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  • Manohar Roy
    LUCK By Manohar Roy Some call it luck, to many it is destiny and to still others, inspiration. Whatever we may call it, there is no doubt of the fact that luck
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2006
      By Manohar Roy

      Some call it luck, to many it is destiny and to still others,
      inspiration. Whatever we may call it, there is no doubt of the fact
      that luck play an important role in our lives. When I was a child, I
      was told by one of my school teachers that good luck comes only with
      hard work –99% perspiration, 1% inspiration. We often find people
      from well to do families getting lucrative jobs though lacking in
      the required qualification or efficiency. On the other hand, a boy
      from a middle class or lower middle class background may have to
      satisfy himself with a job with a meagre salary despite having the
      required qualifications, ability and a sense of responsibility. We
      were repeatedly taught in our childhood that good education, good
      character, confidence, efficiency are sure path to success. But this
      does not seem to be the case always. While Abraham Lincoln became
      one of he most renouned citizens of the USA because of his abolition
      of slavery, Herr Otto Hann could not bear the shock of the misuse of
      his atom bomb and committed suicide. All his scholarly capabilities,
      research, patience, intelligence and hope of using the invention for
      some useful purpose were dashed to the grounds. Had this renouned
      German worked in India rather than in America he would have been a
      much happier man for a country which has created Gandhiji would
      never have supported the misuse of this great invention. Take the
      case of Lord Clive who has become an indispensable part of our
      history books today. He was just able to pass class 1V and worked as
      a clerk in the English East India Company. He rose to the position
      of a governor in India, contributing massively to the growth and
      expansion of the British Empire in India. But he was destined to
      commit suicide and end his life. Hitler never planned the Second
      World War. Instead he had a foolproof plan of annexing Russia. His
      hatred for communism was clearly manifested in his book Mein Kampf.
      But he had to involve himself in a war, which he never wanted, nor
      planned .It was again this war, which forced a man like him to
      commit suicide. `Pen is mightier than the sword'-is a popular
      proverb that we use very often. This may be true for Karl Marx and
      Fredrick Engles whose`Communist Manifesto' is still considered to be
      the bible of communism. But certainly not for Salman Rushdie and
      Taslima Nasreen for whom the sword has proved to be mightier than
      the pen. While Galileo had to face excommunication from the church
      when he proved that the earth moved round the sun (he even lost his
      eyes in the process), Newton's laws are commandments in the
      fascinating world of physics.

      It is therefore clear that there are certain things in life, which
      cannot be explained only through logic and rationalism. Destiny or
      Luck does play a major role in the lives of human beings. Thus that
      one percent inspiration can turn, in Christopher Hill's words, the
      world upside down. Rationalism cannot explain why Gandhi is
      respected for what he is. It cannot explain why lord Jesus Christ
      who still hangs himself on a wooden cross with a crown of thorns on
      his head dominate this world Perhaps we need to understand the
      language of the heart in order to find out the missing links in
      human life. There is something beyond rationalism, which we need to
      seriously explore.
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