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65Many Questions!!!!

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  • wynn
    Jan 1, 2001
      I am a seeker of truth.
      I have many questions!!!
      Take your time to answer them. No need to hurry.
      Question 1
      Is it true that Mahayana Buddhism is influence by Christianity as alleged by this three websites?
      Question 2
      Is the statement below correct?
      >"I have always maintained that the Dharmakaya of Mahayana
      >Buddhism is one and the same God of Christianity,
      though the concept
      >was not yet fully developed. It did become more
      developed in Chen-yen
      >Buddhism and Shingon Buddhism under Kukai... In
      this case, the
      >Shingon Buddhists see the Dharmakaya as Personified in
      the form of
      >Dainichi Nyorai."
      Question 3
      Other sects of Buddhism have many heavens. What about Shin Buddhism? What is the difference between heaven and Pure Land and also Nirvana? What is the difference between Pure Land and Christian's heaven?
      Question 4
      Is this statement corect?
      > Rather, the vow of Amitabha is that if women, upon hearing of Amitabha, wish to  > renounce their womenhood so they can come to the Pure Land, but for whatever
      > metaphysical reason, are
      unable to do so, then he would refuse to accept           > enlightenment.

      Question 5

      The sects that actually have a heaven that
      is similiar to our ideas in the West are the Pure Land sects, and
      there is no doubt that the Chinese Sects did not believe that women
      or animals could go to heaven.

      Question 6
      How do you explain this?
      From The Aparimitayur Sutra

      35. When I obtain the Buddhahood, women of boundless and inconceivable
      Buddha-worlds of the ten quarters after having heard my name thereby
      awakened in faith and joyful aspiration, and turning their minds towards
      Bodhi, therefore dislike their own female lives, when they be born again, in
      their next life should not be incarnated into a masculine body, then may I
      not attain the enlightenment.

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