases from him that are
Mar 27

Wilderness Sierra docs

Hi I have misplaced my manual for the Sierra purchased from Wilderness Bob - drat. I was hoping to install an RF and power out meter into the unit as I have
Mar 26

New Member in Ontario

Hi Sierra Group: I joined the group a few days ago to get info on the Sierra. I have a Sierra coming next week ( will be 3rd owner ). Excited to get it up and
Feb 13

Re: T2 Winding

Hi there; Didn't replace anything else in final. I left my 36v zener in, but it would be a good idea to raise it to a 43v just in case. Just make sure to
Feb 13

Re: T2 Winding

Hi Colin, Thanks for your reply, on the L5 mod, did you replace any other components? or just remove the turns? Mine is working and will give about 2-3W on 40M
John Gabbard
Feb 12

Re: T2 Winding

Hi there John; I don't know about the rising power level, but the J310 is the standard in the newer versions. Don't remember why offhand , but I do know he
Feb 12

... Original DL-QRP PA Info Needed ? ...

Hey Dave ! THANKS AGAIN TO YOU for supplying this bit of information also ... I was originally a bit confused with some of the new suppiers/builders info I
Andy - GM0NWI
Feb 12

... Original DL-QRP PA Info Needed ? ...

Hello Fellow Sierra'-philes ! Can someone please either point me to the exact correct place in the groups Files Section if possible, OR send me perhaps a .pdf
Andy - GM0NWI
Feb 12

Welcome to Philip, N2ARB

Philip, welcome to our group. I wish You to enjoy the Sierra as same as membership and hope to meet You on the air soon using the Sierra jewels. regards, 73 -
Feb 12

Re: T2 Winding

Hi Colin, How are you today? I am sorry for not answering you sooner, we live fulltime on out RV and today is laundry day and I was tied up, OK, that's my
John Gabbard
Feb 10

T2 Winding

Good day there John; My Sierra is Rev G; the T2 transformer stays the same regardless of band. the 18t and 5t is what mine has in manual. You didn't say
Feb 10
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