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Sharia News Watch 69

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    Sharia News Watch 69 : a collection newsquotes on Sharia, for research & educational purposes only. [*] Shortcut URL:
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      Sharia News Watch 69 : a collection newsquotes on Sharia, for
      research & educational purposes only. [*] Shortcut URL:

      The Sharia Newswatch provides a weekly update of news quotes on
      Sharia (Islamic Law) & related subjects, as appearing on the major
      news- searchengines. All editions :


      Afghan Govt Opens Talks with Taleban - 02 Sep 03
      Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government has started negotiations
      with Taleban officials in several parts of the troubled southeastern
      province of Zabul, the Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) reported Monday.
      Hotak said he recently visited Atghar district in Zabul, scene of
      recent clashes, to establish contacts with Taleban officials.
      Describing the talks as "positive", he said the Taleban in Atghar
      promised that "in case of a successful dialogue they would not take
      any step against the government." .. Similar negotiations for a
      peaceful settlement in Zabul were also underway in other provincial
      districts of Shenkay, Syori and Naubahar, he said.
      [Zabul's security chief] Khalilullah said he would ask the
      Taleban to
      drop a fatwa calling for Jihad, and that if the request was accepted
      the government forces were prepared to offer an amnesty.

      Afghan Supreme Court bans former communists' activities in country
      .. [Afghan Islamic Press news] - 25 Aug 03
      The council of scholars of the Afghan Supreme Court, which consists of
      about 80 members, issued a fatwa [a religious decree] which the chief
      justice of Afghanistan, Abdol Hadi Shinwari, informed AIP about.
      Shinwari said that according to the fatwa those women whose husbands
      had been sent to prison by the communists and were unaccounted for,
      were to be allowed to remarry. The council was formed under the
      auspices of the Supreme Court. The chief justice of Afghanistan, Abdol
      Hadi Shinwari, said that the decision taken by the council was of
      great importance and was in accordance with shari'ah law.


      [Victoria] Muslim woman to lift veil on force - 26 Aug 03
      A Dandenong woman is training to become Australia's first traditional
      Muslim policewoman. Maha Sukkar will have her head covered in the
      traditional hijab and pray at least once a shift in a quiet room.
      The Beirut-born woman will be the first policewoman in Australia to
      wear the hijab. The design is yet to be finalised but it is likely to
      be navy blue, secured by velcro and tucked into Ms Sukkar's collar.
      Only her face will be visible. .. Victoria Police has been working
      for several months examining rules, regulations and training programs
      to allow her to work in the force. .. In accordance with Muslim
      rules, Ms Sukkar will also have her arms covered with long sleeves and
      wear trousers.


      6 deviationist activities found in Brunei - 28 Aug 03
      .. [Borneo Bulletin]
      At least six types of deviationist activities involving foreigners
      have been found in the country, which is punishable by fines of up to
      $4,000 or six months imprisonment, since it was first detected in 1961
      with 'Bahai' teachings. The latest is known as 'Abdul Razak'
      teachings, which was detected recently. Hjh Sarimah Hj Abu Bakar,
      Aqidah Control Section of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, said this
      at the briefing yesterday for overseas students.
      According to Islamic Religious Council Act and Kadhi Court Chapter 77,
      Amendment 1984 relating to deviation activities, a three-month
      imprisonment or a fine of $2,000 awaits a person who conducts
      teachings, religious talk or a ceremony that is against the Islamic

      Those who publish, issue, sell or bring religious books which are
      against Islamic teachings face six-month imprisonment or $4,000 fine.
      The books or documents could be confiscated.

      Those who insult or caused insult to the Islamic religion or Islamic
      teachings or Fatwa, issued in accordance to the law, face six-month
      imprisonment or $4,000 fine. Meanwhile those who instigate Muslims
      against performing prayers or paying alms are also punishable by up to
      six-month imprisonment or a fine of $4,000 [EUR 2.100,-].

      'Bahai' teachings was first detected in 1961 when a foreign missionary
      tried to spread such teachings in the rural area of Tutong and Belait
      that led to the establishment of an association called 'Pertubuhan
      Agama Bahai Negeri Brunei'. Bahai teachings taught people to believe
      in one religion called Bahai, which is a combination of Islam,
      Judaism, Christianity and other religions.

      It was later followed by the appearance of a witch doctor who
      introduced a deviationist activity in the form of a martial art called
      'Silat Lintau' in 1976. He claimed that there were four 'Kiblat' or
      prayer directions instead of one which is 'Ka'abah'. Then Qadiani
      teachings came in 1989 which influenced Bruneian students studying in
      Europe. However, the family of the students quickly informed the
      religious authorities in the country.

      In 1998, an Indian national from Sabah came to Brunei to spread
      Qadiani teachings but he was stopped from doing so. The latest is
      'Abdul Razak' teachings that claimed to be able to call the spirit of
      the deceased and believed that 'Zat' Allah enters the body of Prophet
      Muhammad (pbuh).

      Deviationist teaching is defined as any teaching or practise brought
      by Muslims or non-Muslims who claim that such teaching is based on
      Islamic teaching or not against Islamic teaching, but in reality such
      teaching and practice is against the belief and Islamic law which is
      in accordance to Quran and Al-Sunnah.

