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"Six Feet Under" Back Above Ground - Preview of Season Four

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    Sorry this is a bit late. I meant to post it over two weeks ago, but have been kinda busy. There may still be some spoilers in here regardless, so readers,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
      Sorry this is a bit late. I meant to post it over two weeks ago, but have been kinda busy. There may still be some spoilers in here regardless, so readers, proceed with caution. You have been warned!

      "Six Feet Under" Back Above Ground
      Preview of Season Four

      by L. A. Vess

      Season four of HBO's hit series "Six Feet Under" won't miss a beat when it premieres this Sunday. The action starts out just minutes after Nate (Peter Krause) showed up, bloody and bruised, on the doorstep of ex-lover Brenda (Rachel Griffiths) at the end of last season. What happens next may be a foregone conclusion - but the rest of the new season may prove to have the most unpredictable and surprising plot twists ever seen on the show.

      Last year's season finale left off with Nate venting his grief over his wife's death in a nasty bar fight. After getting properly bloodied up, he showed up at the home of Brenda, his slightly (or completely) psychotic ex-girlfriend. The last episode, like much of season three, left us feeling disquiet, disturbed and questioning the future - just what "Six Feet Under" producers like to hear.
      This season's premiere ramps up just a few minutes after Nate shows up at Brenda's. That Nate would run to Brenda in a moment of desperation is hardly a surprise, but just wait. The rest of the premiere episode, like the rest of the fourth season, is just full of surprising twists and turns.
      Just as some things seem to have settled down, other intriguing issues will explode to the surface throughout the season. David (Michael C. Hall) and Keith (Matthew St. Patrick) may seem to be doing well for the first time, well, ever - but will it last? Ruth (Frances Conroy), mother of the Fisher brood, has put her dead husband behind her and taken a new one. Things may not be as white picket fence as she hopes however, only time will tell. And lest you think that Nate's dead wife Lisa (Lili Taylor) has gone quietly into the dark night, no worries, she'll be back to haunt the new season as well. Rico (Freddy Rodriguez), of course is still struggling with his stripper incident, and trying to mend his strained relationship with his seriously disturbed wife. As for Claire (Lauren Ambrose), she'll be pining away for an entirely new tortured artist - except this time she may turn out to be the gay one!
      The premiere episode of the fourth season of "Six Feet Under" will focus on the battle between Nate and Lisa's family over control of dead wifey Lisa's decrepit remains. Of course, as usual, one plot breeds many on this show - and fans of the show will soon be as sucked in as ever. By the last scene, the first episode should leave enough of a mark on the viewer to keep them faithfully tuned in for the rest of the entire season. Of course, for newbies to the show - don't even try it. Go out and get the first three seasons and watch every single episode before trying to jump in the water. "Six Feet Under" isn't a series for amateurs. If you don't know the full story of the Fishers - you won't know what the hell is going on most of the time. And that, by the way, is a good thing. "Six Feet Under" doesn't just have plot lines - it has history.
      Those squeamish fans who were a little miffed at all the darkness and despair of the third season have even more reasons to tune in to season four. The creators of the show apparently have listened to the complaints that the show's depressive undertone was becoming too much of an emphasis. The new season will return a bit more to the show's roots, bringing back more of the wit and humor that made it such a landmark hit from the beginning.
      Tune in for the fourth season premiere of "Six Feet Under" on HBO, Sunday June 13th at 9PM/ET. For more information on the show, visit www.hbo.com/sixfeetunder

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