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Re: Dr. Bloom's Shin Study Course

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  • montcomd1
    Dear Ernesto (and all others who read this), Thank you for your nice comments on my readings in Shin Buddhism. My next book after River of Fire, River of
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 26, 2002
      Dear Ernesto (and all others who read this),

      Thank you for your nice comments on my readings in Shin Buddhism. My
      next book after "River of Fire, River of Water" will be another book
      by Taitetsu Unno - "Shin Buddhism - Bits of Rubble Turn into Gold". I
      also have "The Tao of Physics" ready to read. That book is a look at
      the convergence of ancient Eastern mysticism and modern quantum
      physics. It looks to be fascinating. Read up on quantum physics
      (quarks et al.), and you will see an amazing similarity to ancient
      Buddhist descriptions of Samsara and Impermanence.

      I am still looking for a local sangha. I think that I might look at a
      Zen house sangha in Rockville MD. They look to be pleasant,
      nondoctrinal sort of people, and I could use a little meditation in
      my life. But the nembutsu too!!

      Sincerely, Mark

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      > In a message dated 11/25/02 10:55:12 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      > montcomd1@y... writes:
      > > Shin Buddhism is very new to me, and I am glad to have an
      > > and knowledgable tutor like Dr. Bloom to help me. I think you
      > > enjoy Dr. Bloom's exposition. Hopefully it won't be to basic for
      > >
      > >
      > Thanks for sharing your experience with Dr. Bloom's
      > on his website. I look forward to checking it out. The first books
      that I
      > ever saw and read regarding Shin Buddhism were Alfred Bloom's,
      > Gospel of Pure Grace, and, Strategies for Modern Living: A
      Commentary with
      > the Text of the Tannisho. Nothing is too basic for me. Either I'll
      > something that I have previously missed or recall something that I
      > forgotten. Kenneth Tanaka's book, for example, is pretty basic, as
      it is
      > intended as an introduction to those who know little or nothing
      > Buddhism in general and Shin in particular; and yet it is one of my
      > books, one that I have read numerous times.
      > I am glad that you decided to examine Shin Buddhism
      > yourself instead of taking the word of others about it. I has been
      > experience that when it comes to religion, one should always go to
      the source
      > instead of relying on its followers or detractors. Like you, I am
      also a
      > 'Scriptura Sola' kind of guy, having been influenced much by the
      > tradition in that regard (I'm a 'recovering' fundamentalist
      Pentecostal!). In
      > the case of Shin Buddhism, I consider the Writings of Shinran to be
      > 'Scriptura,' with the Writings of other saints like Honen,
      Shinran's teacher,
      > and the sutras, as being auxiliary. Needless to say, this is not a
      tenet of
      > Shin Buddhism (that I am aware of), but merely an expression of my
      > preferences.
      > Grasped,
      > never to be abandoned,
      > Ernesto.
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