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3166Re: [shinlist] Homyo date is set!

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  • Aaron (Shoren) Boone
    Jan 1, 2006
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      Hi Jim,
      Well being a big time Japanophile a Japanese name would be awesome. I have a Scotts Gealic Neo-Pagan name from years back "Osran" which I still use from time to time.
      This will sound terrible I'm sure but I'd like a name that sounds like that of an artist or poet. I like the songs of Sengai, Enju, Shion, Ikkyu, things like these, except I'm not sure if those are gender specific. My normal Japanese name is "Hikaru" and that is either sex. My Homyo will not just be my "Homyo" but also my artist name when I start up again.
      Jim <from_alamut@...> wrote:

      Why not take a Western name? Some American Zen groups
      use the names of Western Renniansance Painters (great
      if you want to sound like a new member of the Teenage
      Ninja Mutant Turtles!). For my name I took a greek god


      --- Peter Kyobo Skye <kyobo@...> wrote:

      > Dear Aaron,
      > First, isn't "Shakuni" for women?
      > Second, do you want a homyo that in English sounds
      > so -- shall we say -- inviting as Onyu?
      > :-)
      > Best
      > Peter

      The Primal Vow was established out of deep compassion for us who cannot become freed from the bondage of birth-and-death through any religious practice, due to the abundance of blind passion. Since its basic intention is to effect the enlightenment of such an evil one, the evil person who is led to true entrusting by Other Power is the person who attains birth in the Pure Land. Thus, even the good person attains birth, how much more so the evil person!

      Shinran Shonin

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