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752retreat July 25-27 Berkeley, California

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  • Robert Garvey
    Jun 3, 2003
      Maida Center 2003 Summer Retreat
      What Does It Mean to Be Liberated by the Hongan?

      Date: July 25 (Fri.) 6:00pm - 27 (Sun.) noon, 2003
      Place: University of California Unit 3: (Ida Sproul Hall),
      2400 Durant Ave., Berkeley, CA 94720

      Rev. Patti H. Nakai, the Buddhist Temple of Chicago
      Dr. Nobuo Haneda, Director of the Maida Center

      Texts: The Three Pure Land Sutras (Numata Center version)

      Donation: $130 (which covers four meals [Saturday breakfast,
      lunch, supper and Sunday breakfast] and other expenses.)
      If you want to attend the retreat, please send the
      registration form to the Maida Center by July 10, 2003.

      If you wish to use the lodging at the University of California dormitory
      (Unit 3), the rate is as follows: (For two nights) $104 for single;
      $68 per person for double occupancy. For double occupancy, please find a
      co-lodger. If you need lodging, please send your registration form to the
      center by July 5, 2003. The registrant will receive detailed information
      in mid-July.

      Maida Center of Buddhism, 2609 Regent St., Berkeley, CA 94704
      Tel: (510) 843-8515, Fax: (510) 843-8513, E-mail: MaidaCenter@...



      Please print.

      Name: _____________________________________

      Address: _____________________________________

      Phone: _____________________________________

      Friday & Saturday nights: single [$104]
      Friday & Saturday nights: double [$68] Co-lodger's Name:

      Donation: $130.00
      Lodging: $______
      Total Amount Enclosed: $______

      Payable to: Maida Center of Buddhism
      Mail to: Maida Center of Buddhism, Attn: Tomoko,
      2609 Regent St., Berkeley, CA 94704