      Among the criteria of deviationist activities include belief that is
      against 'Ahli Sunnah Waljamaah' [the 4 famous schools of thought/
      madhab] such as believing that there are other holy books than Quran,
      belief that there are other prayer directions besides Ka'abah,
      question the truth of Quran and Hadith.

      Other criteria include any group leader claiming to be Prophet Isa or
      Imam Al-Mahdi and so on, belief in the unification of various
      religions into one, idolise an individual, leader or a group such as
      claiming to have special powers or claiming to be able to redeem sins,
      as well as translating Quran and Hadith as he wishes.


      Ontario consumers, retailers angry over lack of information about meat
      recall - 26 Aug 03
      Angry retailers and consumers demanded answers Tuesday about a
      mysterious recall of products from a southern Ontario meat-packing
      plant as officials once again refused to explain why the measure was
      The following is a list of companies and specific products affected by
      the recall: Various Halal Meat Basterma King products ; All packages
      of the following Halal Meat Basterma King frozen products purchased
      after March 21, 2003, are affected by this alert : [..]


      First generation of female imams emerges in western China - 24 Aug 03
      .. [Xinhua News Agency]
      in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The 40-year-old
      Jin is among the first batch of female imams in the region.
      Last year, she passed the exam held by the Ningxia Islamic
      Association, and became one of eight female imams in Wuzhong. In
      Ningxia, where one third of China's Hui minority lives, the number of
      registered imams is 5,000, of which there are only 30 female ones.
      Besides Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai and Yunnan provinces now have female
      imams too. The status of female imams is unique to China. "Religion
      should develop with the times, " said Hei Fuli, secretary of the
      Ningxia Islamic Association."The emergence of female imams and mosques
      serving only women also goes along with the trend of the times."
      Most of the first batch of female imams in the country come from
      traditional religious families, and are over 40 years old. Besides,
      most of them have secondary education, and can explain Koran in
      standard Chinese.


      Lawmakers must beware, Islam expert warns - 28 Aug 03
      Iranian-born Mehdi Mozaffari, the first Danish professor* ever to have
      Islamic theory as a dissertation, warned politicians and lawmakers to
      be aware of the difference between Islam the religion, which is
      acceptable and can be compared to Christianity and Judaism, and the
      alternative dangerous underlying philosophy of Islamism, whose avowed
      goal is to replace democracy and the separation of church and state
      with the so-called sharia legislation. Mozaffari challenged
      politicians to crack down hard and to ban political organisations and
      societies that promote sharia and Islamic fundamentalism, which he
      compared to Nazism.

      * Klaus Ferdinand and Mehdi Mozaffari, eds. Islam: State and Society
      (London: Curzon Press, 1988); Mehdi Mozaffari ed. Security Politics in
      the Commonwealth of Independent States (London : Macmillan, 1997);
      Mozaffari, Mehdi: Fatwa : Violence & Discourtesy [Ayatollah Khomeini]
      (Aarhus & Oxford, Aarhus Univ. Press, 1998); (review of latter:)


      Dr. John L. Esposito: Role of Islam in State and politics - 29 Aug 03

      Correction: Deportation order against girl overturned - 22 Aug 03
      The Federal Supreme Court has overturned a sentence by an Abu Dhabi
      Criminal Court to flog and deport a 15-year-old expatriate girl for
      having an illicit relationship. Contrary to an earlier report in Gulf
      News on August 17, 2003, the Court found that the girl did not commit
      adultery according to the Sharia law because of her age and decided
      against her deportation from the UAE.

      "The deportation penalty does not apply in this case… it is not
      acceptable under the Sharia law because sending the girl away from her
      family constitutes an offence and could push her to indulge in more
      sins," the court said. "This ruling by the Criminal Court is against
      Sharia because it will lead to the estrangement of the girl… the
      Federal Supreme Court decides to drop the adultery charges and cancel
      the deportation order against the defendant."

      Money is the root cause of rise in divorce cases - legal consultant
      .. Lawyer Dr. Mohammed A.M. Al Rokn: - 24 Aug 03
      "Many times there's a lack of responsibility of both parties.
      Sometimes, there is a lack of understanding of the Islamic values.
      People are also not aware of their rights and of the obligations to
      others." He noted that counselling services at the Dubai Courts has
      reduced the number of cases and has helped resolve matters in an
      amicable way. "No divorce case is registered unless both parties first
      go through counselling," he added.


      [hijab] Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't? - 29 Aug 03
      Muslim piety in Egypt given few outlets for political expression


      Halal label misleads Muslims: FML - 01 Sep 03
      The Board of Consumer Affairs of the Fiji Muslim League claims that
      none of the sausage sold in the country are Halal meat. .. FML
      general secretary Nisar Ahmed Ali in a paid advertisement yesterday
      said: "none of the sausages sold in Fiji as Halal complies with the
      Halal certification requirements of Fiji Muslim League". .. Mr Ali
      said in the case of sausages, at times the casing is not Halal while
      the meat is, or vice-versa and sometimes both the casing and the meat
      are not Halal, and yet the package is labeled with Halal. .. He said
      sausages or meat or any meat for that matter would have to get the
      confirmation from the League that it is Halal or Muslims would be
      advised against buying and eating it.


      A Look at Two Islamic Militant Groups - 26 Aug 03
      A look at two allied Islamic militant groups mentioned by Indian
      officials in connection with Monday's bombings in Bombay.

