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1837Re: [shinlist] New here

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  • Shin02143@aol.com
    Oct 2, 2004
      In a message dated 10/2/04 11:45:56 AM, jason@... writes:

      << I am new here. I lived in a town where there was a tample before, but

      now I live in a small place where I don't have much contact.

      I am fairly new to Buddhism, less than a year. One of the things I

      have enjoyed about Buddhism is the openess to discussion, over the

      belief that there is a strict doctorine that only the clergy are

      privy to. I like discussing things and forming my own opinions.

      -Jason >>

      Welcome to the Shinlist, Jason - glad to see you posting here. The
      activity on this list varies. Sometimes there is very heavy traffic,
      other times (like now) there is very little activity. So be patient!
      Sooner or later things will rev up again, and feel free to ask
      questions. Hopefully (and probably) people here will have answers,
      though the answers may vary!

      be well,
      in gassho,
      (Shaku Egen)
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