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649Re: Interesting Article!

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  • Eric Jautée & family
    Oct 4 11:50 PM
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      --Welcome again (I had to be away for a while).
      --Anpuheru's paper is interesting. A specific topic, for instance:
      "Appreciation of this Pure Land approach should minimize the
      self-righteous arrogance that I notice among some convert
      Caucasian Buddhists".
      --Yes. The buddhist daily life shows how much this topic is
      major. Many converted Caucasians are apparently excessively
      unmoderated. For instance, there are many "fundamentalists" in
      Zen, who recommend rules stricter than in the Japanese
      --The Pureland Buddhism is by far more modest. This favors
      tolerance. The knowledge of the great importance of Amidism in
      Asia would be a help, a reevaluation of the equilibrium amid
      buddhist schools and practices.
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