      Hindus, Muslims split over contents of Ayodhya report - 27 Aug 03
      Archaeologists have found that an ancient structure existed at a
      religious site that is claimed by both Hindus and Muslims and has been
      the cause of thousands of deaths, lawyers say. But the experts were
      divided over whether the structure was a Hindu temple. The report on
      the Ayodhya site, [was] opened by a court on Monday.
      The site, Ayodhya, a Hindu holy city 500km southeast of New Delhi,
      housed a Muslim mosque from the 16th century until 1992, when Hindus
      tore it down. They claimed that the Babri mosque was built over a
      Hindu temple marking the 7,000-year-old birthplace of the Hindu god
      Considering India's long history, and the way countless cultures have
      built atop the ruins of the last, what lay under the mosque could have
      been a Hindu temple, a Buddhist shrine, a house, a kitchen - or all
      the above.

      [Haryana] Castemen kill woman, hunt man because they married out of
      caste http://www.newindpress.com/Newsitems.asp?ID=IEO20030828002756
      Ever since his wife Meman was murdered allegedly by her brother on
      July 29, Idrees has not been able to spend more than one night at any
      given place. The fact that he was recently hit on the road by a
      mini-truck has only compounded his fears.

      Meman was killed to avenge the "loss of honour" to her family after
      she married Idrees in 1997. "`Even six years after the marriage,
      Meman's family, belonging to the Quraishi (Kasai) sect, could not
      accept the fact that she had married a person belonging to the Meo
      sect despite the traditional restrictions," says SHO Kuldeep Singh
      Beri of Sohna Police Station.
      Idrees and Meman, both from village Sudaka in Nuh Sub-Division, got
      married under the Muslim Law of Shariat at Nizam-ud-Din Aulia's dargah
      in New Delhi. A few days later they solemnised their marriage at a
      local court in Gurgaon. However, under family pressure, Meman had to
      go back to her parents while Idrees was asked by the village panchayat
      to pay a fine of Rs 25,000 [EUR 500,-] for committing the "crime".

      "A few months later, her brother Jalaluddin brought her to Taoru and
      stabbed her 12 times," he alleges. Confirms Beri: "He was later
      arrested for attempt to murder and convicted for three years
      As they went to their native village accompanied by an NCW team, they
      were allegedly assaulted by irate villagers. In the resulting
      confusion, the couple reportedly got separated."`It was only
      after the
      court's intervention that Meman was sent to the Nari Niketan in
      Karnal," says Idrees. "Later, a Supreme Court directive led to our
      reunion in 1998," he recounts.

      The couple then moved to Laxmi Nagar in New Delhi. "It was here that
      her family started visiting us," says Idrees, who then went to work in
      Saudi Arabia for a few months. "So much time had elapsed that we
      thought things had finally started returning to normal," he says.
      Buoyed by the changed behaviour of his in-laws, Idrees decided to
      settle at Sohna around 11 months back.
      http://www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030820/ncr1.htm - 28 Aug 03
      Memuna and Idris had hit newspaper headlines in the early 90s when
      they threw all norms to the winds, eloped and got married under the
      Shariat. Aware of the staunch opposition, they later had a court
      marriage, so that the bond was not severed. Still, the panchayat
      refused to accept that they were married and fined them for breaching
      the mores. (While Idris was a Meo Muslim, Memuna was from the Kasai
      sect. Marriages between members of these two sects are not permitted).


      Jemaah Islamiyah in South East Asia: Damaged but Still Dangerous
      (International Crisis Group - Asia Report 63) - 26 Aug 03
      Spotlight on Indonesia's Islamic schools - 01 Sep 03
      the International Crisis Group, says a small group of pesantren
      [Islamic boarding school] have been teaching a hardline message of
      jihad, or holy war, and they have become an easy recruiting ground for
      the extremist group Jemaah Islamiah (JI) which is widely believed to
      have been behind the Bali bombings.


      Death in the shadow of ayatollahs - 29 Aug 03

      Iranian robber has fingers amputated in public - 25 Aug 03
      An Iranian man's fingers have been amputated in public in Isfahan,
      central Iran, for multiple offenses of robbery, drinking alcohol and
      using drugs, conservative Quds daily reported Monday.
      .. Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran has implemented Sharia
      (Islamic law). It imposes .. amputation for repeated thefts.


      Watch out for Kufa Cola - 28 sep 03
      [Homegrown Iraqi cola battling tough post-war competition]

      300,000 Iraqis Join March for Cleric - 31 Aug 03
      Beating their chests and calling for revenge, more than 300,000
      Muslims began a two-day, 110-mile march to the holy city of Najaf on
      Sunday to mourn a cherished Shiite leader who was assassinated in a
      car bombing that killed at least 85 people. The faithful followed a
      flatbed truck carrying a symbolic coffin for Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir
      al-Hakim, a moderate cleric and Saddam Hussein opponent.
      many Shiites blame the cleric's death on Saddam Hussein loyalists and
      the U.S.-led coalition, which they say has failed to provide adequate
      security in the country since the dictator's fall.
      Al-Hakim had only returned in May from exile in Iran. While backing
      the formation of an Islamic state in Iraq, he had also urged unity
      among rival Shiite factions and tolerance of the American-led
      Mohammed Bahr al-Uloum, in exile in London until Saddam's ouster, said
      Saturday that his return to the council depended on the U.S.-led
      coalition's handing security matters to Iraqis, so that Muslim shrines
      could be under Islamic protection.

