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Sharia News Watch 101

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    Sharia News Watch 101 : a collection newsquotes on Sharia, for research & educational purposes only. [*] Shortcut URL:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2004
      Sharia News Watch 101 : a collection newsquotes on Sharia, for
      research & educational purposes only. [*] Shortcut URL:

      The Sharia Newswatch provides a regular update of news quotes
      on Sharia (Islamic Law) & related subjects, as appearing on the major
      news searchengines. All editions :


      Karzai signs post-Taleban constitution into law - 27 Jan 04
      The constitution outlines a tolerant, democratic Islamic state under a
      strong presidency ­ as sought by Karzai ­ a two-chamber Parliament and
      an independent judiciary. Ratified Jan. 4 after a sometimes bruising
      debate at a 500-member Loya Jirga, the text also declares men and
      women equal before the law ­ a victory for human rights advocates.

      Two Thousand Ulamas Issue Fatawa Against The Karzai Regime
      .. - 26 Jan 04
      Two thousand Ulamas in Afghanistan have declared the regime of Karzai
      to be Kufr and have called for the Jihad against the regime. The
      Ulamas have issued a fatwa that states it is compulsory to fight the
      Hamid Karzai regime and any support for the government, either
      financially or in any other way is not permissible. They have said
      that the regime is not implementing Shariah law and is proactively
      resisting the calls to implement Islam. One recent event that caught
      attention of the people was when the supreme court of the country was
      rebuffed when it called for the ban on women on Afghan National TV.
      and any future Islamic government will punish those that do not adhere
      to these edicts. The fatwa was faxed from Hamid Agha, spokesman for
      Taliban, to various newspaper offices in the country. The Fatwa states
      that there is no difference between the government of Karzai and the
      previous communist government, calls for the youth to join the jihad
      and for all Afghans who consider themselves good Muslims to keep their
      families and friends out of the government and to stop supporting
      them. It also calls for the implementation of Islamic veil on women,
      the establishment of an Islamic education system and to fight the
      hypocritical regime just as they fought the British and Soviet

      The Fatwa goes on to say that the attack on Afghanistan not only
      destroyed an Islamic government, but it also is trying to erase the
      Islamic identity of the nation and that the "crusaders" have come to
      this land to spread immorality and Christianity under the guise of
      aid. It called for Muslims to resist their efforts and not to accept
      any kind of aid being given to the government regardless of its form
      and declared that helping the regime either materially or financially
      means would be considered a crime punishable by death. In a related
      event, Taliban distributed pamphlets inside Afghanistan to warn people
      to stop supporting the Karzai regime and to keep their family members
      from working for the regime because any government worker will be
      considered a legitimate target for attacks by Taliban.


      All set for Eid Al Adha celebrations - 28 Jan 04
      From festive parties to the more subdued but joyful family reunions,
      everything's set for Eid Al Adha celebrations this year. Come Sunday
      the three-day celebration begins and there will be glitzy nightouts or
      afternoon parties. With the added Arafa holiday on Saturday, it will
      be a long holiday week ahead. Eid has always been the season to bring
      families together either relaxing at home for simple but finely
      prepared dishes or a visit or two for a good family treat at hotels or
      restaurants. After the traditional Hedabiya on the eve of the Eid,
      entertainment activities begin. Museums will be closed but there will
      always be the alternative open public parks and other places to see.


      Belief of Ahmadiyyas by Annie Habib, Stuttgart, Germany - 29 Jan 04
      There has been much misunderstanding about the true belief of
      Ahmadiyyas because of one-sided propaganda against them.
      The Ahmadiyyas believe in all the tenets of Islam and is spread over
      almost 180 countries of the world, having 200 million members, and
      preach Islam in a most rational and peaceful way. They believe in Holy
      Prophet Mohammad (SM) as the last Prophet in the sense that there will
      be no new sharia after him. It is inferred from the Holy Quran, Hadith
      and writings from earlier Muslim divines that the promised reformer
      (Imam Mahdi) of the latter age would be an 'ummati' (follower) of the
      Prophet not bringing any new law and not discarding any teachings of
      the Holy Quran. This sect was not founded by the British and is run by
      the money of its own members.


      Whatever happened to tolerance? - 28 Jan 04
      the odious far right Flemish Vlaams Blok party has played on the
      current climate of Islamophobia in its recent campaign against plans
      to allow non-EU foreigners to vote in Belgium's local elections. This
      week the Blok proudly announced that it had managed to gather nearly
      70,000 signatures for a petition it is supporting against the new law.
      Anti-racism groups say the vast bulk of opponents to the law are more
      concerned about immigrants from the other side Mediterranean than
      about transatlantic expats.
      The Strasbourg-based European Commission against Racism and
      Intolerance (ECRI), one of Europe's most respected anti-racism
      organisations, is so concerned about racism at the extreme ends of
      Belgian politics that it this week openly condemned the casual way
      parties like the Vlaams Blok and its French-speaking counterpart the
      Front National use racist language in their propaganda. In a detailed
      report on racism in Belgium ECRI quite rightly called on the Belgian
      authorities to prosecute parties like the Blok when they incite race
      hatred in their literature.


