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  • --Michael
    Dec 2, 2005
      Replies below.

      --- "Aaron (Shoren) Boone" <shoren108@...> wrote:


      > I do not say the Nembutsu on a daily basis because it still
      > feels strange. I am not sure when it's appropriate. I say it in
      > Temple partially out of the group action but also as an
      > expression of thankfulness. I say it at home more to focus on
      > Amida and what the Dharma teaches but it's not mindless. I have
      > a deep need for "religion" but am at odds in daily expressions
      > of it. It feels like play acting. I guess I don't know how to
      > be "religious" if that made any sense.

      Sounds like a lot of other people. Many survey of religion in
      American note there are many people that feel "spiritual" but
      don't care for "religion," presumably meaning the organized
      fashion or rituals or the like.

      It's hard to find a religious practice that works. I've been
      working on that for years with fairly good results recently.


      > I'm sorry, this is really not helping. I'm on an odd place in
      > my life right now. I want the serenity Amida offers but I have
      > no "faith" in anything. I only have hope in Amida's Vows and
      > thankfulness for his including me in his sphere of action.


      Not having faith is not bad, IMHO. I daresay many religious folk
      are challenged in having faith, or faith to the degree they'd

      I have faith in what I can do and what makes some sort of sense,
      including intuitive. A more or less regular meditation practice
      agrees with me pretty well. (Good for the blood pressure, too).

      About the best way to develop faith that I've ever found is to
      walk in the park or the nearby botannic gardens. It's really
      something to be around all that beauty and life.

      The best part of Shin is the emphasis on compassion, Amida's and,
      by extension, ours. The hardest part of practicing compassion has
      been to give myself a break. That's where Amida, as a model of
      compassion, helps.

      Serious religious / spiritual journeys are never easy.
      Interesting, though.


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