      Town agrees to repair shrine, pay victims - 25 Aug 03
      An unexpected peace broke out Sunday in the town of Tuz Khurmatu about
      two hours north of Baghdad, two days after five Turkmen and three
      Kurds were slain - possibly by U.S. soldiers trying to separate the
      two sides - during a political demonstration that turned violent.
      The Kurds, who have a stranglehold on the city council, agreed Sunday
      to open up seats for Turkmen. Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen
      representatives will pool their funds to pay the families of those
      killed in Sunday's violence the traditional "blood money" thereby
      ensuring that revenge is not sought. And the three groups will climb a
      rocky outcropping together to rebuild the dome of a small shrine that
      was destroyed Thursday night; that incident set off two days of
      demonstrations in the town and in Kirkuk.

      Azhar body says Iraq council serves God's enemies - 27 Aug 03
      Senior clerics at al-Azhar, the most respected seat of Sunni Islamic
      learning, have issued a religious edict calling Iraq's U.S-appointed
      governing body illegitimate and saying it served God's ''enemies.''
      [the state-appointed grand sheikh of al-Azhar mosque and university]
      Sheikh Tantawi told Reuters the clerics would be called to task for
      issuing the unauthorised ruling. ''The Fatwa Committee is not
      authorised to issue judgements about another country... We will summon
      the Fatwa Committee to see who said this and bring them to account,''
      Egyptian cleric sacked for opposing Iraqi Council - 29 Aug 03
      The Egyptian government-appointed head of Islam's highest seat of
      learning on Thursday suspended a senior cleric [Nabawi Mohamad Al Ash]
      who had called on Muslim states to boycott Iraq's US-appointed
      Governing Council.
      [comment] Another War Of Fatwas? Mamduh Al Sheikh - 01 Sep 03


      Senate panel's approval of khuloe hailed - 25 Aug 03
      Representatives of women's groups welcomed on Monday a decision by the
      Upper House's Legal Committee to approve the temporary civil status
      law, which grants females the right to initiate divorce.
      "By approving the law, the Upper House is giving the deputies a second
      chance to review it. We hope it will be in the women's favour [if the
      MPs pass the legislation]," she told The Jordan Times.

      Deputies have rejected the khuloe law which allows women to divorce
      their husbands without their consent, saying it facilitated divorce
      and caused family wreckage. Once the Senate approves the committee's
      recommendation, the law will be sent back to deputies for approval. If
      it is not passed, the law would go back again to the Senate.

      Christian, Muslim religious figures stress need for premarital testing
      Around 60 Christian and Muslim figures - including priests and
      'mazoons,' or Islamic marriage registrars - gathered in the capital
      Wednesday morning for an awareness campaign on the importance of
      premarital medical testing. During the one-day forum, organisers
      pinpointed the importance of getting those planning to tie the knot to
      take premarital tests - principally the thalassemia test.
      "If the engaged couple both tested positive for the disease, we would
      warn them against getting married but we would not prevent them, as
      this conflicts with personal freedoms," said Mohammad Batayneh, head
      of the motherhood and children sector at the Ministry of Health.

      Electronic rug keeps the faithful alert during prayer - 26 Aug 03
      An inventor has created a unique prayer rug fitted with an electronic
      device intended to keep Muslim faithful alert during prayers, the
      Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported Monday. Like many Muslims, Fawwaz
      Abul Ragheb used to miss the number of times he had to kneel and touch
      his forehead to the rug during the five daily prayers that all devout
      Muslims must perform, the agency said. So he came up with the idea of
      fitting a sheet of metal equipped with an electronic device to the
      prayer rug on the spot where the forehead touches.


      Sufi performers take over Temple of Bacchus - 25 Aug 03
      .. [Daily Star]
      On Saturday evening the 2003 Baalbek Festival is ending where it
      began, in the place they call The Temple of Bacchus. It is an
      appropriate venue for Aleppo's Kindi Ensemble.
      Kindi's music is meant to evoke tarab ­ a sort of emotional, even
      ecstatic, response on the part of the audience ­ and Saturday
      features both secular and profane traditions.
      In its second set Kindi shifts gears into the sacred, featuring the
      chant of Shaykh Habboush, of Aleppo's Qadiri order of sufis. This set
      is more of a spectacle since the musicians are accompanied by sufi
      adepts in various costumes. There is also movement ­ not belly
      but sufi devotees approximating their spiritual exercises for the
      audience's pleasure.

      In sufism rigorous, rhythmic movement is meant to gradually lead the
      assembled into a state of "grace," whether trance state or meditation.
      Different orders have distinct practices and Weiss' set is something
      of an experiment since it combines the techniques of different orders.
      The Qadiri sheikh first accompanies the exertions of a Mawlawi dervish
      as he whirls for the crowd. Later, Weiss' frame drummer, Hisham
      al-Khatib, has a Mawlawi-style whirl too. After 15 minutes or so of
      spinning Mawlawi, the adept takes a spell and the Qadiris stand to
      sway in time to their dhikr, the phrase ­ "there is no god but
      god" ­
      which, after extended repetition, is supposed to draw them into


      Reform marriage law, say women's groups - 26 Aug 03
      A group of women's organisations has called for amendment of
      51 of the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976, saying that it
      discriminates against women whose husbands convert to Islam.
      Section 51 states that, within three months of the conversion of a
      spouse to Islam, the non-converting spouse has the option to petition
      for a divorce, following which the marriage is considered by Syariah
      law to be annulled.

