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2022Talking with LuanTaoChe

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  • Paul Roberts
    Jan 31, 2005
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      LuanTaoChe: Dear Brother Paul,

      Thank you for sharing your experience of Jessie in The Pure
      Land, as a full Buddha.


      Dear LuanTaoChe -

      We’ve never met, and probably never will, this side of

      But it is clear that we share the same reality.


      LuanTaoChe: Was she not in great need of compassion? If the
      answer is YES, then her ‘fate’ is defined by The Primal Vow,
      and she is both in The Land of Bliss and amongst us now as
      an enlightened being.


      Yes, Jessie was in need of great compassion - without

      And yes, her fate was defined by the Primal Vow, rather than
      her own merit - because she became a person of True
      Entrusting (SHINJIN).

      And yes, she responded in one thought moment to the call of
      Amida Buddha thanks to Taitetsu Unno’s book - Shin Buddhism:
      Bits of Rubble Turn To Gold - which transmitted Shinran’s
      teaching to her listening ears and open heart.

      And yes, she is now both in The Land of Bliss and amongst us
      now as an enligtened being.


      LuanTaoChe: One cannot grasp this ‘Shinjin’….this True
      Entrusting… one is grasped BY it.


      No, we cannot grasp this SHINJIN - this TRUE ENTRUSTING. We
      can only be grasped by it - even as she was grasped.


      LuanTaoChe: There is no explanation for Namu Amida
      Butsu..only gratitude…even through the tears.


      No, ultimately there is no “logical” explanation for Namu
      Amida Butsu (for abandoning ourselves to Amida’s Infinite
      Life - for taking refuge in Amida’s vow).

      And yes, ultimately there is only gratitude - even through
      the tears.


      LuanTaoChe: Thanks for sharing the Glorious Mystery of The


      I join you in thanking all who have come before us, who
      shared faithfully and accurately the Final Teaching of
      Shakyamuni Buddha for plain people like us.

      Had they not shared, how would we have heard?

      Had they not been faithful and accurate, how would we have

      Had they not themselves been people of SHINJIN - of TRUE
      ENTRUSTING - how would we have come to be people of SHINJIN
      too - liberated by knowing that we too are grasped - never
      to be abandoned - no matter what?





      NamuAmidaButsu! With you and countless others, including my
      beloved Jessie - I have taken refuge in Amida Buddha and his
      primal Vow.

      NamuAmidaButsu! With you and countless others I too am being
      carried on the easy path - the sure path - the path of
      simple entrusting - to full and final liberation at the end
      of this life - where we will meet, as Buddhas, at last.

      NamuAmidaButsu -