      Bosnian cleric urges Europe to show support for Muslims - 25 Jan 04
      Mustafa Ceric, the grand mufti of the estimated 2 million Muslims in
      this former Yugoslav republic, said in an interview in early January
      that Europe was failing to engage with Muslims, allowing militants to
      step in and create the kind of groups that have been used to recruit
      terrorists. In the interview, he called for European governments to
      help finance Islamic schools as well as to contribute to building
      mosques. Europe, he said, needs to "institutionalize" Islam, to give
      it "an official voice." Ceric also criticized countries that gave
      support to any single religious group.
      Muslims make up about half of Bosnia's population. The other two main
      religious groups are Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics, but no
      census has been completed since 1991, before the war broke out.
      Although the Islamic community here contends it is the "European"
      branch of Islam, with an awareness of democracy and human rights, it
      has come under increasing pressure from more conservative movements,
      promoted by Saudi Arabian groups, which have provided support to some
      Bosnian groups.


      Freelance Jihad - Crusaders and the Soldiers of Allah - 27 Jan 04
      The 43 detainees are awaiting a trial in a martial court after they
      were picked up in Alexandria, Beheira, and Mahalla 15 months ago. The
      government charged the suspects with forming an underground group,
      dubbed as "Jundullah" (Soldiers of Allah), and planning attacks on
      "Western targets" in Egypt.
      According to defense lawyers and Islamist sources in London and Cairo,
      the detainees, most of whom are in their mid 20s and 30s, do not have
      political records. "Everyone is talking about the Intifada," said
      defense lawyer Mr. Youssef Saqr, in his house, few kilometers away
      from the military court. The suspects "are simply a group of people
      who sat down, gave it a thought, and wanted to travel to carry out
      jihad in Palestine. When they couldn't, they decided to attack the
      American and Israeli embassies in Cairo." The state-owned Al-Ahram
      had reported, on January 5, 2003, that the defendants had allegedly
      vowed revenge for the Israeli atrocities in Jenin in April 2002. The
      67 -year-old Islamist lawyer proudly stated that he would include, in
      his defense, studies on the "Crusader-Zionist conspiracy plans"
      against Muslims, hoping "the military judges would realize the threat
      all Muslims are under today." The arrest of Jundullah's suspects was
      followed by a series of security crackdowns on other new amateur
      groups. .. "The group's members confessed they endorsed jihadi
      thought [regarding it as a way] to protect Muslim minorities under
      oppression in some Asian countries, and because they were enraged by
      US and Israeli practices in the Arab region," the minister added.
      "More of these [amateur] groups will appear, due to the rage against
      the US policies in the Middle East," commented Islamist lawyer Mr.
      Montasser Al-Zayat, in his office in downtown Cairo. The expected
      damage could vary in scale from a couple of rocks thrown at a
      McDonald's branch to "disastrous operations," he warned.


      French cabinet approves hijab ban - 28 Jan 04
      Wednesday's cabinet approval opens the way for the bill's passage
      through parliament before it finally becomes a law. .. The bill has
      its first reading before the National Assembly, parliament's lower
      house next Tuesday.


      Gunman, allegedly insulted, kills 2 at German mosque - 26 Jan 04
      A gunman opened fire during morning prayers Monday at a mosque in
      western Germany, killing two men who reportedly insulted him and his
      wife, police said. Shortly after the shooting in Gelsenkirchen, about
      25 miles northeast of Duesseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia state,
      authorities arrested a 59-year-old Turkish man, who admitted shooting
      the men in the head before about 20 worshippers. The victims, ages 58
      and 48, were Turkish. The man, whose name was not released, told
      police he killed the victims because they insulted him and his wife.
      Authorities arrested the suspect after he fled to his home.


      The Haj - An Orientation Manual for Trainers of Indian Pilgrims of
      Haj-2004 http://www.hajcommittee.com/training2.html


      [comments] Iraqi Personal Law Draws Criticism - 26 Jan 04
      The major criticism against the new law - yet to be effective - stems
      from the fact that it virtually complicates matters in Iraq and
      encourages sectarianism through "establishing a court for each and
      every faction." This is despite the fact that the law is based on the
      Islamic Shari'a in general. The 1959 law, on the other hand, has been
      in breach of some provisions of the Shari'a.
      The second article of the annulled law, passed in 1959 to regulate
      Iraqi family affairs regardless of their factional affiliations,
      stipulated that the law was to be applicable to all "Iraqis save those
      exempted by a special law." The law had been applicable to all Iraqi
      factions and to Muslim foreigners residing in Iraq. Yet, it exempted
      Jews and Christians as they have their own laws and regulations.
      In statements to the Saudi Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper last week,
      deputy chief of Shiite Waqfs Divan Galal Al-Saghir expressed his
      strong support of the newly-approved Law. "The law is about referring
      each claimant in cases of marital affairs to his own sect," Al-Saghir
      said. He described the marital affairs law issued by former Iraqi
      President Abdul-Karim Qassem as being "the worst of laws, as it gave
      women free reign to divorce themselves and put them on an equal
      footing with men with regard to inheritance," in a clear breach of the
      Islamic Shari'a, which is the main source of legislation.
      "The decision has been said to be based on Islamic Shari'a but what
      provisions it has been based on? There are no specific articles. There
      are four Sunni doctrines and I do not know the reasons behind it," the
      [Sunni] member of the Governing Council said. Kurdish leader and
      Governing Council member Galal Talbani has opposed the decision and
      deemed it "invalid and illegitimate" for procedural reasons,
      reiterating that it has not been approved by the majority of two
      thirds of Council members, in conformity with the existing regulations
      of the Governing Council.
      In statements to IslamOnline.net, political analysts deem the decision
      as being a step "to lebanize Iraq" (To turn it into another Lebanon),
      as it does not only affect the Iraqi family file but it hits at the
      Iraqi public interests and encourages sectarianism. Some sources said
      that the Lebanese example does not have a unified personal law, as
      each religious sect organizes its family affairs, reducing the
      possibility of marriages among different sects. Such Lebanese method
      was a factor in the build up to factional wars that lasted for 15

