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2396Re: Translation of Joudo

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  • Andy
    Apr 1 7:48 AM
      lotusaware: "By the way, JODO is not "Pure Land", it is "Pure WAy".
      JO-Do. We don't go to the Pure Land, rather we enter a Pure Way or Path."

      Andy: "Your interpretation is certainly an attractive one. However
      your statement about the translation of 'Joudo' is wrong. The
      character in question which is read 'do' is not the same one for 'way'
      but is the character for 'land', 'earth', 'ground' etc."

      "Thank you for your reply, I was depending on a Japanese source for
      the translation. So I will track it down and check it out."

      O.K. - that would be interesting. Have a good weekend,

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