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Sharia News Watch 64

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    Sharia News Watch 64 : a collection news quotes on Sharia, for research & educational purposes only. [*] Shortcut URL:
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      Sharia News Watch 64 : a collection news quotes on Sharia, for
      research & educational purposes only. [*] Shortcut URL:

      The Sharia News Watch provides a weekly update of news quotes on
      Sharia (Islamic Law) & related subjects, as appearing on the major
      news search engines. All Editions :


      [Jalabad] Afghan City Closes Video Game Store - 15 Jul 03
      Authorities in Afghanistan's eastern city of Jalalabad on Tuesday
      closed hundreds of shops where children played video games and watched
      movies, accusing the merchants of "corrupting the morals" of young
      people, a senior police official said. "We closed more than 300
      shops," said Haji Ajab Shah, chief of Jalalabad police. "People would
      gamble and drink alcohol in those video game shops" despite
      prohibitions under Islam, the dominant faith in Afghanistan, he said.

      Police were acting on orders issued late Monday by Mohammed Asif
      Qazizada, deputy governor of Nangarhar province. He said he was
      reacting to complaints from parents that their children spent time and
      money in the shops instead of going to their schools, Shah said.

      Many of the video game shops were in basements of newly built shopping
      centers in Jalalabad, the provincial capital. Besides playing video
      games, customers watch DVD movies for a fee.

      [Zabol] Afghans give their views about the new constitution in
      southern province [Afghan news agency Hindokosh] - 14 Jul 03
      Zabol governor Hamidollah Tokhi asked the people to take an active
      share in the process of seeking viewpoints about the constitution. He
      highlighted that the people's views must be included in the

      According to reports, people showed various reactions against this
      process. They demanded that those warlords who have been involved in
      killings of people must be put on trial, so as to provide the ground
      for people to express their ideas. Moreover, things are not made easy
      for women to take part in such sessions. They demanded that the United
      Nations and the world cooperate with the people to improve the

      Intellectuals and scholars of Zabol Province did not participate in
      the session. This was due to fear of the Taleban and on the other hand
      they think that the constitution has been prepared by outsiders and it
      might be imposed on the people and it may be likely to be contrary to
      Shari'ah [Islamic] law.

      [Uruzgan] Taleban sets out conditions for new Afghan constitution
      .. [Afghan news agency Hindokosh] - 14 Jul 03
      The Taleban also participates in the three-days opinion poll [for
      constitution] in Urozgan Province. Mr Mohammad Omar Sati, member of
      the regional office of the Constitution Scrutiny Commission in
      Kandahar Province, announcing this report said: Taleban members were
      hiding in public places over the first two days, but no-one could
      recognize them. On the third day of the opinion poll they revealed
      themselves, however, and later on one of them representing others
      stated the conditions of the Taleban as follows: The formation of
      legal [shari'ah], justice and shari'ah decisions based on the Hanafi
      Fiq [jurisprudence].


      Enforcement Blitz On Karaoke Joints For Second Time - 13 Jul 03
      The fifth 'Ops Sepadu Bahagia' was aimed at conducting surprise
      inspections on restaurants that allegedly operated illegal karaoke or
      dances and also served alcoholic beverages at their premises. Though
      many possessed the appropriate licences to operate a restaurant, some
      failed to obtain any entertainment licences to establish karaoke at
      their restaurants. Some also failed to comply with the rules and
      guidelines when operating karaoke outlets such as closure during
      Thursday night, during the Azan call for prayers and also respecting
      time of religious significance according to the Acting OCPD of the
      Jerudong Police District DSP Mohd Hassan.
      The 10 foreigners including five males and five females from
      Indonesia, India and the Philippines, who were detained, failed to
      produce any valid travel documents. They were all brought to the
      Sengkurong Police Station for further investigation. The police and
      the Immigration Department again reminded employers to provide their
      workers with the appropriate travel documents or copies of these
      documents to prevent them from being detained during any enforcement
      operations conducted. Foreign workers have been detained although they
      have the appropriate and valid travel documents but in most occasions
      their employers hold these documents.


      Many exceed 30pc shade limit to car windows - 12 Jul 03§ion=theuae
      With the decision of the authorities to allow motorists, both UAE
      nationals and expatriates, to tint car windows up to a specified
      percentage of opacity, more and more cars with tinted windows can now
      be seen on the roads in the country.
      The compliance to the regulations pertaining to tinted automobile
      windows, however, is a different issue, as many motorists exceed the
      specified limit of 30 per cent tint, inviting objection from the
      authorities. The majority of the violations of the tinted glass limit
      rule are recorded among the youngsters, who generally tend not to
      respect or observe other traffic regulations, Brigadier Abdul Rehman
      Rafie, Director of the General Directorate of Dubai Police Traffic
      Department, told Khaleej Times.
      "The 30 per cent allows us to clearly see the driver and passengers,
      who will not be visible if the percentage exceeds this limit. However,
      if motorists claim that they are within the limit, we have special
      devices to verify their claim," the director of traffic department
      said. First Lieutenant Ibrahim Abdullah Al Hosani of Sharjah Police,
      hoping that all will observe the limit of 30 per cent tint, said in
      the latest issue of the Sharjah Police magazine Al Shurti that he does
      not agree with the claims that tinted glass hide women or decrease
      heat, noting that UAE women leave their homes covered as per the
      traditions and Islamic Sharia. "As for the heat, our ancestors lived
      in the even harsher conditions and never felt the need for
      airconditioners or tinted glass."