      [comment] A Reclusive Cleric Holds the Power - 27 Jan 04
      It is hard to know exactly where Ayatollah Sistani wants Iraq to go,
      but he appears to envision a government founded on Islamic law and
      precepts in keeping with the tradition of his mentor, Abdul Qasim
      Khoei, who died in 1992. Sistani accepts, in principle, the political
      reality of the modern state and advocates that clerics should keep
      their contacts with the government to a minimum, focusing instead on
      matters relating to personal status and Islamic learning and worship.
      In statements posted on his website (sistani.org) and related by
      aides, he has called for a government based on freedom, justice and
      equality. These terms, as well as the idea of Islamic democracy, have
      often been invoked by moderate Shiites, who have yet to articulate a
      clear meaning for these words in the Iraqi context or to demonstrate a
      commitment to apply these concepts to both men and women.


      Team is set up to reconcile factions - 27 Jan 04
      A committee to reconcile warring political and religious factions at
      Bomas was formed yesterday. Constitution of Kenya Review Commission
      chairman Yash Pal Ghai said the committee, with the mandate to iron
      out contentious issues on the Executive and the Kadhi courts, would
      operate under the umbrella of the steering committee. .. The
      chairman, who refused to name the members, said the group's
      responsibility would be to take on board factions operating outside
      Bomas. .. The Judiciary Committee has entrenched Kadhi courts in the
      Constitution, sparking a row with the Ufungamano masterminds, who
      walked out to draft a parallel constitution.


      House of advisors in Morocco adopts Family Code - 24 Jan 04
      The House of Advisors unanimously adopted on Friday the new family
      code that aims at promoting the situation of women in the Moroccan
      society. Last Friday, the code was adopted by the House of
      Representatives. The reformed Code puts family under the joint
      responsibility of spouses, imposes difficult conditions for polygamy,
      and raises women's age of marriage from 15 to 18. .. Specialized
      jurisdictions have been set up in Moroccan courts to implement the new
      Changing status of Morocco's shunned wives - 28 Jan 04
      Under Morocco's old family code Hadija's husband and thousands of
      other Moroccan men could verbally divorce their wives at any time, and
      their decision was legally binding.
      Under a new family code, or the Mudawana as it is known, husbands will
      now have to go to court to make their repudiation binding and women
      will no longer be legally required to be "obedient" to their husbands.
      "Under the new family code, whoever keeps the children keeps the
      marital house. So they will no longer be on the streets. This is an
      important protection for women."
      Azziza's marriage was not legal, but what was legal in accordance with
      the Koran, was that her father as a Walli, or male guardian, should
      decide her fate for her. Under the new Mudawana a woman from the age
      of 18, may be her own Walli.
      Now a backer of the king's Mudawana, perhaps surprisingly, Nadia
      Yassine says it does not go far enough because women remain minors
      under the penal code, which has not changed. On paper at least, with
      the adoption of the new Mudawana, Morocco is set to become one of the
      most progressive countries in terms of women's rights in the Arab
      world. Next, says Layla Rhiwi of Spring Time of Equality, the
      magistrates and judges must be retrained.
      While polygamy is not completely outlawed - a man may take a second
      wife as soon as his first wife submits a request for divorce on
      grounds of "wrongs suffered" - women will be able to draw up a
      pre-nuptial agreement that forbids husbands from taking another wife.
      It offers a new guarantee for wives, giving them the possibility of
      drawing up a contract to share out goods acquired during marriage in
      the case of divorce.
      The new law also offers new rights for the protection of children,
      notably the right of women to have custody of their offspring and the
      right for children born out of wedlock to trace their fathers.
      Specialised family courts will oversee the new code.


      Nigeria to test polio vaccine to counter suspicion - 28 Jan 04
      Nigeria is to test samples of the polio vaccine next month in the hope
      of resolving a dispute with Muslim authorities which has helped spread
      the crippling disease to children across Africa.
      "A meeting has been scheduled in two weeks' time with all the states
      that are opposed to the immunisation programme," Health Minister
      Eyitayo Lambo told Reuters. He said during the meeting, and in the
      presence of all, the vaccine would be tested for impurities.
      Nasiu Baba-Ahmed, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Sharia
      (Islamic law) in Nigeria, backed the idea of a joint test with the
      government. He said tests commissioned by Nigerian Islamic groups in
      Italy and India confirmed the presence of contaminants in vaccines
      taken from northern Nigeria. .. "There are serious suspicions of a
      conspiracy by the U.S. government to depopulate Nigeria, among other
      developing countries," he told Reuters. .. Baba-Ahmed questioned
      why there was so much emphasis on polio, which affects hundreds of
      children in Nigeria, when thousands are killed every year by other
      preventable diseases such as measles, typhoid, malaria and meningitis.
      Analysts warned the joint test may not clear up the dispute, as its
      roots went beyond purely scientific matters. "The problem is
      geopolitical, not a health matter," said political commentator Pini
      Jason. "The controversy over the vaccine is similar to the debate over
      Sharia. Those who oppose the vaccine are making a global political
      statement against the United States as regards its foreign policy to
      Islamic nations," he said.

