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885Re: [shinlist] Re: Books on Pureland History?

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  • Shin02143@aol.com
    Feb 7, 2004
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      In a message dated 2/6/04 10:02:19 PM, dragonwriter2@... writes:

      << Hi Richard & Robert,

      Thankingyou kindly for your suggestions and links (excellent:). Was

      unaware of Mr. Inagaki's website, what a wonderful resource.

      I see that Windhorse has a copy of the Three Pure Land Sutras: the

      large sutra on Amitayus, the sutra on contemplation of Amitayus, and

      the smaller sutra on Amitayus in stock. Being from West Australia I

      think this is the best way to go.

      Are their any documenatries (in english) on Jodo Shinshu in

      video/dvd format?

      With Lovingkindness,

      Simon L >>

      Yes, there is a good series in VHS about Shinran, in 6 volumes. I was able to
      borrow copies from Shinrankai in Los Angeles. They are in Japanese with
      English subcaptions. There is also a VHS dramatization (in English) of the
      Meditation Sutra story of Ajatasatru's murder of King Bimbisara and Vaidehi's
      discovery of the Pure Land - the title of the video is THE OSHA CASTLE TRAGEDY and it
      is also avaliable by loan from Shinrankai (full name, Jodoshinshu Shinrankai,
      a modern-day sect of Shin Buddhism, though some people have likened it to a

      (Shaku Egen)
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