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Setting And Polishing Stones

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  • mazharshah37
    Setting And Polishing Stones In a jewelry design program, you ll learn gemology, how
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      Setting And Polishing Stones 

      In a jewelry design program, you'll learn gemology, how to identify and grade diamonds and gem stones, the properties of different precious metals as well as skills such as designing, casting, setting and polishing stones, shop theory, and blueprint reading. The skills you'll gain are highly valued by employers in the industry.  more info.. 


      Career Opportunities in Jewelry Design and Repair 

      Self-employment is also an option in this creative field. You might design jewelry, shape and solder metal, set stones, polish, engrave, and make repairs--such as resetting stones, replacing broken clasps and mountings, and enlarging or reducing ring sizes.  more info... 

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