      Religious officers appointed to control halal labels - 28 Aug 03
      A total of 79 religious officers will be appointed as assistant
      enforcement officers in mid-September to control halal labels under
      the 1972 Trade Descriptions Act. The Minister of Domestic Trade and
      Consumer Affairs, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, said the assistant
      officers were picked from the Malaysian Islamic Development Department
      (Jakim) and the State Religious Departments to clamp down on abuse of
      halal labels, especially at business premises and abbatoirs.

      [Johor] 'Our jurisprudence before colonisation was based on Islamic
      law' http://beta.yellowbrix.com/pages/beta/Story.nsp?story_id=41118329
      .. [New Straits Times] - 26 Aug 03
      Islamic law was the basis of the country's jurisprudence until it was
      colonised by Western powers. It was enacted and subsequently known as
      the "Melaka Code of Punishment" where the gathering process started
      from the time of Sultan Muhamad Shah (1422-1444 AD).

      According to the director-general of the Department of Syariah
      Judiciary Malaysia (JKSM), Datuk Syeikh Ghazali Ab. Rahman, the
      syariah criminal law found in the code was complete. "In principle, it
      contains the four divisions of Syariah, namely, hudud, qisas, diyat
      and taazir," he said in his paper "The Implementation of Syariah
      Criminal Law in Malaysia" at the International Seminar on Islamic
      Criminal Justice System at a hotel here tonight.
      Syeikh Ghazali said the influence of the Melaka Code of Punishment
      spread to other States in the Malay peninsula (Tanah Melayu), and also
      to Brunei and Pontianak, Indonesia. Thus emerged the Johor State law,
      with Kedah and Pahang following in its footsteps.
      Seminar on Islamic criminal justice system a right move - 25 Aug 03
      .. [New Straits Times - Management Times]
      The three-day seminar, which begins tonight, will discuss a total of
      14 working papers, with representatives of some Islamic nations
      highlighting the experiences in the implementation of the Islamic
      justice system in their countries.
      Among them are Sheikh Abdul Rahman Almahmoud, president of the Syariah
      Court of Qatar, who will speak on the "Experience of Qatar'';
      Associate Prof Haliz E. Elzaki of the Faculty of Law, University of
      Khartoum, Sudan, who will give his account on the "Experience of
      Sudan'' and the Chief Justice of Pakistan's Federal Syariah Court,
      Justice Chowdry Ejaz Yousaf, who will present a paper on "Problems and
      Challenges in the Republic of Pakistan''.

      From Malaysia, there will be Datuk Sheikh Ghazali Abdul Rahman,
      director-general/chief justice, Department of Syariah Judiciary
      Malaysia, who will present his paper on "The Implementation of Islamic
      Criminal Law in Malaysia''; Datuk Mohd Zawawi Salleh, deputy head of
      Advisory Division (Syariah) Attorney-General's Chambers, who will
      speak on the "Development of Islamic Criminal Law''; and Dr Zainal
      Azam Abdul Rahman, senior fellow/director, Centre for Syariah Law and
      Political Science of the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia
      (IKIM), whose paper is entitled "Islamic Criminal Law in Post
      Independence Muslim States: A General Survey''.

      [Kelantan] 'Pas will strip people of basic rights' - 27 Aug 03
      But even taken from an Islamic perspective, [Umno Kelantan deputy
      chief Zaid Ibrahim] said that Pas had crossed these bounds by making
      halal (permitted) what is haram (forbidden), and making haram what is
      halal. For instance, it was haram for a man to sodomise his wife. But
      in the Terengganu Syariah Criminal Offence Enactment (Hudud and Qisas)
      Article 14, Section IV, and the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code (II)
      Article 16, sodomy between man and wife is permitted.

      Zaid pointed out that both Kelantan and Terengganu enactment stated:
      "Sodomy is an offence that is defined as intercourse between a man and
      another man, or between a man and a woman other than his own wife,
      that is done not in the course of nature that is through the anus".
      This, said Zaid, was forbidden in Islam.

      "And even in the Penal Code, Section 377, anal intercourse is illegal.
      This law of Pas' creates confusion amongst Muslims and tarnishes the
      image of Islam," he added.

      The Terengganu enactment was passed by the State Legislative Assembly
      in 2002, and Kelantan's in 1993. However, both States have yet to
      implement them. Hudud laws, as enunciated in the Kelantan enactment,
      cover six offences - theft, robbery, illicit sex, false accusation of
      illicit sex, drinking of alcohol and apostasy. The Terengganu
      enactment is applicable to all Muslims aged over 18 who commit an
      offence in the State. Non-Muslims can choose whether to be subjected
      to the laws or otherwise. The Kelantan Government's right to enact
      these laws is being challenged by Zaid and other lawyers at the
      Federal Court.
      PM: Pas' interpretation of Islamic laws is wrong - 02 Sep 03
      The Kelantan Government's move to rectify the mistake contained in the
      State's Syariah II Criminal Code - which gave the impression that
      man could sodomise his wife - proves that Pas' interpretation of
      Islamic laws is wrong, Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.
      Full story Send to a friend Comment on this article Printable page

      The Prime Minister said there would not have been any mistake in the
      laws Pas was implementing if they were in line with the teachings of
      Islam, as "God's laws are perfect". Dr Mahathir said Pas' aim to
      introduce hudud in the country was thus a purely political move that
      had nothing to do with Islam.

