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43Pointing Out.. The Stunning Parallels... WAY OFF TOPIC!!

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  • Erick Neiss
    Oct 19, 2000
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      *Has anyone else noticed the parallels between Wile E. Coyote/the
      Roadrunner and Mara/the Tathagata? Just thought I'd ask.
      In gassho,
      Mike Taihei-Ai*

      Hey yeah, that makes sense to me, now that i think about it..
      images spring to mind of the Roadrunner (with a halo and his usual
      smile, though a bit more calm) meditating under a Arizonian rock
      formation, (my mind mixes in with scenes from 'Little Buddha'), with
      the Lord of Delusion, Wile E. Marayote, summoning up all his Acme
      forces of ignorance -- yeah, it makes some sense to me, embarassingly

      "Ah, Marayote, i have seen you! Beep Beep!"

      *Marayote holds up sign that reads: 'Darn. The Exalted One has seen

      *Wile E. Marayote disappears*

      (Buddhist humor.. it's an odd thing...)

      -Erick Xi
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