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  • chris marbutt
    Jun 15, 2006
      >Is the "U" in 'namu' pronounced with a LONG U as in "mute" or a short
      >U as in "must"?

      This might be of interest.  Just click and play the sound file and follow along.  It certainly helped my pronunciation:

      >I have read somewhere that "ah mi tuo fo" as best as I can recall it,
      >is also a mantra used, please correct if not true.

      "Namo Amituofo" is the Chinese version I believe.   Of the Chinese I've spoken with, the more learned speakers pronounce the 'uo' as the 'wa' in water or war.  Others I've spoken to have treated it as a more or less silent letter.  "Namu Amida Butsu" is specifically Japanese.  "Namo Amitabha Buddha" is Sanskrit or Pali.  In Korean it is "Namu Amitabul".

      Hope this helps a little.  Wish I could provide more info, but newbie here myself.


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