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New Publication about Shamir the Menace

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  • Israel Shamir
    Here is another attack on Shamir following the previous one: http://www.pgpboard.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=636 Funnily one unsubstantiated publication turns into
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      Here is another attack on Shamir following the previous one:
      Funnily one unsubstantiated publication turns into a basis of another one.

      WIKILEAKS Dirty Little Secrets; Israel Shamir & Johannes Wahlström 

      By Alan taylor

      If there was ever a picture that Julian Assange wished did not exist, then it's the lead in picture that accompanies this piece. I depicts Assange busy at the keyboard, with Israel Shamir lurking in the background. Assange has surrounded himself with many celebrity supporters, some of whom have provided Assange with financial support. In return he has treated them shabbily, often referring to them as his "useful fools." See: http://www.pgpboard.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=375&p=562

      Israel Shamir & his son Johannes Wahlström a journalist working in Sweden and a frequent contributor to Aftonbladet. Shamir is Wikileaks front man in Russia, and his son Wahlström is a Wikileaks "associate" in Sweden. These two are not in the same league as Assange's celebrity useful fools; these guys are Assange's intimate friends, his Mr. Fix it's. These are the guys who Assange owes the real favours to, and these are the guys that Assange has to payback in the form of special access to Wikileaks cable and data troves.

      It was not long ago that Assange was praising Swedish society as being one of the safest, most liberal and trustworthy on the planet. So much so that he was considering relocating both himself and the entire Wikileaks operation to Sweden. The whole plan collapsed when the Assange sex case hit the street, and he was refused residency in Sweden. See: http://www.pgpboard.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=170&p=304

      Then miraculously, Wikileaks began portraying Sweden as a mere banana republic with only a flag, a national anthem and a football team. Wahlström's part in all of this was his leaking to the press the names of the women involved in the sex case, and accusing them of being part of a CIA honey trap in order to discredit Assange.

      Israel Shamir, Wahlström's father, is Wikileaks Russian representative and coordinator. Shamir, Russian by birth swims well in the shark infested waters of Russian politics. A vociferous anti-semite, with past links to the KGB. Shamir's special access to Wikileaks cablegate trove resulted in the supply of unredacted cables to Uladzimri Makei, the Head of the Presidential administration in Belarus.

      He reportedly met Lukashenko's chief of staff, Vladimir Makei, handed over the documents to the government, and stayed in the country to "observe" the presidential elections. When Lukashenko pronounced himself the winner on 19 December 2010 with nearly 80 per cent of the vote, Belarusians reacted by staging a mass protest. Lukashenko dispatched the state militia. As their truncheons bloodied the squares and streets of the capital, Minsk, Shamir wrote a story in the American left-wing journal Counterpunch extolling Lukashenko ("The president of Belarus ... walks freely among his people"), deriding the dictator's opponents ("The pro-western 'Gucci' crowd", Shamir called them), and crediting WikiLeaks with exposing America's "agents" in Belarus ("WikiLeaks has now revealed how... undeclared cash flows from the U.S. coffers to the Belarus 'opposition' "). See: http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/the-staggers/2012/03/belarus-assange-lukashenko

      It was Shamir who was instrumental in setting up the deal between Assange and Russia Today, where Assange will front ten episodes of interviews with yet unspecified guests. Not only will this provide Assange with the media exposure he has been lacking recently, it will provide an injection of much needed capital into Assange's coffers.

      Favours and interventions such as this all have to be repaid someday. Rest assured that Shamir will call in his chips with Assange. The question is: Who will get hurt, or dissappear as a result?"


      Alan Taylor
      PGPBOARD Administrator
      London, England
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