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Figures... The Simpsons beats all GLB themed shows aside from QaF on marriage equality

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    The Simpson s hometown, Springfield, will be legalizing gay marriage in an episode that will air in January 2005. By covering this timely issue, it not only
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      The Simpson's hometown, Springfield, will be legalizing gay marriage in an episode that will air in January 2005.

      By covering this timely issue, it not only beats all but one of the gay "themed" shows, like Will & Grace, Six Feet Under, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and even the gone-and-probably-forgotten It's All Relative, which did do an episode starring Charlie Sheen as a hetero politician in favor of marriage, but ironically and even quite tragically, it missed the opportunity to cover the fact that in Massachusetts, gay marriages were indeed legalized in the Boston based show. For the gay couple raising a daughter to have married would have been the perfect coup. It actually didn't last long enough, but to at least mention the Goodridge decision would have been a no-brainer. In fact, there isn't a single show, including both ABC's daytime drama "One Life to Live" and the now cancelled sitcom Whoopi (which had no regular gay characters), that has tackled the current trend of legally recognized same-sex marriages in the US with the kind of respect and dignity it deserves.

      The only show that has touched on the issue of actually recognized same-sex marriages in the US is inherently homophobic - FX's new series about firefighters - "Rescue Me". (I may make extensive comments about that one in a future post).

      In fact, even Queer as Folk dropped the ball, by having its nuptial couple, Michael & Ben, marry in Toronto instead of Boston or somewhere else in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, none of David Kelley's shows, Ally McBeal, The Practice, or Boston Public - all set in Boston - have ever capitalized on their convenient location to tackle this issue. NOTE: all but one of Kelley's shows have gone the way of "Friends" - they're cancelled. It's possible that his latest show, Boston Legal, which debuted last night, may cover it in a future episode, but that would most likely portray same-gender couples in a non-flattering light, given how sick and twisted the show comes off as.

      The lesbian themed "L Word". Has that mentioned either Massachusetts or anywhere else marriages were solemnized in the US? I would figure they would make a nice reference to Hillary and Julie Goodridge in solidarity for the struggle they faced. But I'm not suprised if they didn't.

      Figures that, once again, we must rely on a heteroaffectional oriented show to do justice to this issue and really explore it.


      by Jed Lang
      365Gay.com Entertainment
      The speculation had reached a feverished pitch, and the money was on Smithers. But, it wasn't him. The Simpsons' character about to come out is Marge's sister Patty.

      Patty and twin sister Selma were long ago dubbed by Homer the �gruesome twosome�.

      After being snubbed by every man in Springfield, Patty decides it may be her and not the men. So, she of the purple hair heads out to find love.

      She ends up in a bar, and is seduced a butch dyke. Ah, happiness. Patty has found her true calling.

      Patty comes out to Marge and Homer is horrified, as only Homer can be.

      But, Patty and her new partner try to settle down to a blissful relationship, but realize they can't marry. No rights, no marriage no nothing.
      Marge throws herself into the campaign to change the law so her sister can marry - and pulls it off.
      Homer comes around, becomes an ordained minister thanks to an internet instant course, and performs the ceremony.
      For months, since word that one of the Simpson's characters would come out, speculation has been rampant that it would be Smithers, the effete yes man to Mr Burns.
      The Simpsons has been around for 14 years now and has never shied from taking on issues, but now it's up to the network. Will it air before the November election? Right now Fox has the episode scheduled for early in the new year.

      "Let those dirty, disease-infested, sinning queers die!" -- John Ashcroft, while he was Missouri's governor, after rejecting a plea from MO lawmakers to reconsider his veto of a funding package that was desperately needed for an AIDS hospice under his jurisdiction.

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