      Muslim world can't repel U.S. media invasion - 13 Jul 03
      Documentarian Charles Stuart wanted to gauge the popularity of
      American entertainment among Muslim youths, so he decided to put a
      camera crew in front of a small video store in Cairo.
      With governments no longer able to control the content of satellite TV
      and home video, American images have become virtually impossible for
      Muslims to avoid, and many perceive them as an insidious threat to
      their way of life. "Whether it's intentional or not, some people (see)
      this as an overt effort by Americans to push their values on another
      culture," Stuart said by telephone from his production office in
      Concord, Mass. Stuart, who also narrates the hourlong documentary,
      said he wanted to hear directly from Arabs about what he calls a
      "love-hate relationship" between Muslims and American media. From
      Lebanon to Egypt, where a "Friends"-inspired cafe is a Cairo hot spot,
      what Stuart heard was fear - fear that American media are undermining
      Muslim religion, traditions and identity.


      Court rules against French civil servant who wore Islamic headscarf
      .. - 12 Jul 03
      A court has ruled that a French civil servant who wore an Islamic
      headscarf on the job committed a "particularly serious offense'' and
      may face disciplinary action because she violated the separation of
      church and state. Nadjet ben Abdallah, a 33-year-old work inspector in
      the central city of Lyon, had argued that a disciplinary committee's
      decision to sanction her for wearing the headscarf at work was unjust.
      The administrative court in Lyon disagreed and in a decision released
      Friday, the court said the woman was wrong to go to work "wearing an
      item of clothing that ostentatiously expresses membership in a
      particular religion.''

      France to Get Its First Muslim High School - 13 Jul 03
      French educational authorities have given their green light to the
      creation of the Lycee Averroes in the city of Lille in northern France
      in September. The School will be France's first Muslim high school.
      Lycee Averroes was told three times by regional educational
      authorities that it could not open come Autumn for a series of
      mysterious "security".
      The only difference, he says, is that students, who will be subject to
      a basic curriculum devoted largely to the sciences, will have the
      option of taking courses in Arabic language and Islamic civilization.
      Also, adds Mameche, "we will impose no rules as to the wearing of the
      Islamic headscarf, students can do what they want, those who want to
      wear it will be able to do so, those who don't certainly won't be


      Athens set to build its first mosque -- but where? - 12 Jul 03
      Athenian Muslims, who include immigrants from nearby Albania and
      elsewhere in the Balkans but also considerable numbers of Nigerians,
      Pakistanis, Egyptians, Indians and Sudanese, were first promised a
      formal place of worship over 20 years ago.
      Although the sites for the [2004 Summer Olympic] Games will have their
      own worship facilities for different religions, the government would
      certainly like to boost its credentials with Muslim countries by
      opening the mosque while the world spotlight is on Athens. The
      promoters of the project, which is being funded by Saudi Arabia, are
      therefore hoping that the Games will provided the needed impetus to
      get the building up, but the mayor of the suburb selected [Paiania]
      has in effect declared that he doesn't want it in his backyard.
      "The centre should be built in the western suburbs, where most of the
      Muslim immigrants live," he added. More controversially, the mayor
      cited the location of the proposed mosque, close to the main Athens
      airport, as an argument against the plan.


      [Gujarat] Muslim polygamy a mere myth: Survey - 12 Jul 03
      A survey conducted in Muslim-dominated areas of Ahmedabad stands
      contrary to the general belief surrounding the community's alleged
      polygamous tendencies, the staple diet of the Sangh Parivar's
      diatribe. The survey, conducted in 1993, found that only two persons
      had four wives, two others had three wives and 279 had two wives. The
      survey covered eight blocks in the old city and some other areas,
      which together account for almost the entire Muslim population of

      While Muslims have often been jeered, that fact is that Hindus are
      also involved in polygamous practices. As many as 29,951 cases of
      'Maitri Karar' (friendship contract) were found officially registered
      at the District Collectorate at that time. The Maitri Karar was a pact
      between a married Hindu man and his 'other woman' to circumvent
      provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act that prohibits another marriage
      while the wife is still alive, said sources in the legal fraternity.

      "It was not legally enforceable, but the Maitri Karar was meant to
      give a sense of security to the married man's 'other woman'," said
      lawyer Girish Patel. Among the Muslims too, the survey - conducted by
      the Gujarat affiliate of MARG - found that most of the second
      marriages could be attributed basically to extra-marital affairs,
      which were legitimised taking advantage of the Shariat laws.


      Islamic college to ban female students wearing tight clothes - 12 Jul
      An Islamic university in Indonesia's second city Surabaya will soon
      ban female students from wearing tight clothes following complaints
      from other students, a report said on Saturday. Forty percent of
      female students at the State Institute of Islamic Studies are wearing
      "modish" clothes that show their figures and other students have
      complained, said Hamid Syarief, one of the institute's deputy rectors.
      Students who are not wearing proper attire will not be expelled from
      classes but will be asked to change, he said, adding that the rule
      will be in force on July 14.


