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45The Return of the Hai One

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  • Erick Neiss
    Oct 20, 2000
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      "Lotus Hermit" <haijin@h...> wrote:
      *What's up Erik. Haven't heard from you for a while. hehehe*

      Hey Hai-Jin! i know, i know, it has been a while. i have heard from
      you, however! Both from your postings here and the wonderful stories
      that you sent about your trip to China. i still intend to edit your
      manuscript when i get the chance. Have you been in the old room at
      lately? It's been forever! Well, i live in California now.. i made a
      big move. Much has happened. Feel free to email me at
      erick@...... hope to hear from you soon. May all
      be well. Namo Amitabha!

      In Gassho,
      Erick Xi
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