      Sharia: Kano Warns Hotel Proprietors [Vanguard - Lagos] - 28 Jan 04
      Addressing the hoteliers at a one day meeting organized by the
      commission, the chairman of the State Sharia Commission, Sheike
      Ibrahim Kabo said the meeting was meant to establish an effective
      working relationship with Hoteliers and come up with ways to sanitize
      their business activities in the state.Sheik Kabo pointed out that the
      commission had identified, prostitution, gambling, alcoholism, etc as
      some of the social menace bedeviling the state, adding that ther is
      need to work together to address the ugly development in the state.
      His words ' by this directives Sharia commission is assigned with the
      serious challenge of carefully studying the social ways of living with
      a view to sanitizing it from anti Islamic activities which are alien
      to Islamic culture'.
      [Chief Adeaga] recalled that some of their members have been victims
      of some ruthless Hisba officials (Islamic voluntary sharia enforcers)
      in the past, and appealed to the commission to help caution the Hisba
      members against destroying vehicles of hoteliers or burning their

      Contractors, Govt Officials to Face ICPC in Kano - 26 Jan 04
      http://allafrica.com/stories/200401260387.html [Weekly Trust - Kaduna]
      All contractors and senior government officials found to be involved
      in the misappropriation of monies meant for contracts in Kano State
      during the last administration are to be arraigned before the
      Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC.
      Governor Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau promised that no stone will be left
      unturned in carrying out the final report of the committees and as
      required by the Sharia.

      Taraba Dep Gov Under Probe [P.M. News - Lagos] - 27 Jan 04
      A seven-member panel set up by the Taraba State Government to probe
      allegations of gross misconduct against Deputy Gov. Uba Maigari by the
      House of Assembly has begun sitting in Jalingo.
      The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the deputy governor was
      present at the Sharia Court of Appeal in Jalingo, venue of the
      sitting. But the case was adjourned to Tuesday to enable witnesses to
      appear before the panel. Maigari was served with six-point allegations
      of gross misconduct in December last year, but has denied all the


      Four-day Eid holiday in Oman - 26 Jan 04
      Oman on Monday declared a four-day holiday for the private sector to
      mark Eid Al Adha; government offices will remain closed for five days.
      The holidays for both sectors will start on Saturday.


      [editorial] 'Zalim' on Line [on religious tv channels] - 26 Jan 04

      [Punjab] LHC tells police to stop harassing couple - 28 Jan 04
      The Lahore High Court on Monday directed the police not to harass a
      woman whose parents had registered an abduction case against her
      husband, whom she had married against their consent.
      Ms Nooshi, through advocate Nawab Ali Mayo, told the court she was
      over 18 and had married of her own will. She said her parents wanted
      her to marry an elderly man because he was rich. When she refused and
      married Mr Akhtar instead, her father Ghulam Hussain had a false
      abduction case registered against Mr Akhtar, she said, adding the
      police were harassing her and her husband. The judge said that the
      police could not take action against an adult couple that married of
      their own will.
      LHC frees 21 kiln workers
      The Lahore High Court has set free 21 people who were illegally
      detained by a Manga Mandi kiln owner. The court directed the detained
      people to approach the district police officer of Lahore for action
      against the kiln owner. The court observed that Islam and the law
      prohibit using anyone for bonded labour and strict measures should be
      taken against those involved in such activities.
      Food, Labour depts issued notice
      The Lahore High Court on Monday issued notice to the Labour and Food
      departments on a writ petition alleging that labourers at various
      markets in the Punjab are being forced to carry weight on their back
      greater than that permitted under the law.

      NWFP courts yet to take up case under Shariat Act - 27 Jan 04
      The courts in the province have not dealt with even a single case
      under the NWFP Shariat Act 2003, enacted last year by the Muttahida
      Majlis-i-Amal government, as the law is not practicable, observed
      speakers at a seminar on Monday. The provincial parliamentary leader
      of the People's Party Parliamentarians, Abdul Akber Khan, and former
      president of the Peshawar Bar Council, Sher Afgan Khattak, said under
      the Shariat Act the courts in the province had to interpret laws in
      accordance with Islamic Shariat, but despite the passage of more than
      seven months the provisions of the act had not been followed by any of
      the courts. "Even the members of the MMA or the provincial government
      have not asked any of the court to decide their cases in accordance
      with the said act as they also know that the law was faulty and could
      not be implemented," said Mr Khattak.
      [The NWFP Minister for Law] said: "We have finalised debates on laws
      aimed at safeguarding the right of inheritance of women, prohibiting
      the inhuman custom of Swara and honour killing." He added that Talaq
      Mughaliza (pronouncement of three Talaqs in one go) would also be
      declared a penal offence.
      Mr Khattak said there were more than 100 judges of different
      categories in the province. If all of them were empowered to interpret
      laws in accordance with Shariat, he remarked, it would create complete
      confusion in society as they might not be well versed in Islamic
      Shariat. Under the Constitution, he added, only the Federal Shariat
      Court was empowered to decide cases in accordance with Shariat and
      even the high courts were not given those powers. He asked when a
      power could not be exercised by the high court how could the courts
      subordinate to it exercise it.