      Iraq's history already written - By K Gajendra Singh - 15 Jul 03

      Iraqi Fatwa bans trading with Kuwaitis - 13 Jul 03
      Some Iraqi businessmen resident in Kuwait recently disclosed a fatwa
      "religious ruling" has been issued in Iraq which bans trading with
      Kuwaitis, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The businessmen were quoted by
      the daily as saying when a Kuwaiti merchant made a deal to buy a shop
      from an Iraqi man in south Iraq, the Iraqi man initially agreed to the
      sale deed, however one day later he refused to part with the shop
      saying a fatwa had been issued stating trading with Kuwaitis was
      religiously illegal. The owner of the shop said the fatwa had been
      issued by a prominent Shi'ite cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr.
      The Iraqi businessmen accuse 'some' Iranians of enforcing their
      influence in South Iraq and standing in the way of strengthening
      brotherly ties between the people of Kuwait and Iraq and taking
      advantage of the fatwa to prevent Kuwaitis from participating in the
      rebuilding of Iraq. They also said the Iranians and their supporters
      have taken control of Shatt Al-Arab private university and the
      Education Directorate and have assigned a person to impose strict
      religious instructions such as forcing girls, even Christians, to wear


      Islamists Blamed in Mauritania Coup Attempt - 14 Jul 03
      Mauritania's president, who survived a coup attempt last month, has
      accused Islamists in the northwest African country of inciting people
      to support the failed uprising.
      "The assailants made the troops believe that the presidency had been
      attacked by looters," the pro-Western president said on Saturday at
      the formal opening of an iron mine. "At the same time, people in the
      mosques and elsewhere incited the population to rise up against the
      authorities by presenting the coup plotters as protectors of Islam and
      saying it was everybody's duty to join them," he added. The coup
      attempt followed the arrest of dozens of Islamists and activists of
      the pan-Arab nationalist Baath party sympathetic to Saddam Hussein
      amid signs of unrest after the US-led war on Iraq.


      Court sentences 10 Islamic extremists to death - 12 Jul 03
      Throughout the trial, which began June 26, [the accused] Fikri and
      Damir said the five murders considered at the trial were committed in
      the name of the Islamic Sharia law. The other defendants said the
      thefts and aggressions were committed against "impious'' people.
      Moroccan courts have sentenced people to death in previous cases
      unconnected to militant groups. The death sentence has not been
      carried out in this Muslim North African kingdom since 1992.


      [polio] Muslim Clerics Criticise Vaccination Programme - 11 Jul 03
      http://allafrica.com/stories/200307110676.html [This Day - Lagos]
      Supreme Council for Shariah in Nigeria (SCSN) and the Kaduna State
      Chapter of Council of Imans and Ulama have described the Federal
      Government's polio vaccination programme as "dangerous." Rising from a
      joint meeting in Kaduna yesterday, the groups also asked the Federal
      Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and Radio Kano to withdraw
      immediately the Hausa advert on HIV/AIDS.
      the groups said that "the muslim Ummah (should) be wary or the polio
      vaccination being aggressively and religiously pursued by the Federal
      Government and the United Nations agencies (World Health Organisation
      and UNICEF) because of its potential dangers to the Ummah.

      "It also called on the FRCN Kaduna and Radio Kano and the sponsors to
      order the immediate withdrawal of the Hausa advert on HIV/AIDS,
      because it negates the teachings of Islam, as it is an open invitation
      to people to indulge in sexual behaviour, provided it is restricted to
      one person or the condom is used".
      For the polio vaccination programme, Suleiman said the council of
      Imams was in possession of evidence that the vaccine would reduce the
      fertility of the children when they grow up.

      [Bauchi] Ulamas hail Muazu over Sharia - 14 Jul 03
      Bauchi State Government has been commended for the adoption and
      implementation of the Sharia legal system in the state as a means of
      cleansing the society of all societal ills. The state chairman of the
      council of Ulamas of the Izalatul Bidia Waikamatu Sunna, Shiekh Salisu
      Suleiman Ningi, gave the commendation when members of the council paid
      a solidarity visit to Governor Ahmadu Adamu Mu'azu in Bauchi.
      While stating that Sharia was a way of life for all true Muslims, he
      appealed to the Muslim community in the state to support the
      government towards the success of the Islamic legal system. He
      congratulated the governor on his re-election for a second term and
      appealed to the government to provide his council with plots of land
      for the construction of schools. The cleric disclosed that the
      Izalatul group was at present operating nusery, primary and
      post-primary schools at Tilden Fulani, Bauchi, Ningi and Jama' are in
      rented apartments and called on the state government to come to their
      aid by providing plots of land for the construction of the schools'
      permanent sites.


      Courts and the Constitution - 14 Jul 03

      Pakistan's minority Christians to challenge proposed Islamic law
      .. - 12 Jul 03
      Pakistan's minority Christians said Saturday that they will challenge
      a bill introduced by a radical Islamic leader in [federal] parliament
      to impose Islamic law on mainly Muslim Pakistan.
      "We are not against Islam. We only want that religion should not be
      used as tool to victimize minorities ... and deprive them of their
      basic fundamental rights,'' Sindhu said. His comments came weeks after
      a radical Muslim parliamentarian, Azim Tariq, introduced a bill that
      would have this Islamic nation governed by Islamic laws. Parliament
      has yet to set any dates for debate on the bill, which is not likely
      to pass because religious parties lack a majority in parliament.