      [Sarawak] SATT, UMCCed offering Syariah studies certificate - 25 Aug
      Kolej SATT is offering Syariah studies certificate (Sijil Pengajian
      Syariah) at its campus here.The certificate, organised in
      collaboration with University of Malaya Continuing Education (UMCCed),
      Islamic Studies Academy at University Malaya and Kolej SATT (Sarawak).

      This program, which started in November 2001 is the first of its kind
      offered by an institution of higher learning (private) in Malaysia.
      The program's objectives are in accordance with UMCCed, that is to
      provide opportunities to the working adults to increase their
      knowledge and skills in various fields without disrupting their daily
      work schedules. A special programme advising committee ensures the
      quality of the programme, from trained lecturers to course modules.
      Kolej SATT was formerly known as Akademi Hospitaliti & Pelancon-gan
      Saujana. It was established in 1997 to cater to the increasing need in
      the country's tourism industry and hospitality industry, particularly
      in Sarawak. The college emphasises hands on training concept and real
      life situations to ensure that the students are competent and
      experienced when they enter the workforce.

      Terengganu Assembly: Hudud laws to be gazetted by end of 2003
      .. - 02 Sep 03
      The State Government will gazette the Terengganu Syariah Criminal
      Offence Enactment (Hudud and Qisas) 2002 by the end of this year, the
      State Assembly was told yesterday. State Education, Dakwah and Syariah
      Implementation Committee chairman Datuk Harun Taib .. was replying
      to a question from Rosol Wahid (BN-Ajil) on why the Enactment had not
      been gazetted and implemented despite the consent from the Sultan of
      To another question by Rosol who said he was not sure if the State
      Government was capable of implementing the law because of the many
      shortcomings related to the Enactment, Harun said there was no reason
      to be worried. "It will be implemented before the end of this year. We
      are not leading the blind into a drain," he said.

      To a question on the Hisbah Committee, Tun Mohd Salleh Abas who is
      chairman of the Hisbah Committee and Special Functions, said the
      committee had employed two senior officers on contract and five other
      officers from the State civil service. .. To a supplementary question
      by Rosol that the Hisbah Committee was not functioning as it should
      and was merely taking reports, and as such it should be close down,
      Mohd Salleh said it cannot be close down.


      Hijab Now a Must for Kano Girls - 31 Aug 03
      The education commissioner in Kano State, Ishaq Mahmoud Umar, told
      journalists on Thursday that the dress-code order for girls was in
      conformity with Islamic law, which has been introduced for criminal
      cases in Kano and 11 other states in predominantly Muslim northern
      Nigeria. Umar also said imams will be sent to schools to lead prayers.

      [Kano] Ignore Hausa Films - At Your Peril - 23 Aug 03
      .. the International Conference on Hausa Films was originated in the
      reaction to the first National Seminar on Contemporary Hausa Films and
      Writings that took place in Sokoto last year .. [that one] ended up
      concluding that the whole home video genre in northern Nigeria was
      anti-culture and almost anti-Islam. The industry, with its hub in
      Kano, did not digest the Sokoto conclusions well.
      Under Governor Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso, who lost re-election recently
      but was made Nigeria's current Minister of Defence, the State
      Government would not touch the industry with a long pole; it even
      banned the videos for a short while in order to assuage religious
      bodies following the launch of its Sharia programme. Now under a new
      administrator, the government has finally recognised the potential of
      the films.

      [Katsina] Appeal court to rule on Lawal death sentence in September
      http://www.irinnews.org/report.asp?ReportID=36240 - 27 Aug 03
      An Islamic appeal court in northern Nigeria said on Wednesday it would
      rule on 25 September whether a young mother sentenced to death by
      stoning for adultery should be executed. Amina Lawal, 32, was
      sentenced to death by a lower Shari'ah or Islamic court in March last
      year after she had a baby out of wedlock.
      "This case has been prolonged," presiding judge or Grand Khadi Aminu
      Ibrahim, said as the defence and prosecution readied their arguments
      in the court room, which was packed with foreign and Nigerian
      journalists. "It is not good to keep her in suspense for so long."

      Making the case for Lawal's acquittal, Aliyu Musa Yawuri, the chief
      defence lawyer, argued that she became pregnant before Shari'ah law
      came into force in Katsina state. He also pointed out that the court
      which originally convicted her did not explain her offence and the
      likely penalty for it before she was said to have confessed.

