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374Re: [sicp-vsg] Is it active?

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  • Philip Ansteth
    Mar 27, 2007
      A friendly warning:

      Over the last several years, I've made several attempts at understanding the Structure
      and Interpretation of Computer Programs.     I was only partially successful.

      A lot of people say SICP is a great book.   I tend to disagree.    You'll want to make up your own mind, I'm sure.

      Just to make my warning concrete, consider the exercise about Ackermann's function.   I submit that the problem cannot be understood nor worked on successfully within the context of SICP alone.   You have to go to some other source.

      It may or may not be worthwhile to read up on Ackermann's function.   But the
      point is that SICP is just no help.   No explanations.  No footnotes.  No guidance.

      Can you skip the exercise if it doesn't interest you?   Or is understanding
      it crucial to understanding later chapters?   The authors just don't say.  You're on your own.

      I suspect that SICP was written to serve the pedagogical purposes of MIT's computer science department.    I'm dubious about the practicality of studying it outside of that specialized context.

      prabhat137 <prabhat137@...> wrote:
      I've just recently begun to study SICP on my own, and joined this
      group looking forward to an active study group, which in absence of a
      course or instructor, I could use as a forum for communication and
      But I'm appalled to see spams inundating the group lately. Is the
      group no longer active at all? Why ain't these spams discarded/controlled?

      Philip Ansteth
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