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Message posting

I emailed about not being able to post since I can't login to Yahoo, but it looks like Yahoo isn't needed. I can simply email to the group using the link down
JJ Joseph
Nov 7

Membership in group

I can't post to the Sidekicks & Trackers any more because Yahoo closed my account because I didn't use it enough. It would help if you could post a message to
JJ Joseph
Nov 7

looking for a part that GM has discontinued

I am is the aunt of the nephew who owns a 2000 Chevy tracker which needs a driver side strut/break lever GM part number (91175641)and most of junk yards who
Nov 6

Re: Hard top

maryanne502 - I have a hardtop for 2 door Tracker 1989-1998 models. Made by Bestop. It is complete with instructions and hardware. It is like new but needs
Nov 3

Hard top

I am looking for a hard top for 98Chevy Tracker 2 door Can anyone help me? Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy® Note 4. I am looking for a hard top for 98
Nov 3

1992 Tracker 4x4

1992 Tracker 4x4 convertible with hardtop, 72,500 miles. Reasonable shape for a 23 year old car. Has 235.75 x 15 tires, a trailer hitch and a tow bar set up.
Jun 25

I'm Back

After being trackerless for some time, I just picked up a 2002 ZR2 for my son.
Jun 24

Re: 2001 Chevy Tracker ZR2. Stuck timing chain tensioner problem.

Hi Doug, Running the engine with a stuck chain tensioner is asking for severe trouble. The chain and guides will be wearing fast and at some point the chain
Feb 27

Re: 2001 Chevy Tracker ZR2. Stuck timing chain tensioner problem.

Don't run it too far or you will be doing more than a chain job. I'd suggest pulling the valve cover off and looking at the upper guide to see if it is
Bob Shapton
Feb 16

2001 Chevy Tracker ZR2. Stuck timing chain tensioner problem.

Hi all, new to the group here, thanks for letting me join. Just picked up a 2001 Chevy Tracker ZR2, it's in pretty good shape but I got it pretty cheap cause
Feb 16

New member w/ old problem

Hi, I'm new this group and hope I can get some information at ProTop Hardtops. I have a 2003 Geo Tracker convertible. At some time, before me an owner removed
Feb 16

Re: Rear convertible Window for 2003 Tracker

PS. You may also be able to get one online from softops.com I believe is the name,I have ordered new tops from them,Good luck On Saturday, January 31, 2015
Angela Edwards
Jan 31

Re: Rear convertible Window for 2003 Tracker

You can go to any fabric store and get the replacement plastic to fix window all you have to do is pull old stitches and sew new one in keep it flat and will
Angela Edwards
Jan 31

Re: Rear convertible Window for 2003 Tracker

Take yours to a boat shop and have one made Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S® 5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone ... From: "bufbooth@... [sidekicksandtrackers]"
Phillip Ramirez
Jan 30

Rear convertible Window for 2003 Tracker

Hello, is there any place to purchase a new rear convertible window for the original (OEM) soft top? Thank you, Dennis...
Jan 30
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