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3181Re: [shinlist] Re: Homyo date is set!

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  • Aaron (Shoren) Boone
    Jan 4, 2006
      Thanks and I'm happy you are still here!
      Yes the "Quiet,Calm" seems to make so much sense.
      But we will see what comes of it.
      Thanks again.

      shinjininla <ShinjinInLA@...> wrote:
      Dear Aaron,

      --- In shinlist@yahoogroups.com, you wrote:
      < . . . >
      >I am not sure how to see myself at all. It changes too often.
      >   Gassho,
      >   Aaron

      Well...judging by the above, it seems to me that you "see" yourself
      clearly enough. Maybe a word that implies grounding, rest,
      commitment, or some other word that calls to mind the opposite of a
      self that "changes too often," may be appropriate and helpful.

      Personally, my spiritual experiences are similar, though possibly
      more severe, as I have found myself totally unable to commit to any
      spiritual path for any amount of time. For this reason, I find in
      Ippen's interpretation of the river of fire/river of water parable, a
      ray of hope for a mind as inconsistent as mine.


      The Primal Vow was established out of deep compassion for us who cannot become freed from the bondage of birth-and-death through any religious practice, due to the abundance of blind passion. Since its basic intention is to effect the enlightenment of such an evil one, the evil person who is led to true entrusting by Other Power is the person who attains birth in the Pure Land. Thus, even the good person attains birth, how much more so the evil person!

      Shinran Shonin

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