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[shinlist] Re: Interesting Article but where do I join in?

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  • Richard St. Clair
    Dear Meg, It sounds like what you are looking for is the Cyber Sangha for people just like you who follow or are interested in Shin Buddhism. It is $30 a year.
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      Dear Meg,
      It sounds like what you are looking for is the Cyber Sangha for
      people just like you who follow or are interested in Shin Buddhism.
      It is $30 a year. Here is the website information:

      "Welcome to the Shin Dharma Net Cyber Sangha, initiated by the Honpa
      Hongwanji Betsuin in Honolulu! We're here to provide a focal point on
      the Internet, where anyone studying Shin Buddhism, or wishing to
      identify with it, can get information and nurture their spiritual

      By talking with ministers and others, you can seek answers to your
      questions and gain insight into the various aspects of Shin Buddhism.
      Essentially, it is for those who don't have access to a temple
      community. Where there is a temple, we encourage you get to know the
      Shin Buddhist community by participating in that temple's life -- but
      we welcome you as a member of the Shin Dharma Net Cyber Sangha as

      Shin Dharma Net Cyber Sangha dues is $30 per year, and includes:

      the monthly Goji, Honpa Hongwanji Betsuin (print) Newsletter and

      Metta, the newsletter of the Buddhist Study Center in Honolulu.

      Through both publications, members will be able to get a sense of the
      life of the Shin community in Hawaii, and be a part of that
      community. In addition to the publications, members receive a 10%
      discount from the Honpa Hongwanji Bookstore and also have access, by
      e-mail, to ministers located at the Honolulu temple or other temples
      in the Hawaiian islands.

      At present the following ministers are available for dialogue:
      Rev. Ruth Tabrah -- Honolulu Betsuin, email rutab@...
      Rev. Alfred Bloom -- Honolulu Betsuin email: albloom@...

      If you wish to make contact with another member minister, please
      e-mail Rev. Bloom for a referral. We hope people throughout the world
      who are linked together through their trust in Nembutsu will become
      one in a spiritual fellowship that will develop online through the
      teaching of Shinran.

      Though he lived in the 13th century, Shinran's spiritual insight
      remains relevant and vital today. If you share this conviction,
      please join us here as part of the Shin Dharma Net Cyber Sangha so we
      can establish a true network that transcends all boundaries and

      To join, please send your dues to:

      Alfred Bloom
      204 Kuuhoa Pl.
      Kailua HI, 96734

      Checks or money orders (in U.S. currency only) must be made out to the
      Honpa Hongwanji Betsuin."

      best wishes,
      Richard St. Clair
      Somerville, Mass.
      (feel free to mention my name to Rev. Bloom if you want to)

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      Subject: [shinlist] Re: Interesting Article but where do I join in?
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      After reading that very interesting article about The Buddhist
      Churches of America, it makes me wish I belonged to a group of like
      minded individuals. I've been interested in Japanese culture since
      childhood and it would be good for me to make friends and join in
      Japanese celebrations and events centered around Jodo or Shin.
      I've lived all over the world but am now living in Arkansas and,
      needless to say, there are no Japanese buddhist groups here that I
      know of (Little Rock area)....I so wish there was someone in Little
      Rock I could meet with now and then to learn and chat and share
      Would a long-distance affiliation with a Shin buddhist center benefit
      me in studies and friendships and, if so, where is there a temple for
      me ?
      I have Multiple Sclerosis and I don't travel much anymore but I'd
      still like to reach out by phone, mail or internet.

      Many Thanks for this group !
      :) Meg the Snowmonkey
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