      Balochistan forms body for Sharia enforcement - 13 Jul 03
      Taking the lead from NWFP, the Balochistan Government has taken a
      historic decision to make all the provincial laws compliant to Sharia
      (Islamic laws) and for this purpose the Chief Minister has set up a
      Council for Enforcement of Sharia in the province. According to
      official sources the council, headed by Maulana Abdul Bari MPA, would
      examine the entire provincial, local and special laws and propose
      amendments to them in the light of recommendations of the Council of
      Islamic Ideology, a constitutional body at federal level to ensure
      that the laws comply with Islamic teachings.

      NWFP governor yet to sign Sharia Bill - 13 Jul 03
      Frontier Governor Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah has not signed the
      Shariat Bill as yet. The bill was put forward to the governor a month
      ago after the provincial assembly approved it. The Frontier Assembly
      approved the Sharia Bill on June 7 and it was sent to Governor
      Iftikhar Hussain Shah for signature through the Frontier Law
      Department. A month and five days have passed but the Law Department
      has not received the signed document. According to the Constitution,
      it is necessary for the governor to sign the bill within a month.

      [NWFP] Anwar Syed - Economic aspects of Shariat - 13 Jul 03

      [NWFP] 'Laws enforced by MMA baseless' - 14 Jul 03
      Speakers at a seminar on 'Implications of Sharia Bill and Hisba Act in
      NWFP', organised by the Aurat Foundation [NGO], said laws enforced by
      the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) were "baseless and outside the
      domain of the provincial government."

      Religious scholar Dr Mohammad Farook Khan and Supreme Court Bar
      Association (SCBA) President Hamid Khan said the legislation was
      "declaratory, reactionary and unprecedented in Islam". Prominent among
      the participants were three women activists of the Jamaat-e-Islami
      (JI), one of the major parties in the MMA. Dr Khan said Islam had not
      made the enforcement of Islamic laws compulsory. He said the Sharia
      Bill was a "vague law" which did not define rules and boundaries
      properly. He said it was an "eyewash" to satisfy MMA's voters.
      SCBA President Hamid Khan said the Sharia Bill was a "mixture" of the
      Enforcement of Sharia Ordinance promulgated by Gen Ziaul Haq in 1988
      and the Enforcement of Sharia Act tabled by the Nawaz Sharif
      government in 1991. He said there was no need to enforce Islam in a
      country with a 98 percent Muslim population. He said the MMA's
      legislation was an attempt to divert attention from the real issues
      like law and order, the economy and unemployment. He said the
      vagueness of the law would allow its misuse. "Any judge might use it
      according to his own prejudice," he added.

      Germany suspends financial aid to NWFP - 14 Jul 03
      The German government has decided to suspend all financial assistance
      to the NWFP due to the latest changes in the province after the
      adoption of the Sharia Bill by the Frontier Assembly, APP reported on
      Sunday. Sources said the decision was taken after the NWFP government
      imposed restrictions on a shelter home being constructed by the German
      government for homeless women in the province. They said that although
      the relations between Pakistan and Germany were improving, the recent
      political developments in the Frontier were affecting ties but added
      that projects undertaken by the Germans in other parts of the country
      would continue.
      German NGO GTZ and Aurat Foundation [NGO] had launched the Rs 10
      million [EUR 155.000,-] Mera Ghar project for destitute women in
      Peshawar. However, the NGO developed differences with the MMA
      government and ultimately cut off all contact with the provincial
      government last month.

      [NWFP] Jirga bans NGOs from Orakzai Agency - 13 Jul 03
      A loya jirga (tribal council) in [federal administered tribal area]
      Orakzai Agency on Saturday banned the presence of all non-government
      organisations (NGOs) in the area and warned that violators would be
      fined one million rupees [EUR15.000,-]. The council, which also banned
      televisions and video cassette players, set a week's deadline for the
      NGO staff to leave. It banned NGO-sponsored schools run in private
      However, a government official in the tribal zone expressed ignorance
      about the Jirga's decisions and said no NGO was operating in Orakzai
      Agency. "We don't know much about the Jirga's decisions," the official
      said on condition of anonymity.


      SC strikes down state power to certify 'halal' food - 15 Jul 03
      Government, through the Office of Muslim Affairs (OMA), has no
      authority to issue certifications for the so-called "halal" food, or
      food which does not contain pork or its derivatives, the Supreme Court
      said in its ruling. In its 17-page decision, the SC granted the
      petition filed by the Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines
      questioning the validity of Executive Order 46, which ordered the OMA
      to implement the "halal certification scheme" of the government. In
      ruling as null and void the EO, the SC sided with the petitioners'
      claim that "a government agency like OMA cannot perform a religious
      function like certifying qualified food products as halal."
      OMA had been originally formed in 1981 to ensure the integration of
      Muslim Filipinos into the mainstream of Filipino society.
      The government, through the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), for
      its part, argued before the SC that "the freedom of religion is
      subservient to the police power of the State," adding that "the
      government seeks to protect and promote the Muslim Filipinos' right to
      health, and to instill health consciousness in them." "By arrogating
      to itself the task of issuing halal certifications, the State has, in
      effect, forced Muslims to accept its own interpretation of the Qur'an
      and Sunnah on halal foods," the SC said in ruling against the state.

