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1872Re: 21 questions about Buddhism

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  • David Salyers
    Nov 4, 2004
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      Hi Heath,

      I agree 100% with you and I do know that it says the same thing that
      you are saying at the "Living Dharma" website which is from West
      Covina Buddhist temple (Higashi Honganji) and it also says the same
      thing in the book "Ocean" by Kenneth Tanaka which is about Shin

      BTW, I really like Batchelor's book, although it drives my friends
      who are into Ch'an crazy (they tend to be a little more traditional
      in their beliefs).


      --- In shinlist@yahoogroups.com, Heath McCarty <heathmccarty@y...>
      > One of the things that attracted me to Buddhism is that it is not
      dogmatic. I've considered myself to be a Buddhist for quite a while
      now, but I don't just accept ideas of merit, karma, or rebirth simply
      because they're associated with Buddhism. The Buddha himself
      exhorted his followers to find the truth for themselves (Kalama
      sutra) and to not just accept what was told to them by
      monks/teachers. In my opinion, these concepts are peripheral.
      What's central is a personal experience of awakening. If you're not
      already familiar with it I highly recommend Stephen Batchelor's
      book "Buddhism Without Beliefs". Heath
      > David Salyers <salyed@y...> wrote:
      > Here'a good link to a website by a Higashi Hongwanji temple in West
      > Covina, CA that answers the very question you are asking from their
      > perspective:
      > http://www.livingdharma.org/Misconceptions.html
      > --- In shinlist@yahoogroups.com, "Jason" <jason@j...> wrote:
      > > > > 19) If someones believes in the Buddhist philosophy and way
      > > life but
      > > > > rejects Buddhist mythology (karma,rebirth,gods,etc.) is he a
      > > > > Buddhist?
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