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Salem on Palestine

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  • Israel Shamir
    No man escapes when freedom fails; The best men rot in filthy jails. And those that cried Appease! Appease ! Are hanged by those they tried to please. This is
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      No man escapes when freedom fails;

      The best men rot in filthy jails.

      And those that cried "Appease! Appease"!

      Are hanged by those they tried to please.


      This is a favourite poem of our Palestinian friend (in exile in the US), Yousef Salem yousef_salem@...  an activist, an intellectual, whose essay we offer below:


      Palestine Exists, Folks!

      By Yousef Salem ( Palestine - the US )


      The language of the 1947 UN Resolution that wrongfully divided Palestine is the only legitimacy of Jews claiming a bit more than fifty-percent of that land as their state in 1948. The refusal of the Palestinians to accept that resolution remains irrelevant since Its language has never been modified or changed in any way, therefore every inch of land allotted to them legally and rightfully belongs to them. The fact that they have been negotiating for less and less of that land is baffling.


      International law forbids the theft of the land of others by force, annexation, seizure, or any other means. International law also forbids collective punishment, the harassment and mistreatment of the civilian population, destruction of homes, uprooting of sustenance and income-producing citrus and olive trees, interference with their commerce, torture, and every aspect of barbarity and savagery that the Palestinians and Lebanese have and to endure from the brutal and inhuman Israeli military occupation pf Palestinians.


      Israel is a signatory of the Fourth Geneva Convention (FGC) that guarantees the right of all occupied peoples the right to use any means at their disposal to dispel their illegal occupiers. Under this ruling there is no such thing as a Palestinian or Lebanese “terrorist” if any part their land is under illegal occupation. The FGC does not disallow rocks, bombs, rockets, or, alas, desperate humans whose lives are filled with remorse, futility, and hopelessness and strap bombs to their bodies. With regard to them inflicting harm on those on the other side of the green line, such as Tel Aviv, Haifa , et al. one would have to ask them about that. Perhaps they may say that they are using the same tactic that Israelis have used against them for many decades, viz, “retaliation”.


      Jerusalem was declared an international city and therefore can never be the capitol of Israel , but rather it is to be shared by both peoples.


      Israelis use romantic empathetic language. Total shut-down of towns was called a “curfew”, and the illegally occupied lands were called “administered territories”, etc, all benign and surgically clean-room connotations. Likewise, the Israeli soldiers taken by Palestinians and Hezballah were not “kidnapped, which evokes heartfelt sympathy from an unaware populace. Civilians are kidnapped. Personnel in military uniform, or spies, are captured as prisoners of war.


      Israeli is the thirteenth most powerful military in the world, thus it is ludicrous for it to use “security” as its justification for creation misery, mayhem, pain, misery, destitution, and torment.


      Many sources globally have asserted with good reason that what the Israelis are and have been doing constitute war crimes which are punishable under the precedence of the Nuremberg Trials and Israel’s own1961 trial, conviction, and execution of nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann.


      It is incredulous that israelis and their US/UK wagged ink ‘n’ air (self-coined) media and elected officials continually demand that Hezballah disarm under UN Resolution 1559 while Israel has defiantly and blatantly refused for many years to comply with over seventy such resolutions, including 425 since Jews still occupy that area of land in Lebanon known as Sheba Farms.


      There is voluminous evidence that Zionism is in fact and indeed a racist ideology, and I can provide many pages of such evidence.


      Israeli is not a democracy. It does not even allow israeli citizenship, only Jewish citizenship. When, for example, will there be an Arab Muslim president or prime minister of that exclusively land which Jews themselves refer to as “the Jewish state”? That on its own merit makes the claim of being a democracy ridiculous. It is often the case that during israeli elections the victorious prime minister will be decided by rabbis in Brooklyn , New York , and not necessarily by the israelis themselves.


      The Hamas victory, by contrast, was the cleanest, most democratic election ever held, and its process was very closely monitored by the EU and by former US President Jimmy Carter. The lie that Muslims in Palestine are systematically destroy Christian life in Palestine is one of the biggest that Jews have told.


      Israeli is the only country that uses illegal and state-sponsored torture in violation of international law.


