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7Tuesday Coffee Gathering

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  • rsngsm
    Jun 7, 2011
      Just an FYI to everyone...

      With the busy morning of meetings and discussion -- whew!! -- we've decided to dedicate the entire afternoon to archival work. So DON'T WORRY ABOUT GATHERING AT THE MCNEIL CENTER TODAY @ 5:15! We'd like you all to really dig in to the archives and see what you can find. We'll talk about your research a bit more on Wednesday.

      Of course, if anyone has any questions, please catch one of us this afternoon -- we'd love to talk or have some coffee or set up a meeting. Rich is at the Library Company, Stacey at the HSP, and Brenna at the APS.

      Have a great day working and we'll see you Wednesday.

      Oh, and just to be clear: if we do not announce otherwise, we'll assume that you all will grab breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many apologies for not making that clear today.
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