      [NWFP] PHC dismisses plea against Hasba push - 29 Jan 04
      A division bench of the Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Wednesday
      dismissed a petition of lawyer Sher Afgan asking the court to stop the
      provincial government from presenting the proposed Hasba Act in the
      Frontier Assembly. The bench consisting of Chief Justice Mian
      Shakirullah Jan and Justice Dost Muhammad Khan dismissed the petition
      by declaring it premature. The chief justice observed that it was
      premature to hear the petition because the assembly had not passed the
      proposed act into law. He also observed that the act was under
      consultation with different sections of the society.
      The petitioner stated that 25 laws already covered the offences
      mentioned in Section-23 of the proposed Hasba Act and there was no
      need for fresh legislation for them.


      Despite Difficulties, 5,000 Russian Muslims Perform Hajj - 26 Jan 04
      Many Russian Muslims complained about the highly-priced visa issuance,
      hajj costs and the hardships faced by pilgrims traveling by buses.
      Traveling by road costs about 36,000 Russian rubles ($1300), while by
      plane around 51,000 ($1800). According to the Saudi consul in Moscow,
      Abdal Razek Al-Kashmi, 3500 pilgrims were traveling by road this year.
      In sub-zero temperatures, the last 180-strong batch of pilgrims left
      the capital of Ingushetia, Nazran, saturday, January 24, for the holy
      places in Saudi Arabia. .. Dagestan makes up the majority of Russian
      pilgrims this year with 1582 people and followed by Tatarstan with


      Women Allowed to Pray on Grand Mosque's Terrace - 27 Jan 04
      The authorities at the Grand Mosque have allowed women to pray on its
      terrace for the first time this year as part of their efforts to
      reduce congestion inside the mosque. Several escalators have been
      installed to take the worshipers to the terrace. A light system has
      also been installed on the mosque's 126 gates to let worshipers know
      in advance whether the mosque is crowded. If it is crowded, a red
      light is on; if not crowded, a green light will be on.
      Dr. Abdul Mohsen Humaid, director of the department of projects and
      studies at the presidency, said the expansion of the mataf
      (circumambulation area) on the mosque's first floor and terrace had
      reduced the tawaf length from 662 to 572 meters. There are special
      areas for the handicapped and elderly to perform tawaf. He said the
      shifting of the entrance to the Zamaam Well and Zamzam water drinking
      area from the mataf had created more space for circumambulation this
      year. The mataf will be crowded when the faithful come to perform
      tawaf al-ifada on the third day of Haj.
      Numbers swell as Haj start nears - 28 Jan 04
      Makkah and the nearby holy city of Madina were hit with torrential
      rains last week causing floods. The cold weather has caught some of
      the pilgrims coming from warm countries by surprise, with health
      experts blaming some of the recent deaths on that. At least 113
      pilgrims, mostly from southeast Asia, have died, many of them from
      exhaustion, chr-onic illnesses or road accidents, the Saudi Gazette
      reported on Sunday. Many pilgrims were seen wearing masks as the bird
      flu grips Asia and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), appears
      to be making a comeback in Hong Kong.
      More than 100 medical specialists and nurses from Britain, the United
      States and Malaysia have been brought in to work in emergency,
      intensive care and anaesthetic units bolstering 9,500 local doctors,
      nurses and administrators. The Haj Ministry is focusing on preventive
      measures and checking pilgrims as they arrive at 24 entry points.
      Last year 14 people were trampled to death on the third day of the haj
      -- the latest in a series of tragedies to hit the holy rite, a duty
      for every able-bodied Muslim.
      The main trouble spot has been the Jamarat Bridge, where pilgrims will
      flock on Saturday night and Sunday to stone thrones where Muslims
      believe the devil appeared to Abraham.
      Sami Angawi, who set up the state's Haj Research Centre in 1975, said
      crowd control plans had been obstructed by "five-star pilgrims" who
      refuse to walk and insist on performing rites at the time specified by
      the kingdom's creed of Sunni Islam. Following Wahhabi religious
      teaching, clerics say the stone-throwing should take place in the
      afternoon, as booklets handed out to pilgrims advise. Most pilgrims
      are not Wahhabi. Angawi said the problem was that there could be an
      estimated 50,000 cars at the same time in one location. The haj
      rituals, laid down by Prophet Mohammad 14 centuries ago, see Muslims
      move around a circuit of several km in the mountainous terrain around
      Mecca over a five-day period.

      [comment] clerics set boundaries on reforms - 27 Jan 04
      Some analysts and academics say the country was not always so
      restrictive, pointing to a period of liberalism in the 1960s when
      Saudi Arabia had a Shura (advisory) council, municipal elections and
      women could work and mix with men. They attribute the change to the
      1979 takeover of the Grand mosque in Mecca, Islam's holiest city, by a
      group of Sunni fanatics who opposed modernisation in the birthplace of
      Islam. A disconcerted royal family empowered the clergy to bolster the
      validity of its rule; the House of Saud bases its legitimacy on
      safeguarding the holy mosques in Mecca and Medina.
      Wahhabi clerics then waged a campaign against art and other pleasures
      of life. Music was banned from public places and the few cinemas
      closed. Religion hijacked most of the school curriculum with students
      having less time for other topics.
      No significant changes in the kingdom, from the introduction of
      telephones and television to the start of education for girls have
      ever gone ahead without fierce resistance from the clerics. .. Crown
      Prince Abdullah has pledged to press ahead with reform but said change
      would be gradual and in harmony with Islam. "This country is either
      Muslim or nothing at all," he said.
      "It was the mistake of the government to allow them (the clerics) to
      expand their influence," said [analyst Khaled] al-Fadely. "The state
      gave them power and the magic turned against the magician."