      Halal industry to bring peace in Mindanao: Bian - 15 Jul 03
      "A strengthened halal industry may just be one of the cures to the
      peace and order problems in the underprivileged areas," Mindanao
      Business Council (MBC) Chair Joji Ilagan-Bian said on Monday. Citing
      poverty and lack of business opportunities as the root causes of the
      Mindanao conflict, Bian called for a broader support for the halal
      industry to bring in more livelihood opportunities and income for our
      Muslim brothers.
      MBC has been initiating efforts to make Mindanao a key market player
      of the halal industry, since it is located strategically in the Brunei
      Indonesia Malaysia Philippines East Asean Growth Area (BIMP-Eaga).
      Over 90 percent or 27 million of the total Muslim populace in the
      country are found in Mindanao.

      Philippines to conduct Shariah bar examination on July 20 - 14 Jul 03
      The 2003 Special Shariah bar examination to be conducted by the
      Supreme Court in coordination with the Office on Muslim Affairs (OMA)
      will be held on July 20 and 27. The OMA headed by executive director
      Zamzamin L Ampatuan announced yesterday that Persons, Family Relations
      and Property and Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Customary Laws (adat) will
      be held on the first day, while Procedure in Sharia courts and
      Succession, Wills/Adjudication and Settlement of Estate will be held
      on the final day.

      Maria Cristina B Layusa, Supreme Court deputy clerk of court and bar
      said 70 Shariah seminar graduates have already registered for the test
      to be held at the Supreme Court building on Taft Ave, corner Padre
      Faura street in Manila.

      Those who pass the test will join a pool of Shariah counsellors
      numbering 287 from which judges will be appointed for the five Shariah
      District Courts and 58 Shariah Circuit Courts, all in Muslim Mindanao.
      The government had already established the five Shariah District
      Courts in Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Zambonga City, Marawi City and Cotabato
      City, but only one has a judge due to transfer to the Regional Trial
      Courts and death of Shariah judges. Of the 58 Shariah Circuit Courts,
      only 23 had been established, with the rest still not functioning.
      [OMA] is also seeking the help of the Supreme Court for setting up of
      an extension officeof the Shariah courts in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu
      and Davao City for the facilitation of civil registry functions, like
      registration of birth certificates, marriage contracts, death
      certificates and other documents concerning personal status among
      Muslims in those areas and its neighbours.


      Shariah Court ruling on Jihad - 15 Jul 03
      In its recent Fatwa (Islamic legal opinion), the Shariah Court in
      Qatar has banned the travel of young Muslims to another country for
      Jihad (holy war) without having the permission of their parents. "It
      is considered against Islam to travel to another country for Jihad
      without permission from one's parents," the Sharia Courts said in
      statement yesterday. Quoting the Holy Quran, sayings of Prophet
      Mohammed (pbuh) and several Islamic scholars, the Sharia Court said in
      its Fatwa that young Muslims should know the conditions of Jihad and
      the provisions of Islamic thinking before leaving their country. The
      Court also said the permission of "those charged with authority among
      Muslims" is necessary to initiate Jihad.


      Riyadh sets up body to control Islamic charities - 14 Jul 03
      Saudi Arabia's Shura Council on Sunday approved a bill setting up a
      new body to oversee Islamic charities as part of the kingdom's bid to
      clear its name over terror-funding charges by Washington. The
      government-sponsored bill, calling for the establishment of the
      "Supreme Saudi Relief and Charity Foundation," was overwhelmingly
      passed by the consultative council, secretary general Hmoud al-Bader
      said. Under the bill, the foundation will control and regulate the
      raising and spending of charity funds and appoint external auditors to
      scrutinize the accounts of charity organizations.
      Charities, many run by well-known Islamic organizations, are the
      backbone of Muslim fund-raising and relief activities throughout the
      world. .. Oil-rich Saudi Arabia boasts more than 230 non-profit-
      making societies which raise about one billion riyals (267 million
      dollars) annually.

      Pak nukes not 'Islamic bomb': Saudi Arabia - 12 Jul 03
      Stressing that nuclear proliferation must be seen in terms of
      "regional realities", a key Saudi military strategist has said Saudi
      Arabia does not accept the notion that "Pakistan's nuclear bomb is an
      Islamic bomb". "(Nuclear) proliferation must be seen in terms of
      regional realities - the Israeli monopoly of nuclear weaponry,
      defiance of non-proliferation regimes by India and Pakistan and
      reported efforts by both Iran and Iraq to acquire nuclear weapons,"
      Prince Naef bin Ahmed al-Saud, a key Saudi military official "with
      responsibilities for strategic planning", said in the Joint Forces
      Quarterly, published by the Institute for National Security Studies
      for the National Defence University.

