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94Hong Kong's Honganji Dojo - Horai Nenbutsu Association

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  • Clifton Ong
    Mar 5, 2001
      Hello friends,
      yesterday (5/3) i had just returned from a very good
      trip to Hong Kong with my parents. Other than doing
      some shopping and eating, one of my main aims of going
      there - to visit the Honganji's branch temple, the
      Dharmagarjita (Horai, Dharma Thunder) Nenbutsu
      Association - was fulfilled.
      The Dojo there is considered small, in terms of size
      and membership (abt 300+), but the people there were
      very warm and friendly. All of the members are locals
      (Hong Kongers and Chinese) and their main language
      while conducting services and disscussions are in
      Cantonese (of which i don speak nor understand).
      Although it was my first time there, i felt very much
      at "home" with them.
      The morning service started off at 10am, with the
      chanting of the Amidakyo is Cantonese, the style still
      follows the style used in Taiwan, Singapore, China and
      HK, and is very different from the style used in
      Japan. Being used to this style (Chinese), i had not
      much of a problem with it. One mention is that the
      design of the shrine and decoration is very very diff
      from the forms used in Japan or even in the Overseas
      districts. The decoration of the altar was a fusion of
      Chinese and Japanese styles. When i have the
      opportunity i will show you all the pics.
      After chanting the Amidakyo, there was Nenbutsu
      followed by the chanting of the Shoshinge in Mandarin.
      The Shoshinge and Wasans were both chanted in
      Mandarin, and a special Liturgy book had been composed
      by a student studying at the Honganji, Rev Zuikaku,
      from Taiwan. The Shoshinge is recited following the
      Sho-fu style, but chanted out in Mandarin, very
      refreshing, but also, needs some time getting used to.
      Come late April, 5 members from the Hong Kong Kaikyo
      District and one member from Komyoji (Temple of Light)
      in Taiwan Kaikyo District will be going to Honzan for
      Tokudo ordination, wonderful news indeed. The 6 of
      them are very happy and although the ordination is
      slated for June, they will be going to Japan to take
      up a 3 month course in Japanese language at Ryukoku
      Ojuzus are also on sale at the Dojo as part of raising
      funds for the Temple's maintainence and building; i
      bought about 3 costing HK$185 each.
      For those of you who would be visiting HK for tour
      etc, the address of the Dojo is:
      2/F, Hung An Building, Tin Hau Temple Road, Causeway
      Bay, Hong Kong Island.
      It is very easily accessed by the Subway, and in fact,
      once you step out of the subway station - Tin Hau
      station, the building is situated on the left. Hope
      you all will have the opportunity to visit it when you
      go to HK.
      In gassho,
      Clifton (Shaku Do Tatsu)

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