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  • thetrumbo
    CHRISTOPHER: A Tale of Seduction by Allison Burnett Hilarious. And the writer is a guy, believe it or not. Just came out. A paperback. This is what it
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2003
      CHRISTOPHER: A Tale of Seduction by Allison Burnett

      Hilarious. And the writer is a guy, believe it or not. Just came
      out. A paperback. This is what it says on the back and it's all true:

      "Either he's channeling Truman Capote's spirit or Allison Burnett has
      created, all by himself, the most assured narrative voice in recent
      memory. His B.K. Troop is a pitch-perfect creation: bitchy-funny
      with a twist of rue.
      --Louis Bayard, author of Fool's Errand and Endangered Species

      "Christopher is the literary equivalent of sparkling banter whose
      aftermath is trenchant poignancy. The deep, sad truths of this slyly
      funny novel continue to gather force long after you've finished reading."
      --Kate Christensen, author of In the Drink and Jeremy Thrane

      A daring and delightful new voice in fiction, Allison Burnett makes
      his impressive debut with CHRISTOPHER: A Tale of Seduction (available
      now; Broadway Books; $13.95).

      Intelligent, cultured, wickedly witty, and unabashedly gay, B.K. Troop
      is also woefully unattractive, chronically unemployed and desperately
      lonely. Alone in his tiny tenement apartment in Manhattan at the
      ominous dawn of 1984, he resigns himself to another dreary year. The
      Fates, however, have a delicious challenge in store. Upon taking
      leave of his abode for a Denver omelet and Bloody Mary, B.K. literally
      bumps into his new next-door neighbor. Graced with delicate features,
      dark eyes, and a dazzling smile, Christopher Ireland is irresistible.
      Instantly smitten, B.K. vows to seduce the young man—undaunted by the
      chasm of nearly a quarter century between them and the fact of
      Christopher's staunch heterosexuality. As B.K. tells us: "Sexual
      preference is not and never has been an exact science."

      Narrated by the ever-arch, sometimes insufferable, sometimes
      ridiculous, but ultimately wonderfully human B.K. Troop, the novel
      traces a life-changing year in the difficult lives of two very
      different men. What starts as a glib chronicle of a lascivious chase,
      with homage to Nabokov and Oscar Wilde, swiftly evolves into an
      ironic, uproarious, poignantly romantic story of personal
      transformation and uncommon friendship.

      "At times both acid-tinged and unbelievably sweet, a hopeless love's
      -- Kirkus Reviews

      "Burnett captures perfectly both the mid-1980's setting and the
      feelings of both the lovable, predatory narrator and his elusive
      quarry. B.K. is both hilariously outlandish and utterly touching."
      -- Booklist, the American Library Association magazine

      "There are some moments of wonder and examples of delightfully lucid
      prose.... Burnett does a fantastic job of establishing a unique
      narrative voice...." \
      -- San Francisco Chronicle

      For more information, go to allisonburnett.com
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