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746Re: Many Questions!!!!

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  • Robert Garvey
    May 16, 2003
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      I recently joined this Yahoo group and have been reading through
      past messages. In response to this particular question, I would
      refer you to the Living Dharma website for a transcript of a talk
      on the 35th Vow of Dharmakara from the Larger Sutra.


      --- In shinlist@yahoogroups.com, wynn <wewynal@t...> wrote:
      > Question 6
      > How do you explain this?
      > From The Aparimitayur Sutra
      > 35. When I obtain the Buddhahood, women of boundless and
      > inconceivable Buddha-worlds of the ten quarters after having
      > heard my name thereby awakened in faith and joyful aspiration,
      > and turning their minds towards Bodhi, therefore dislike their
      > own female lives, when they be born again, in their next life
      > should not be incarnated into a masculine body, then may I not
      > attain the enlightenment.
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