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~ Global Reformation ~ Re: DISCLOSURES Sir Evelyn de Rothschild?

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  • gramma twain
    aho Tev-One! yes, this day and every day we must call for universal entitlement, to the necessities of food, shelter, communications, the net ... self-
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2008
      aho Tev-One!

      yes, this day and every day we must call for universal entitlement,
      to the necessities of food, shelter, communications, the net ... self-
      determination ... participation in all decisionmaking .... and complete
      protection from the violent predation of the institutions, governments,
      guilds, churches, lawyers, doctors, corporations, banks and their sickness.

      the removal of all unnecessary power from those institutions which are not
      honest and transparent, aka secret government, which is not acting for the
      good of all cultures, whom are not acting to heal our Mother Earth.

      the flattening of our world economic caste/class system -- eliminating the
      trillionaire and billionaire classes entirely, reducing them to the millionaire --
      and ending the lower classes entirely, uplifting them to at least middle
      class-dom ... if they should so choose ... for all who are able to act as
      stewards of society and nature ... protecting all individuals from the wanton
      avarice that oft-comes with wealth ... and returning our forests and rainforests,
      rivers and wetlands, living ocean and atmosphere at least tenfold.

      turning all the world's toxic agriculture into organic permaculture, and
      returning the deserts to forest and rainforest.

      ending the rapacity against animals worldwide, the meat-eating, that
      our food-production can be ten times increased, and our consciousness
      (compassion, mindfulness, intelligence, enlightenment) expanded
      beyond measure.

      in so doing ... uplifting the whole/total world economy by a factor of
      one hundred!

      with and for all our sacred relations,

      Millennium Twain


      --- On Tue, 2/12/08, Chet Chidester <uniteinkindness@...> wrote:

      gramma twain
      Until "we are all" fed and clothed and housed and acknowledged/
      have knowledge... not one of us is uniting the human race for a
      sustainable future. Until we can cooperate in intense togetherness we
      cannot be sustainable, nor can our earth be sustainable. Change our
      agreement from money to giving each other/everyone abundance and we are
      cooperating and creating a sustainable, and manageable bliss for all

      A free and kind world, Tevin

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      From: gramma twain <yonibluestar@ yahoo.co. uk>

      Sir Evelyn de Rothschild calls for action

      http://www.ojaipost .com/2008/11/heart_of_the_goddess_moon.shtml

      Sir Evelyn de Rothschild


      All of us - countries, corporations and consumers - have neglected basic principles.

      Sir Evelyn: "action has to be taken and action must be taken very soon".

      Ethics - we have lost sight of an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.

      Careful management - we have indulged our wants without the taxes or the prices or the cash to pay for them.

      Oversight - public relations and spin have replaced disclosure and
      transparency; casual yet complex accounting and accommodating rating
      agencies left us blissfully unaware of the problems, and we revelled in
      our ignorance.

      Hubris has replaced community responsibility as a requirement for executive positions.

      American automobile executives and British bankers have been unable to form their lips into an apology.

      Management prefers to hold onto private corporate jets rather than push for fuel efficiency standards

      Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

      Yet their institutions lie in ruins and the rest of us are left feeling embarrassed for them.

      Their customers worry that their savings or their working capital
      will just vanish, their mortgage will be transferred to a new
      institution they have never heard of.

      Their employees wonder which of their colleagues - or they
      themselves - will be unemployed in the coming week, with bleak
      prospects for working again anytime soon.

      Where is the shame of those who only months earlier boasted of
      ever increasing profits, of ever more clever products, of ever easier

      Remaining credit

      The US automakers may be the worst of the lot, so far.

      New York ran into trouble during the 1970s

      Years of incompetence and now manoeuvring in the halls of Congress for a massive bailout.

      Management prefers to hold onto private corporate jets rather than
      push for fuel efficiency standards to make their products more

      Union members would rather hold onto their gold-plated pensions for life than to save their companies.

      Why should taxpayers help those who have so frequently refused to accept responsibility themselves?

      If the US government uses up its remaining credit to help the auto
      industry carry on as usual, who will lend the country the money to
      repair its bridges, build its power stations, clean its water, fuel its

      Slow revival

      Thirty years ago, New York City found itself in a position similar to GM, Ford and Chrysler today.

      They asked Washington for help. The government refused.

      The Daily News summed it up in its front page headline - Ford to City: Drop Dead

      Instead New York balanced its budget, taxed itself, reduced
      hiring, negotiated better labour contracts and gradually worked itself
      back to fiscal health.

      It took more than 10 years.

      Take responsibility

      This era of struggle may last as long.

      Until we can be generous in accepting fault for our predicament,
      we will have difficulty dropping our suspicions about others so that we
      can get on with repairing the damage.

      Unless action is taken soon, we can only see a long time of difficult and very onerous problems continuing.

      Could be one or two years.

      It is therefore essential that management must take a firm look at it's problems and accept its faults and redeem them.

      A lot of talk and a lot of words have been written.
      But in the end action has to be taken and action must be taken very
      soon if we are not going to see this stretched out over many years.

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