      The defence further argued that under Islamic law*) some pregnancies
      could take five years to gestate. This meant that Lawal's baby might
      technically have been created by her former husband, from whom she
      became divorced two years earlier. Mohammed Darma, the lead
      prosecuting lawyer, insisted as the prosecution had always done in
      this case, that the fact the Lawal was divorced when she became
      pregnant was adequate evidence of her guilt.
      Last year, the man alleged to have been her lover swore on the Koran
      that he was not Wasila's father and was cleared of adultery, a term
      which under Islamic law applies to any relations with an unmarried

      *) Amina Lawal : Sex, Pregnancy and Muslim Law - sep 02

      Yoruba League of Imams, Alfas dissociates self from fatwa - 27 Aug 03
      The League of Imams and Alfas of Yoruba land has said that the
      Jama'atu Nasrul-Islam's (JNI) confirmation of the Fatwa
      placed on
      ThisDay's reporter, Miss Isioma Daniel over alleged blasphemous
      the reporter wrote against Islam last year, was capable of heating up
      the system and destabilising the nation. The group, therefore,
      dissociated itself from the confirmation of the death sentence placed
      on the head of the journalist. Reacting to the confirmation of the
      Fatwa, the League in a statement signed by the publicity secretary and
      director of Markaz Arabic Training Centre, Agege, Sheikh Habeebullah
      Adam Al-Ilory, contended that since the reporter and the newspaper
      organisation had apologised to the entire Muslim community in the
      country, they deserved to be pardoned.
      The League also contended that no Islamic group in the country had the
      authority to proclaim Fatwa on anybody, stressing that "the proclaimer
      must be a learned person in Islamic jurisprudence, pious and must have
      the authority as obtains in such Islamic theocratic states as Egypt
      and Saudi Arabia." It noted Kaduna-based JNI as just a society like
      any other religious societies, comprising Emirs and wealthy Muslim
      individuals in the North, and did not therefore, have the right to
      proclaim death sentence on anyone.


      Pakistani Imams Issue Fatwa Against Iraq Troop Deployment - 02 Sep 03
      Religious scholars and muftis (people who issue religious decrees) of
      all schools of thought met on 12 August2003 . The meeting, chaired by
      Maulana Samiul Haq (chief of Jamiat-ul-Ulema-i-Islam, a major Islamic
      party in Pakistan), and issued a decree against deployment of troops
      to Iraq.

      Blasphemy woman killed in jail - 26 Aug 03
      A Pakistani woman has been beaten to death while in jail on blasphemy
      charges after allegedly burning a copy of the Koran, her lawyer has
      claimed. Naseem Bibi, 45, died in a hospital in Lahore's Kotlakhpat
      jail, Pervez Aslam, her lawyer, said. He called for an inquiry. "It
      seems she was beaten and tortured by fellow prisoners because she was
      suspected of blasphemy against Islam." Jail officials said yesterday
      that she died of heart failure.

      JUI reviews draft of Balochistan Shariat bill - 01 Sep 03
      Jamiat Ulema Islam (Fazlur Rehman) provincial executive and
      parliamentary group held a meeting here on Sunday to review the
      Shariat Bill draft prepared by the Nifaz-i-Shariat Council , which
      will be presented before the Balochistan Assembly in its upcoming

      [Punjab] Pakistan blasphemy case dismissed after 5 years
      .. - 30 Aug 03
      A five-year-long blasphemy case against Aslam Masih, a shepherd from
      Faisalabad district in Pakistan, has been dropped. Masih was charged
      with `defaming the name of the Prophet Muhammad' which
      carries a
      mandatory death sentence under Section 295C of the Pakistan Penal
      Code. The accusation was that the illiterate Aslam Masih had written
      the defamatory words and tied them round the neck of a dog. In two
      previous court appearances he was given life sentences and incurred a
      fine. However, the Lahore High Court dismissed the case due to lack of

      [FATA] Govt urged to improve HR situation in tribal areas - 29 Aug 03
      The participants in a two-day seminar have asked the government to
      make necessary amendments in the Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR) to
      improve human rights situation in tribal areas. .. the participants
      were of the view that the FCR was a British period law, which was
      specifically tailored to rule the Pashtun tribes in Frontier region
      without regard to due process and rule of law. They said that the
      federal shariat court and the supreme court had already termed
      proceedings under the FCR as un-Islamic and inhuman and it was the
      right time to make necessary amendments in the FCR.

      The seminar on social, political and administrative issues in FATA was
      organized at Baragali by the Tribal Reforms and Development Forum, in
      collaboration with the Human Rights Study Centre, Faculty of Law,
      University of Peshawar and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.
      The recommendations of the seminar also included the re- structuring
      of jirga under the FCR by replacing a nominated jirga with an elected
      one. The elected local council members, including women councillors,
      should be nominated to the jirga under the FCR to check misuse of
      powers by jirga members.

