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  • Georgiana Tichna
    ... beliefs ... to ... comprehend ... one ... going ... into. ... a ... that ... about ... of ... together. ... Hi everyone! I m a new member to this group,
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 6, 2004
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      > --- In shintothenaturalreligion@yahoogroups.com, "kira_guestee"
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      > > Dear group,
      > > I have lived with Cristian parents my entire life, but my
      > > have always been different. I have found peace in a prayer a late
      > > friend taught me; she was Shinto. I believe that my heart longs
      > be
      > > Shinto as well. Yet like a lost child I do not know my way; there
      > are
      > > many things that I do not understand and so many things I do not
      > > know. They are things that I know in my heart that I need to make
      > > myself complete. Will someone please help me?
      > > Sincerely, Kira
      > You must look within to understand yourself before you can
      > what the spirits are trying to tell you. Your elders are very
      > important to you, but your life is your own, as well as your path.
      > I was in a similar way with my parents, and I looked at every faith
      > but myparents,(I knew that their way was not mine) looking to find
      > myself....all I needed to do was to look at myself in the mirror
      > day, and learn to trust my intuition to guide me, and the spirits
      > began to speak to me, not just in words, but in the activities
      > on around me.
      > Strangely enough, the spirit I have found speaking to me the
      > strongest and most often to be Inari...And this I just stumbled
      > I have had his(or her) image in my mind when I meditated as well as
      > multitude of foxes, but I never understood who this being was, or
      > where he came from, what he wanted from me. Then, one day I was at
      > home, and my roomate brought home a picture of Inari that he had
      > gotten from the internet, and the feeling that I got when I saw
      > picture was one of absolute shock, like waves running through my
      > heart. It was so very strong that I dreamt all that night about
      > foxes..
      > Well, to make a long story short, I believe that your feelings
      > Shinto are very much the same about mine. I profess to know little
      > all of it, except that there is Inari trying to talk to me,and that
      > is very real in my eyes.
      > I am actually hoping to understand this connection better, and
      > understand shinto, and its practices better in the future to come.
      > I will help you as well as I can...perhaps we can learn this
      > I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.
      > Remy

      Hi everyone! I'm a new member to this group, and don't know all
      that much about Shinto, but since I am attracted to Nature-based
      religions, I felt I should learn more about it. I do recommend the
      Kami-Wa group; they are very informative.
      Fox is a totem (to use the Native American term) for me, so this
      about Inari and foxes interested me. Anyone know any more about
      Inari? Like I said, I don't know much about the kami yet.
      Last night before going to bed I asked Amaratsu to contact me in
      my dreams if she had anything to say to me. I did dream of a bright
      sunny day in Spring, one in which the apple trees and lilacs were
      blooming at the same time. In my area, the apples (and plums and
      dogwoods) bloom in early May, the lilacs coming a couple of weeks
      later. Usually they don't bloom at the same time unless April has
      been cooler than usual. Quite interesting, I think.

      ------- Georgiana (aka Wild Rose)
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