      Islamic University's Board for Sciences and Technology in Afghanistan
      .. - 12 Jul 03
      Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulmohsin Alturki, Secretary General of the Muslim
      World League (MWL), chaired here [Jeddah] on Saturday the meeting of
      the Islamic University's Board for Sciences and Technology in
      Afghanistan. The meeting discussed a number of topics pertaining to
      developing the curricula of the university and means of utilizing
      technology. The meeting also touched upon cooperation between the
      Islamic University and Islamic Authority for Learning.

      [opinion] Absence of Alternatives in Our Society - 13 Jul 03
      Whenever Islam prohibits something we naturally need, it always gives
      us a better alternative.
      While families have options, bachelors don't. What can millions of
      singles do for entertainment? Go to malls, beaches, cafes? Then what?
      Even getting accommodation for singles is becoming a challenge.
      Besides, treating them with suspicion (many deserve it, though)
      everywhere they happen to be even when walking in public parks, is
      forcing them into summer exile. What better options do they have?
      While we forbid cinemas, which can be censored and controlled, we let
      our homes' space open for all kind of really bad programs without the
      slightest control. While we set rigid rules to segregate sexes, we
      drop all rules in tourist villages and chalets. As we spend billions
      on sports facilities, we forget to provide public parks and
      playgrounds to neighborhoods. Expensive malls and commercial tourist
      facilities are built everywhere, but few public beaches and children's
      playgrounds are provided.
      On our highways, we prohibit pedestrian crossing, but neglect to
      provide pedestrian bridges. We don't allow private help at lessons at
      homes but provide no after-hour schools. Our children are not allowed
      to study in international schools, but we don't provide equal
      alternatives. Non-Saudis are not allowed to have their own schools
      according to their countries' curriculum, and yet we don't allow them
      to study in our public schools.

      [comment] Is Hard Punishment Justified? by Sayyid Qutb - 11 Jul 03
      Islam neither suppresses natural feelings, nor considers them dirty.
      It only regulates, purifies and elevates them above the physical level
      so that they become central to much psychological and social values.
      By contrast, adultery, and prostitution in particular, removes from
      such natural desires all the exquisite feelings, attractions and
      values that have been refined over the long history of human life. It
      leaves it naked, dirty and more coarse than in animals. In many animal
      and bird species, couples live together in a regulated life. They do
      not have the sort of sexual chaos that adultery spreads in some human
      communities, particularly where prostitution is rife.

      In order to spare man this type of setback, Islam prescribes such a
      hard punishment for adultery. Needless to say, this offence causes
      numerous social ills that people often mention when they speak about
      this crime.


      Correction: Spain-New-Mosque Story - 11 Jul 03
      In a July 10 story about a new mosque, The Associated Press reported
      erroneously that it was the first mosque to open in Spain since
      Moorish rule ended more than 500 years ago. It was the first mosque to
      open in Grenada in that time span. Mosques have previously opened
      elsewhere in Spain.


      Top Islamic scholar due on Thursday - 13 Jul 03
      One of the leading authorities in the world on Islamic banking,
      particularly on the concept of Riba (usury) as defined in the Holy
      Quran and Hadeeth, Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein is due in Sri Lanka on
      July 17 on a five-day lecture tour at the invitation of the Al Islam
      Foundation of Sri Lanka.

      Sheikh Imran Hosein, who is a citizen of Trinidad-Tobago, served as
      Principal of the Aleemiya Institute of Islamic Studies in Karachchi as
      well as in the Trinidad Foreign Office. He has delivered the Friday
      prayer sermons at the United Nations, New York for ten years and also
      served as Imam of Masjid al-Quran, Long Island, New York. He has
      authored a number of books comprising the religion of Abraham and the
      state of Israel, the Prohibition of Riba in the Quran, Jerusalem in
      the Quran, Dreams in Islam and Islam and Buddhism.

      The main event of the Sheikh's visit here will be a full day seminar
      on 'Riba and Islamic banking' on Saturday July 19 at the Galadari
      Hotel. The eminent scholar's programme is organised by the Al Islam
      Foundation, the publishers of 'Al Islam' the longest published Muslim
      monthly in Sri Lanka.


      Sudan rejects peace proposals - 13 Jul 03
      Emerging from a week of talks in Kenya with the rebel Sudan People's
      Liberation Army (SPLA), the government dismissed a draft document
      proposing solutions to key power- and wealth-sharing issues as
      "completely unacceptable."
      [Sudan's deputy ambassador to Kenya, Ahmed] Dirdeiry said major
      sticking points include the document's proposal to set up two central
      banks for the north and south of the country, and exempt Khartoum in
      the Muslim north from Islamic sharia law. Last year the two sides
      agreed to waiver Islamic law in non-Muslim areas and to allow
      southerners a referendum on secession after a six-year transitional
      period. But they have since struggled to agree on issues like how to
      distribute power and wealth, and how to structure the army. Despite a
      temporary ceasefire due to expire at the end of September, fighting
      goes on.
      The Machakos Protocol provides that the Sharia shall be the source of
      legislation in the north. For that reason Machakos may be regarded as
      a retrograde step in comparison to the 1994 IGAD Declaration of
      Principles, which provided for Sudan's religious freedom and the
      separation of state and religion. In the meantime, the Machakos
      Protocol offers a mechanism whereby the south may opt out of any
      Sharia-based enactment. However the protocol is silent on the nearly 3
      million southerners presently residing in the north. Thus only
      southerners in the national capital are guaranteed exemption from the