      Chief Justice Suspends Flogging of Girl - 23 Jan 04
      The London-based human rights organisation Amnesty International has
      welcomed the suspension of a flogging sentence against a 16-year-old
      girl convicted last year of adultery, but urged the Sudanese
      authorities to treat the case in accordance to their obligations under
      international human rights law. Sudan's chief justice on Wednesday
      suspended the sentence against Intisar Bakri Abd al-Qadir, pending her
      appeal against it. She was to have received 100 lashes, with the
      punishment due to be carried out on Friday.
      According to [Amnesty's] Goderiaux, the law was applied unfairly
      against Intisar, whose pregnancy was used in court as sufficient
      evidence for a conviction, yet the man involved only needed four
      witnesses to prove his innocence. Intisar's lawyer Ghazi Sulayman, who
      is also a human rights activist, told IRIN on Thursday that he had
      appealed against the sentence on the grounds that she was not only a
      Christian, and therefore not bound by Shari'ah, but also that she was
      still was a minor. "The chief justice of Sudan ordered a stay of
      execution and promised to look at my appeal," Sulayman told IRIN from
      Khartoum. "I am very optimistic that the high court of Sudan will
      dismiss the case against her," he added.
      The girl, who reportedly lives with her mother in a shanty town
      outside Khartoum, gave birth in September to a son. The man who she
      alleged to have raped her has, however, denied having had any
      connection with her. The punishment had initially been postponed
      because she was pregnant, and then in December because she was in poor
      Nine people were at risk of execution and cross-amputation, without
      the right to further appeal, the Supreme Court in Khartoum having
      dismissed their initial appeals against their sentences, which had
      been issued by a specialised criminal court, the organisation said in
      a statement.


      'Religious conflict' worries premier - 27 Jan 04
      "Don't take what happened as a religious conflict, otherwise we could
      become a tool of the [Muslim] separatists," warned Prime Minister
      Thaksin Shinawatra after three members of the Buddhist clergy were
      killed in Thailand's Muslim-majority south. Muslims fighting for a
      separate Islamic nation are suspected of countless bombings, arson
      attacks, shootings and other assaults during the past several years in
      southern Thailand, to destabilize Bangkok's grip and allow Islamic
      Sharia law to dominate there instead.
      Islam and Buddhism are at different ends of the spiritual spectrum
      because, unlike Islam, there is no "god" in Buddhist belief. Muslims
      also denounce the "worshipping of idols", while statues of Buddha
      appear throughout Thailand and are revered by bowing Buddhists who
      comprise more than 90 percent of this Southeast Asian nation's
      Thai officials suspect that returnees from Afghanistan, plus
      Wahhabi-financed religious schools, have influenced some Thai Muslims
      at more than 100 small, private Islamic campuses in the south.
      Relentless arson attacks on government schools in the south during the
      past decade have been blamed on Muslims who want to cripple the
      official education system so more Muslim children end up in local
      Islamic schools or fundamentalist institutions in the Middle East.


      Many Turks Become Christians - 23 Jan 04
      Some 35,000 Turks converted from Islam to Christianity last year,with
      most joining evangelical congregations the newspaper, "Milliet,"
      reports. If true, this would amount to a mass movement, considering
      Christians make up only 0.2 percent of Turkey's 68 million population.
      The German protestant news service Idea reported most converts are
      descendants of Orthodox Christians who ostensibly became Muslims to
      avoid being killed in Turkey's 1914-22 genocide of its Armenian


      Kibuli PTA Reject 'Hijab' [New Vision - Kampala] - 26 Jan 04
      Members of the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) of Kibuli Senior
      Secondary School have rejected the school management proposal of
      making every girl student put on a hijab. [change in school uniform].
      "The members of the association as a policy body have not been
      officially informed and have not met over the new regulation requiring
      all girl students to put on long skirts and long sleeved blouses, so
      we are not part of it and don't accept it,"


      [Cambridgeshire] Teacher 'insults' Muslim girl - 27 Jan 04
      A 16-year-old Muslim student told a British court on Tuesday how a
      senior teacher at her high school insulted her religion after pulling
      an Islamic scarf from her head. .. The jury trial has been told that
      the girl arrived for class wearing a black hijab, and that Dick told
      her to change it for a [school] uniform hijab which was black-edged
      with a red and grey stripe.
      yesterday (27 January), the case against the teacher collapsed. Judge
      Nicholas Coleman halted the trial and discharged the jury following a
      series of legal discussions between lawyers. A new trial has been
      ordered for 8 March 2004.