      [National] MIP to seek MMA's support on Sharia Bill - 26 Aug 03

      NWFP govt poised to adopt Hisba Bill - 25 Aug 03
      The NWFP Law Department, in a detailed rejoinder to observations made
      by [Governor] Mr Shah, said it had re-examined the proposed law and
      felt nothing that could warrant a change except for changing the
      nomenclature of Hisba Force and definition of a journalist to be
      nominated to the Hisba councils.
      The NWFP governor had earlier returned the bill to the provincial
      government raising several questions on the proposed law which human
      rights activists say infringed upon civil rights and is an attempt at
      introducing Talibanization in the province. "There is no such thing as
      private right in Islam, which adversely affects the society," the law
      department said in its rejoinder. Legal experts and human rights
      activists say the proposal law is intrusive and could be interpreted
      to the detriment of individual rights guaranteed in the Constitution.
      In its reply, the law department contended that lack of clarity and
      brevity in the proposed law was not caused due to its intrinsic worth
      but due to change of language from English to Urdu. "The ambiguity in
      this proposed legislation is not due to its intrinsic worth but it is
      due to the change of language (medium). Urdu is a language of
      literature and not of science and it will take some time to attain the
      standard wherefrom it can respond to the demands of legislation as a
      medium and replace English in a befitting manner." The proposed law
      has been drafted in Urdu, the second such legislation to be drafted in
      the national language after the Shariah Act. Brushing aside criticism
      that the law was intrusive, the department argued that there was no
      concept of private rights in Islam which adversely affected the
      society. Quoting Article 31 of the Constitution, it said, the state
      had the responsibility to take steps to enable the Muslims of Pakistan
      individually and collectively to order their lives in accordance with
      the fundamental principles and basic concepts of Islam.


      King Highlights Mosques' Role in Service of Islam - 01 Sep 03
      Dr. Al-Turki said some Muslims wrongly understand the concept of Jihad
      and its causes. He warned against disobedience of the rulers and said
      that leads to dangerous sedition, and enables the enemies of Islam to
      impose their hegemony on the Muslims. Dr. Al-Turki called for
      enhancing cooperation between the Islamic callers and the media so as
      to preach moderation.


      Sudan: Genital mutilation rises - 25 Aug 03
      The Sudanese government admitted on Sunday that up to 90% of women in
      the country's northern provinces suffer from genital mutilation and
      called for fresh steps to eradicate the practice. Health Minister
      Ahmed Bilal Osman made the announcement at a news conference ahead of
      a three-day African conference on female genital mutilation due to
      open here Tuesday. .. The only Arab countries where female
      circumcision is known to be carried out are Egypt, Sudan and Yemen,
      which imported the practice from Africa, where it is deemed essential
      to protect the honor of girls.


      [Hizb-ut-Tahrir] Thousands attend Muslim conference - 24 Aug 03
      About 7,000 delegates met at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena on
      Sunday for debates led by Hizb-ut-Tahrir, a political group otherwise
      known as the Islamic Liberation Party. The organisation has been
      banned in some countries including Egypt where three Britons are
      awaiting trial for allegedly promoting the group.
      "They should be treated in the same way as the BNP, as a fringe
      element in our society," said Khalid Mahmood, MP for Birmingham Perry
      Hizb ut-Tahrir was established in Jerusalem in 1953 with the aim of
      creating a single Islamic state ruled by Sharia law. Leaders of
      Birmingham Central Mosque have also condemned Hizb ut-Tahrir as an
      extreme minority group and criticised the event. The conference
      featured debates on Muslim roles in British society under the banner
      "British or Muslim?". Dr Imran Waheed, of the Hizb ut-Tahrir, said:
      "The theme is British or Muslim, looking at the issue of Western
      values or Islamic values. "We are examining case studies, such as
      buying a house, marriage, relationships between men and women and how
      would a Muslim with a British ideology or an Islamic ideology would
      view it.


      Imam resigns after decades as leader of Muslim society - 01 Sep 03
      Imam W. Deen Mohammed, the black Muslim spiritual leader who over
      three decades transformed how American blacks practice the religion,
      resigned Sunday as head of the American Society of Muslims. .
      W. Deen Mohammed is the son of Elijah Muhammad, who led the Nation of
      Islam until his death in 1975. The Nation had taught that its
      founder, Wallace D. Fard, had divine status and that Elijah Muhammad
      was a prophet - which is heretical in mainstream Islam and alienated
      the movement from Muslims worldwide. When W. Deen Mohammed took over
      the Nation of Islam at the time of his father's death, he gradually
      moved his thousands of followers toward orthodox Islam, winning the
      respect of Muslim leaders around the globe. He founded the group that
      became the American Society of Muslims, and Louis Farrakhan took
      leadership of the old Nation of Islam in 1978. The two publicly
      mended fences in recent years, although their movements remain
      separate. About one-third of American Muslims are U.S.-born blacks,
      but not all are affiliated with W. Deen Mohammed. He is known as a
      mentor to Malcolm X and for reaching out to leaders of other faiths.

      U.S. Muslim Leaders Announce Voter Plans Back - 01 Sep 03
      National Muslim leaders at their largest convention of the year
      announced plans to register 1 million Muslim voters and make civil
      rights a top issue in any endorsement of a presidential candidate.
      Upset by government scrutiny of their community in the domestic hunt
      for terrorists, they are mobilizing to express their anger at the
      September 11 anniversary ruffles Arabs, Muslims - 30 Aug 03


      Marwan Al Kabalan: Pipes and his pipe dreams - 29 Aug 03

      The correct political activism for Muslims in the West - 01 Sep 03


      FIIB sponsors Zawya's Islamic finance section - 26 Aug 03
      Bahrain-based First Islamic Investment Bank (FIIB) has signed a
      one-year contract to sponsor the Islamic finance section on the
      Zawya.com platform. Islamic finance has been growing rapidly over the
      past three decades and is expected to experience double-digit growth
      in the near future. The industry is currently estimated to be worth
      more than $230 billion in assets worldwide .

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