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646Re: [shinlist] Interesting Article!

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  • Richard St. Clair
    Aug 20, 2002
      >The Pure Land in the New World
      >The Dhamma Times 13th August 2002
      >For 150 years, the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) was the almost
      >exclusive domain of Japanese Americans. Now, with an increasingly
      >diversified membership and new publications on Pure Land teachings,
      >the BCA is riding the winds of change.
      >By Dr. Taitetsu Unno
      >Shin Buddhism, being part of the Mahayana tradition, teaches the
      >basic doctrines common to all schools, such as no-self, impermanence,
      >emptiness, the Bodhisattva ideal, and so on, but it does so from the
      >perspective of the lay practitioner. Appreciation of this Pure Land
      >approach should minimize the self-righteous arrogance that I notice
      >among some convert Caucasian Buddhists, who imitate a monastic
      >discipline while maintaining a secular, lay lifestyle.

      I have also noticed this pattern. The sanctimonious behavior of such
      individuals is indeed a pattern of arrogance and self-contradiction.
      in gassho,
      (Shaku Egen)
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