      More people attend mosques than Church of England: Census
      .. - 26 Jan 04
      More people in Britain attend mosques than the Church of England. It
      is for the first time that Muslims have overtaken Anglicans. According
      to figures 930,000 Muslims attend a place of worship at least once a
      week, whereas only 916,000 Anglicans do the same. Muslim leaders are
      now claiming that, given such a rise of Islam in Britain, Muslims
      should receive a share of the privileged status of the Church of
      Although the census recorded 1.59 million Muslims but Ceri Peach,
      professor of social geography at Oxford University said the census
      could not record the correct balance because the question was
      voluntary. Academics believe the figure to be at least 1.8 million.
      Tariq Modood, a professor of sociology at Bristol University has found
      that 62 per cent of Muslims pray in places of worship. The figure,
      after excluding young children, most of whom do not worship in
      mosques, is about 930,000. The figure is said to underestimate the
      number of practising Muslims. Many, it is said, pray at home.
      The Church of England has 26 seats in the House of Lords. However, the
      recent figures do not include Catholics. The Catholic church has 1.5
      million British worshippers.


      [California] Muslims acquire burial ground in Oceanside - 28 Jan 04
      Burial is a collective obligation for Muslims, he said, and the mosque
      has recently contracted for an exclusive burial area in Eternal Hills
      Memorial Park in Oceanside. The allotted space, which will include "72
      spaces with some land around it," will be enclosed by a fence. A sign
      outside will indicate that it is a Muslim burial ground. "The fencing
      is because Muslim burial grounds have to be identified differently,"
      Khan said. "No other graves are allowed." Muslim scholars say the
      burial segregation is to maintain the placement of the bodies in an
      unbroken pattern. All the spaces will be aligned toward the Ka'ba,
      or Kaaba, the place in Mecca toward which Muslims turn when they pray.
      The body rests on its back, but the face is turned toward the right.
      The depth should be at least half the body's length, but deeper is
      better. This is according to the Islamic Sharia, or law. Burials are
      not extravagant. If not for the fence, it might be difficult to
      discern what lies beyond it. Markers, statues and mausoleums are not
      used to mark graves. And the amount of earth mounded above the grave
      should not be higher than the breadth of a man's hand, said Imam Nader
      Dehaini. .. Essentially the poor and the rich go into the ground the
      same way, and that's the important thing." The mourning or grieving
      period should last no more than three days. After 33 years, the space
      can be used to bury another person, scholars say.
      There are five phases to prepare a Muslim's body for burial:
      * The obligatory washing, or ghusl, which is conducted according to
      strict rules: Men wash men and women wash women; * Wrapping (kafan)
      the body in a clean, preferably white cloth, three pieces for men,
      five for women, and tied to allow differentiation between the head and
      legs; * Prayers (salat) and supplication (du'a) are offered for the
      dead, the Prophet Mohammed and for all Muslims. The burial prayer is
      done standing. * Funerals are conducted without music, screaming or
      crying; the deceased is buried with the head slightly elevated but
      with nothing inside the grave other than the body. * Burial should
      take place as soon as possible to minimize contact with the dead.
      Planting flowers or wreaths on the grave or returning to visit it is
      strictly forbidden.

      [Texas] Islamic academy receives accreditation - 26 Jan 04
      Fort Worth's Al-Hedayah Academy has become the second Islamic school
      in Texas to receive accreditation from the Southern Association of
      Colleges and Schools. .. Open since 1992, the school, which teaches
      students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, offers classes in
      Arabic and Muslim religious classes and Muslim history. Children also
      learn the Islamic way to conduct themselves in daily routines and
      relationships and to respect nature and the environment.
      Receiving accreditation will allows Al-Hedayah's 180 students to move
      more easily to a public school system when they graduate.
      Al-Hadi School of Accelerated Learning in Houston became the first
      full-time Islamic school in 2001 to receive the association's
      accreditation in the region.

      [Virginia] Woman fights for equality in mosque - 26 Jan 04
      [Asra] Nomani, a journalist who has written for the Wall Street
      Journal and The Washington Post, is trying to change a rule that women
      should enter the Morgantown mosque through a side staircase and pray
      separately from the men. A growing number of mosques have such rules.
      "I can interview the Taleban," said Nomani,38 , "but I can't walk
      through the front door of my mosque." Before ever approaching the
      front door, Nomani asked the mosque's board of trustees for equal
      access for women. But when she later went to the mosque, the board
      president stood at the front door and said, "Sister, please, the back
      entrance," Nomani noted in a discrimination complaint she filed with
      the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
      About three months ago, Nomani, her mother and her12 -year-old niece
      rejected the women's entrance for the front door. Once inside, the
      women chose not to pray in a balcony built for women in the rear of
      the mosque - where the main prayer space cannot be seen. Instead, they
      began praying under the same vaulted, sunny ceiling as the men - but
      several feet behind them. "The men interrupted the start of 'taraweeh'
      prayer," Nomani recalled in the discrimination complaint. "A man said,
      'We cannot pray until she leaves.' A group of men told my father to
      tell me to leave. He said he would not. "Four men assembled around me
      and told me to leave. Two men took positions directly behind me and
      started to pray.

