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  • chris marbutt
    Thanx for sharing, Jim. Mixed practice sums me up pretty well. I practice Pure Land and Zen, with an admitted emphasis on the Pure Land. I ve given up
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2006
      Thanx for sharing, Jim.  Mixed practice sums me up pretty well.  I practice Pure Land and Zen, with an admitted emphasis on the Pure Land.  I've given up trying to find a conflict here and I wonder why Shin seems to have more of a  problem with Zen than Chinese Pure Land has with Ch'an. 
      Hakuin's Song of Meditation has an interesting selection of lines has an interesting take:
      "As regards the Meditation practiced in the Mahayana,
      We have no words to praise it fully:
      The virtues of perfection such as charity, morality, etc.,
      And the invocation of the Buddha's name, confession, and ascetic discipline,
      And many other good deeds of merit,--
      All these issue from the practice of Meditation;
      Even those who have practiced it just for one sitting
      Will see all their evil karma wiped clean;
      Nowhere will they find the evil paths,
      But the Pure Land will be near at hand."
      From a Pure Land perspective, I expect that it would be zazen which flows out of the nembutsu but such is probably as helpful as debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  If things mutually arise in timelessness, both are true. 
      As long I am the only Pure Lander out in the wilds of Alabama, I doubt I will get specific enough to identify with a particular sect or could if I wanted too.  I've recently been reading Chin Kung and have to say I'm impressed.
      Thanx again,

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