      Sudanese leader tells peace mediators to "get lost" - 14 Jul 03
      Excerpt from speech by President Umar al-Bashir while inaugurating an
      agricultural project at Nur-al-Din on 14 July; broadcast live by
      Sudanese radio.
      As for our brothers who have joined [Sudan People's Liberation Army
      leader John] Garang, we ask God to forgive them and guide them, God
      willing. We are telling them that Garang will never benefit them, as
      they have paid a price for nothing. You [who have joined Garang] have
      sold shari'ah for nothing, and we have paid a very high price for it.
      It is for shari'ah that we have sacrificed martyrs and have lost
      blood. We have made a pledge with the martyrs, God and with you, the
      Sudanese people. We have an agreement with the martyrs who have gone
      [died] ahead of us. By God, we will never retreat. We will meet [the
      late vice- president] Al-Zubayr and we are going to keep our promise,
      and we are telling them [martyrs] that Sudan and its people are fine,
      and shari'ah is still intact. We are saying that we want peace and we
      are for peace, but we shall not submit or surrender. .. To IGAD and
      what it brought [the peace proposal document] and those supporting it,
      we say: Get lost and disappear.


      N.J. food law still not in effect worries Muslim community - 14 Jul 03
      In July 2000, New Jersey became the first state to pass a law to
      protect consumers of halal food, but three years later the rules still
      have not been implemented, to the dismay of the Muslim community.
      The law established guidelines that sellers and distributors must
      follow when labeling food halal, the Islamic equivalent of kosher.
      Genene Morris, spokeswoman for the Division of Consumer Affairs, which
      is responsible for enforcing the law, said a draft version of
      procedures to implement it is being reviewed by the Attorney General's
      office. Language in the bill, signed by then-Gov. Christie Whitman on
      July 12, 2000, called for its implementation within 180 days.
      Once the procedures are approved, they will go into the New Jersey
      Register where people will be able to comment on them before adoption,
      she said. The halal statute is modeled after New Jersey's kosher food
      law. Much of the statute simply restates the kosher food guidelines,
      substituting "halal" for "kosher."
      Since New Jersey passed its law, similar versions have been passed in
      California, Illinois and Minnesota. The law applies to distributors
      and restaurants as well as grocery stores.
      The delay has not slowed the rapid expansion of halal food options in
      the state. .. Now, there are halal pizzerias and halal Chinese
      restaurants. The word "halal," Arabic for "permitted," appears on city
      storefronts and restaurant windows throughout Newark and Paterson.


      Militant's lawyer appeals death verdict in missionaries' killing
      .. - 14 Jul 03
      Kamel, who pleaded innocent, had told the court that he killed the
      Americans "out of religious duty" because they were allegedly
      proselytizing and trying to convert "Muslims from their religion and
      made them unbelievers." Kamel's lawyer, Mahrous Oqba, challenged the
      constitutionality of the law used by the court to convict his client,
      saying it contradicted Islamic law - or Sharia - which prohibits
      non-Muslims from proselytizing. The constitution of this
      overwhelmingly Muslim state says Sharia is Yemen's main source of law.
      Jibla residents, however, have said the slain missionaries never
      discussed religion and, instead, provided vital health care services.


      Morabaha - Islamic mode of financing and its misuse by the banks
      http://www.paktribune.com/news/index.php?id=31698 11 Jul 03
      All the three constitutions adopted so far in Pakistan, all reports of
      the Council of Islamic Ideology and findings of various commissions/
      committees constituted on the subject of Islamisation of economy/
      financial system unanimously called for elimination of Riba.
      Towards the end of eliminating interest based banking, the State Bank
      of Pakistan has issued various circulars. The most important circular
      issued by way of standing instructions to banks is the BCD circular No
      13 dated 20.6.1984, on elimination of 'Riba' .
      As described in step (vii) of the operational methodology of a
      Morabaha transaction that the marked up price is to be paid on a
      definite date, this means that the particular agreement is for a fixed
      and definite period. No markup can be charged beyond that period.

      The Islamic Bankers under the title of Morabaha Financing are treating
      this kind of finance as an ordinary interest bearing loan. At the
      expiry of the fixed term e.g. 180 days of the transaction, they simply
      recover the markup (difference in sale and purchase price) by debiting
      it to the current account of the client and renew the transaction by
      preparing a new set of documents and giving it a new reference number.
      3. Renewal of Morabaha transaction is not permitted but the Islamic
      bankers are doing so, not only once but again and again and again. In
      one instance, e.g this process of renewal was carried on for six
      years, until it was challenged in the court of law and decided against
      the bank.
      4. Renewal of Morabaha transactions is illegal, markup charged by the
      bank upon renewal is illegal, mere debit and credit entries shown in
      the Morabaha account statement are fictitions entries, with no actual
      cash disbursements, with no actual sale and purchase of goods. These
      are all sham transactions.