      Israeli is the only country that refuses to declare its permanent borders, thus it cannot legally be called a country. It is a state, i.e., in a state of becoming much larger in order to achieve its ultimate goal of establishing Eretz Yiosroel, or greater israel . This area includes all of Syria , Lebanon , Palestinbe , Jordan , Iraq , Iran , the eastern part of Egypt that includes Cairo , and the western part of Saudi Arabia . Its orginal flag was a navy blue Mogen David (six-point star) on a field of white. It was changed to include an aqua blue stripe above and below an aqua blue Mogen David, as can be seen on the israeli 10 Agarot coin that has a Menorah on the other side. I can send you one. Those two aqua stripes denote the Nile and Euphrates rivers. Clever, no?


      Truthful orthodox Jews will verify that according to their devout religious beliefs there cannot be a lawful and legitimate State of Israel until the Messiah returns. Guess who the Muslims believe that Messiah will be? Prophet Jesus Christ.


      The best friends that Jews ever had before the European Ashkenazi zionist Jews twisted Harold S Truman’s arm to have Palestine divided (first the kit and then the caboodle, then more, more, more…) were the A Muslim Arabs. They ruled Spain from 711-1492, and when it fell back to the Christians, millions of Muslims and Jews (later known as Sephardic) were beaten, tortured, and many murdered if they did not convert to Christianity. Arab Muslims sent their ships to Spain to rescue both peoples from the horrific Spanish Inquisitions and Jews were given safe haven in many Arab and Muslim countries where many still live in peace with their Arab neighbors as they once did in pre-UNR-181 Palestine . Many Jews became very wealthy, and many help high political positions of trust. The personal physician of a famous Caliph was a Jew.


      Whether or not The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a fabrication, the fact is that anyone that understands the power that zionist Jews have achieved in the world today, and has read the Protocols (available online) will know that Zionist Jews have employed the techniques outlines in that book to achieve their disproportionate power and influence in the world, especially in US where our national capitol has been proclaimed by them to be israeli occupied territory.


      The term anti-Semite, which should be anti-Jew since Arabs are Semites, used to rightfully refer to those who hated Jews qua Jews. Its meaning has been changed by Zionist Jews to refer to those that they hate regardless of how appropriate criticism and condemnation of Jewish wrongdoing may be. In other words, it is used to muzzle


      As has been reported, “Israel’s $100 billion economy is larger than all of its immediate neighbors combined”, so why is Congress still giving then three billion dollars of our hard-earned tax dollar plus about an additional ten billion dollars each year in assorted benefits while many thousands of children in America go to sleep hungry every night because their parents cannot afford to provide them with adequate food?. That amount of money can create a free national health plan for the millions of Americans that cannot afford a private plan. Our Congress has given those people about 160 billion dollars since 1948 while too many Americans are unemployed.


      It is not true that the Jews made the deserts bloom in Palestine , whose fruits and vegetables were the best and most prolific in that entire region long before zionists arrived there. Had the US Congress given $160 billion dollars to the Palestinians instead of their invaders then we would see a far grander land than that which exists today, and it would be nuclear free as well.


      The US Foreign Assistance Act, Sections 502B and 116(a) specifically states:

       “No assistance may be provided under subchapter 1 of this chapter to the    government of any country that engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, including torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, prolonged detention without charges, as noted in the law.”  These violations relate very specifically to the barbaric israeli treatment of the Palestinians and Lebanese. Why is our Congress violating its own laws? Before zionist Jews seized Washington and made it israeli occupied territory, our own State Department annually listed israel as one of the worse violators of human rights, a euphemism for war crimes. Why is Congress violating its own laws?


      Congress also forbids our US Arms Export Control Act of 1976 that strictly forbids the use of US military equipment to be used against a civilian population, so why do the israelis always get away with such crimes, and why does our Congress alibi and excuse such violations and crimes against humanity?


      In 2003 the EU unanimously voted that of the five governments that constitute the greatest threat to world peace,israel is the Number One threat. Why, then, do we continue to give financial, military, and (im)moral support to those people?


      Mssr. Daniel Bernard, the French Ambassador to the UK , stated at a dinner that it would be a shame if the world had to enter into WWIII over a “shi**y” little country like israel . Inappropriate words, perhaps, but the message was clear.


      John Sheehan said it best: “Anytime anyone says that Israel (sic) is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help remembering that, before Israel , we had no enemies in the Middle East .”


      There’s more, but this will suffice.


      My point is that deception, manipulation, coercion, intimidation, political threats, arm-twisting, buying-off, and holding Americans in a stranglehold of acquiescence to the will of others will eventually and inevitably be exposed and we may see a new wave of anti-Jewish sentiments that will bring the downfall of zionism and brand its adherents and supporters as the cause of many woes.


      Yousef Salem


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