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216Re: Ex. 1.45?

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  • Philip Ansteth
    May 2 5:52 PM
      --- In sicp-vsg@yahoogroups.com, Charles Stanhope <cstanhop@g...>
      > Hey, Philip, did you get anywhere with problem 1.45? I've been
      > playing around a little bit, but I can't seem to find a general
      > solution for nth root greater than 4. Either the damping is too
      > (or at least wrong) as to cause the result to be wrong, or the
      > is "incorrect" and the fixed-point never converges.

      Yes, I think I found a good solution, but some questions remain. (I
      don't know how to prove that my way of selecting the number of
      dampings will always work. See my previous post.)

      Your problems sound very similar to what I ran into. I don't want to
      deprive anyone of the "pleasure" working out a solution on their own,
      but I can post my solution. Or I can just describe the trap I think
      I fell into and how I got out.

      By the way, I thought Exercise 1.46 was a breeze by comparison. That
      completes Chapter One! Hooray!
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