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  • Aaron (Joushin) Boone
    Jun 16, 2006
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      Truer words were not spoken LMC.
      It is indeed both so simple and yet so deep it can make your head hurt.  I am trying to muddle through but thankfully there isn't an exam. Well it's an easy one, it's "Namu Amida Butsu".
      Aaron (Shaku-Joushin)

      landmarkcommand <landmarkcommand@...> wrote:
      My deepest thanks to both Aaron and Chris for taking the time and
      trouble to answer my queries.
      It certainly appears at one and the same time, to be both a very
      simple practice and yet of a depth of complexity that might also
      intimidate if I thought about it too much. Very glad that there are
      people, both veterans and newer, who are here to help the seeker.

      Thanks again.

      The Primal Vow was established out of deep compassion for us who cannot become freed from the bondage of birth-and-death through any religious practice, due to the abundance of blind passion. Since its basic intention is to effect the enlightenment of such an evil one, the evil person who is led to true entrusting by Other Power is the person who attains birth in the Pure Land. Thus, even the good person attains birth, how much more so the evil person!

      Shinran Shonin

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