      [Pakistan] NBP chief hopeful of modaraba's future - 12 Jul 03
      President National Bank of Pakistan, Ali Reza said on Friday the First
      National Bank Modaraba (FNBM) will cater to the credit needs of SMEs,
      industrial and business houses, which prefer Sharia compliant
      He hoped that with the flotation of FNBM, the modaraba financing that
      has been dormant since 1992 would revive and help speed
      industrialisation. Besides musharika and morabaha financing, the FNBM
      would also enter into leasing business. It would initially target the
      Punjab and NWFP and later on enter the remaining two provinces, he
      said. He said by using extensive branch network of the bank, the FNBM
      would be able to cater to a large market of modaraba financing.

      Scandals Spark Tougher Screening Of Western Investments - 11 Jul 03
      Stunned by the exposure of huge frauds, insider dealing and corporate
      greed, Islamic financial institutions are to discuss new and tougher
      screening techniques for future investment in the West.
      This issue will be debated openly at the International Islamic Finance
      Forum (www.iiff.net) - a major gathering of Islamic bankers and
      financiers taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, later this month,
      organised by the Dubai offices of the Institute for International
      The Dow Jones Islamic Market Indexes track Shari'ah compliant stocks
      around the world for Islamic investors. Included is a broad Islamic
      Market Index with 1,600 plus companies with market capitalisation of
      $9 trillion, from which about 29 Islamic indexes have been created
      covering all regions and almost all economic sectors.

      [Indonesia] JSX okays syariah investments - 11 Jul 03
      The National Syariah Council signed on Thursday a memorandum of
      understanding (MOU) with the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) to pave the
      way for the development of syariah-based investment portfolios in the
      country. Under the agreement, the council would make sure the syariah
      portfolios like bonds and stocks are in compliance with syariah
      (Islamic law) principles, said JSX president Erry Firmansyah.
      Under the plan, the council can also explore other types of
      syariah-based investment portfolios like state warrants and mutual
      fund products. Erry said that with the above agreement, all related
      market organizations are obliged to accommodate transactions in
      syariah-based investment products, and they must also provide
      necessary facilities to facilitate the transaction.

      Muslim Commercial declared 'Best' bank in Pakistan - 13 Jul 03
      Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) has been declared the 'Best Bank' in
      Pakistan by Euromoney Awards for Excellence-2003. MCB has been awarded
      the Euromoney award for excellence thrice in the last four years.

      [Kuwait] CBK likely to give go-ahead for eight new Islamic banks
      .. - 14 Jul 03
      The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) is expected to give the green light
      for establishment of eight new Islamic banks in the local market by
      the end of this year, say senior banking sources. The sources also
      told the Arab Times Sunday a number of existing local banks have
      finalized necessary arrangements to inaugurate Islamic branches in six
      months time. They added these banks have submitted applications to the
      Central Bank to open independent Islamic branches that operate
      according to Sharia. They said the Central Bank is assessing the local
      market's potential to accommodate new Islamic banks after the
      enactment of the Islamic Banks Law recently approved by the National
      Assembly. The assessment study also proposes a set of measures
      governing the Central Bank dealings with the new expected Islamic
      The Islamic Banks Law gives traditional banks the right to completely
      convert themselves into Islamic banks, in addition to the Kuwait
      Finance House (KFH). The Central Bank, the sources said, has a six
      months period to pave the way for the local market to receive the new
      Islamic banks after the publication of the law in the Kuwaiti gazette,
      "Kuwait Al-Youm." The sources added the six months period expires by
      the end of this year, which is the reason some local banks expect to
      get the Central Bank response of their applications to open Islamic
      branches also by the end of the year.
      The sources indicated most local banks will not require major changes
      if they wish to open Islamic branches or completely transform into the
      Islamic banking sector. They added a majority of banking activities
      and transactions offered by the existing banks are not much different
      from services currently provided by the Kuwait Finance House.

      [Bahrain] ABC Islamic Bank E.C. hosts signing of USD 80million
      Modaraba syndication - 15 Jul 03
      ABC Islamic Bank E.C. Bahrain today hosted a group of regional and
      international banks at the signing of the successful first stage
      Modaraba syndication of a USD80 million commercial master Murabaha
      structured for Vitol S.A. of Switzerland.

      Vitol S.A. and ABCIB Islamic Asset Management (IAM) have signed an
      $80,000,000 Master Murabaha Agreement that forms the basis of this
      successful Modaraba for participating Middle Eastern banks. The
      Murabaha transactions envisaged under the arrangement involve IAM in
      the individual purchases of physical Refined Oil Products such as Jet
      Fuel from a refinery supplier at the tap of their storage tanks, and
      their sales to Vitol S.A. on deferred payment terms. The Facility is
      the first Islamic financing to be arranged for Vitol S.A., one of the
      world's largest physical oil traders and has an innovative structure
      that focuses upon the real underlying physical trade that is the basis
      for Shariah-compliant financing.

      [Malaysia] Malaysian Investment Banking giant to join forces with
      Dallah Al Baraka Group to form Global Islamic Investment Alliance
      http://www.ameinfo.com/news/Detailed/26225.html - 15 Jul 03
      A landmark Memorandum of Understanding was announced today between
      Commerce International Merchant Bankers Ltd. (CIMB), Malaysia's
      leading investment bank, and Al Tawfeek Company for Investment Funds
      Ltd., one of the world's leading Islamic financial institutions and
      part of Dallah Al Baraka Group [Saudi Arabia], aimed at creating the
      world's first truly global Islamic investment banking alliance.

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