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1318Isolated comrades

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  • Shaku Kyobo
    May 1, 2004
      Hello sisters and brothers,

      So many of us are practicing our nembutsu faith as solitaries. Some can drive
      an hour or two and be near a Shin sangha. Others of us have to drive several
      hours just to be near another Buddhist.

      I am most concerned for those of us who must listen for The Name in isolation.
      Speaking personally it feels like being in exile. Shin is unlike Zen or
      Vipassana, or Vajrayana, or Nichiren; not better (necessarily) but definitely
      different. A Shin Buddhist in a Nichiren community (my situation) is like a
      kitten raised with piglets by a sow [I have a deep and abiding affection for
      both cats and pigs, btw.] I will survive, nourished by the community I worship
      with, but I still dream of the taste of my own mother's milk.

      I think that we who live our faith as anchorites (in seclusion, either
      intentional or situational, from our fellows), need to support each other. We
      are each other's family in faith.

      We may punch each other's buttons and get on each other's nerves; we may say the
      wrong things inadvertently; we may lack sensitivity to the other's karmic
      burdens. Still, we are family. I suspect, perhaps out of some unconscious
      chauvinism, that Shin Buddhists need other Shin Buddhists (at least in the West)
      with a palpable passion unequalled among other Buddhist families.

      At any rate, I depend on this e-community to be the Shin family I do not have
      'in 'the flesh.' Forgive me my ego excesses and my neediness: this is the only
      community I can call on for affinity and empathy.

      With palms together,
      Peter (Shaku Kyobo)
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