      [comment] Team Jackson and the Nation of Islam - 20 Jan 04
      Nation officials have been prominent at team Jackson's press
      conferences, the advisor's meeting, and Muslim bodyguards will
      probably surround the Pop King at his court appearances. But there's
      no evidence that they are anything other then one more ornament in
      Jackson's traveling ménage. In the past decade, Jackson has had a
      penchant for drawing into his circle anyone that he takes a momentary
      liking to, and believes can be useful.
      Though the black Muslims have long drawn public fire for their past
      black separatist, anti-white, anti-Semitic rhetoric, the Nation is run
      as a top down, hard-nosed corporate structured, money making
      operation. It provided security for political, entertainment, and
      sports figures Jesse Jackson, P. Diddy Combs, and O.J. Simpson
      attorney Johnnie Cochran. It has brokered contracts with various
      municipal agencies to provide security and run anti-drug and anti-gang
      prevention programs. (These contracts have raised howls of protest
      from conservative groups and demands that they be rescinded). It has
      established numerous farms, stores, and restaurants. The Nation has
      waved its rugged, capitalist business prowess as an emblem of black
      pride that other blacks should emulate.


      Islamic Medieval Medical Manuscripts on the Web - 06 Jun 00

      [al Qaeda] Muslim web sites under terror spotlight - 28 Jan 04
      Analysts say the sites, used by al Qaeda backers to spread their
      message, are unlikely sources of exact information on where or how
      Osama bin Laden's network might strike next -- though an experienced
      eye may spot the more probable comments. Mainly, the Arabic-language
      sites, usually bulletin boards where anyone can post anonymous
      messages, provide a forum for users with nicknames like erhabi
      (terrorist) and abuosama (Osama's father) to vent anger at the West
      and United States. "There's no official al Qaeda site, only sites run
      by Qaeda supporters but even these lack credibility as anyone can post
      there," London-based Islamic activist Yasser el-Serri said on
      London-based analyst Paul Eedle who closely follows pro-Qaeda sites,
      agreed that a trained eye was needed. "The way to assess the
      authenticity of statements is to see what other Islamists on the Net
      think of them," he said. "In this and other spheres, the Internet is a
      self-authenticating community."
      Gary Bunt, a University of Wales lecturer who runs a site on Islam,
      virtuallyislamic.com, said Islamists had proven much more tech-savvy
      than their governments. "A number of these site are exciting to take a
      look at. They've been designed very intelligently, a great deal of
      thought goes into how to put the message across," he told Reuters by
      telephone. "That has had an impact."


      Special standards needed for Islamic banking - 29 Jan 04
      The Basel II agreement, which is expected to enter into force by the
      end of 2006, imposes stringent new standards on banks around the
      world, which will have to increase their capital adequacy ratios and
      apply a more thorough rating of operation and market risk to avoid
      receiving low credit ratings from international agencies.
      " The new Basel II standards, which will become mandatory to all banks
      around the world, apply to banks in general and do not address the
      characteristics of only particular banks, such as Islamic banking,"
      Joseph Torbey, president of the Union of Arab Banks, said at the
      opening session [in Lebanon] of the three-day conference on Basel II
      Standards and Islamic Banking.
      Islamic banks around the world have achieved an annual growth rate of
      15 to 20 percent over the last few years, and currently have $262
      billion in combined assets, Torbey said. Roughly 265 Islamic banks
      collectively handle investment portfolios worth $400 billion, and have
      $202 billion in deposits and $13 billion in capital, he added.
      "These standards will make it difficult for Arab banks in general to
      attract international capital flows due to our low credit ratings if
      these ratings ever existed," he said, adding that the "standards will
      also impose new capital adequacy ratios due to the new risks,
      particularly operational risk."

      [Indonesia] 'Sharia banks should invite foreign investors - 28 Jan 04
      Sharia banks need to improve their capacity to absorb risks and
      deliver loans by expanding capital through inviting foreign investors
      or going public, Bank Indonesia (BI) deputy governor Maulana Ibrahim
      said. .. "When they raise capital, their risks will decline and they
      will be ready to lend more," he announced on the sidelines of an
      international seminar entitled Money and the Real Economy from an
      Islamic Perspective organized by Trisakti University on Monday.
      "Sharia banks have a higher financing-to-deposit ratio (FTR) as they
      are not disturbed by the (government's previous) recapitalization
      program," said Maulana. Bank Muamalat recorded an FTR of 80 percent
      as of August 2003, while conventional banks' average loan-to-deposit
      ratio (LDR) stood at 52 percent.
      Currently there are two fully Islamic banks and about eight sharia
      branches of conventional banks. The trend of conventional banks
      opening sharia branches started with the enactment of dual system
      banking by the government in 1998.

      [Malaysia] Qatar Sukuk pushes up LFX market cap to US$ 3 bil - 29 Jan
      The listing of the inaugural Sukuk by the Government of Qatar on the
      Labuan International Financial Exchange (LFX) yesterday increased the
      market capitalisation of the exchange to US$ 2.95 bil. The secondary
      listing of the US$ 700 mil Trust Certificates (Sukuk) due 2010 of
      Qatar Global Sukuk is the 14th listing on LFX, said a joint statement
      by LFX and Commerce International Merchant Bankers Bhd (CIMB).
      The Sukuk has an A+ rating by Standard & Poor's Rating Services and
      was listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange on Oct 9, 2003. It was
      also endorsed by the Bahrain-based International Islamic Financial
      Market in September 2003.
      The Qatar Sukuk is the fourth Syariah compliant instrument listed on
      LFX after Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd's Serial Islamic Lease Sukuks due 2004
      (US$ 100 mil) and 2006 (US$ 50 mil) and the Government of Malaysia
      Sukuk Trust Certificates due 2007 (US$ 600 mil).

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