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774Ecstatic and Contemplative Poetry

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  • macdocaz1@aol.com
    Oct 17, 2003
      Hello everyone, my name is Jeff Brooks. I am new to your list. I have been
      a contemplative in a Buddhist and Yoga context for 30 years. During that
      period, poetry has been one of my main modes of expression.

      In an effort to both give myself a venue of expression, as well as to provide
      one for the benefit of all who wish to participate, I recently started a
      Yahoo group that is dedicated to contemporary ecstatic and contemplative poetry.

      This group is called the Hollow_Reed, and here is the necessary contact info:

      Group name: Hollow_Reed
      Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hollow_Reed
      Group email address: Hollow_Reed@yahoogroups.com
      To subscribe: Hollow_Reed-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      I have appended to this post a poem as my introduction piece for that list.

      Best regards to all,

      Jeff Brooks, moderator

      Everything in Nothingness

      When you have become everything
      what is that fragment
      of a moment we call
      a lifetime?

      The dust of my bones
      blanket the planet
      from tens of thousands
      of lifetimes,
      and you say I am not
      one of your people
      because this body
      carries the blood
      of the conqueror.

      How do you know
      that on some good day
      to die, your cavalry
      bullet did not pierce
      my war-shirt, and
      my blood did not soak
      into the red, red earth

      When you are all of space
      what is that speck of dust
      called a human body?
      What is that cluster
      of particles we call
      clan, race, gender, species,
      Buddha... God?

      I have felt the fullness
      of man inside of me
      and given birth, and death.

      My skin has blistered
      in the fire of the stake,
      and I have laid in heaps
      of bodies in large pits
      under fresh snow.

      The greed of humans
      knows no end,
      but when the layers
      of my grasping self
      fell away, then
      I became everything
      and nothing.

      -- Jeff Brooks --
      © 2003