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London Riots Responses

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  • Israel Shamir
    London Riots Responses From Leo Schmit: Whatever Webster wants to argue, his arguments are flawed by drawing in British underclass submission in the 1930 s or
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      London Riots Responses

      From Leo Schmit:

      Whatever Webster wants to argue, his arguments are flawed by drawing in British underclass submission in the 1930's or the 1950' or the 1970's when British labour class communities were trampled over by Thatcher’s neo-liberal repression. Webster should not tell Gilad that he should be ashamed of himself just because he disagrees with Gilad's analysis. Webster may think in class terms, and probably rightly so from his point of view, but Gilad explains this burning problem in 'generation' perspective; asking what are the prospects of the youth in countries which are sold out and indebted to the banking system, servicing the overseas war machine and bowing for zionism and its grip on today's society..


      From Maria Poumier:


      Thank you Shamir for extracting the best from Martin Webster and Gilad, and from many others by the way. Certainly the important thing is the Jamaican impulse. Jamaica is not the most savage aggressive place in the world, but Bob Marley's country. That means inspired delirium. Personally, I don’t like the term "multiculturalism", that suggests a puzzle; our societies are nothing static like that. I feel that there is a real Global Africa where you find most lyrical and romantic and physical inspiration, summarized with too much grass, coke and so on. All the African descendants have a strong will to be respected as citizens of each European country, and have some anger about it. And for their global bravery, they attract all kind of people, especially the native young white ones. This black pole shows the existence of Global Europe as something opposite: domesticated, just consumerist, labor junkies and coward (nothing to do with racialist purely northern and zionist like nationalism). In France, (complementary with what you mention about the British police), we always suspect Sarkozy to send provocateurs in the street troubles, in order to produce a conservative reaction around his institutional party as the good shepherd. From Mexico, a country proud about sending millions of its citizens as immigrants to the US, a very good shamirreader, Alfredo Jalife, insists that the London riots can be seen as the last one of the recent  spring (arabic) revolutions, and maybe NATO should send some bombs to make democracy respected in Europe as in Libya ;-)see: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2011/08/14/politica/016o1pol  .

      As you do, Shamir, he points out that "underclass uprisings one day may serve as ignition", he hopes a good massive revolt will happen at any time, and he states that "divine justice" is already at work. Many revolutions start like that, Karl Marx upheld the 1870 Parisian Commune for that, but I am afraid generally they don't succeed, they strengthen repression and reaction, nothing else. Let us listen more to the black pole: 1 million persons around Cynthia Mac Kinney and Louis Farrakhan standing for Libya against NATO, last week end, that is a wonderful example, isn't it? The black mobilization against Dominique Strauss Kahn, in France as in the US, is also a very good political thing: he is still the beloved one of our socialist zionist party!!! It is not just a question of racial feeling against him, it is against the ruling classes abuses of any kind. And it is good to protest against rapists (DSK is well known for several rape cases, and especially with Black women), because a rapist is always someone used to smash weaker people's rights: difficult to imagine he would have changed MFI for good, even if Nassifatou Diallo made him fall in a trap. The DSK case is also good in a muslim perspective; nowadays, at least in France Islam means morality, in front of the western depravation. The islamic attraction is a real positive spiritual pole too, in the white dechristianized european youth. Let us see how the spiritual mix is becoming creative, it makes sense. and forget about "multiculturalism", that means nothing else than misunderstanding of what is really happening.


      From Mubashir Inayet:



      Muslims tackle looters and bigots

      British Muslims' reaction to the riots should dispel any continued demonisation in the media. 

      There is a lively debate taking place in the UK media between left and right wing commentators as to the causes of the English riots, in which hundreds of shops and businesses have been looted. However, both sides agree that the looting has been inexcusable. I hope both sides will also agree with me that Muslims have played an important role in helping to tackle the looting and preserve public safety. This would be an especially important acknowledgment if it came from those Islamophobic commentators who consistently denigrate Muslims.


      "When accused of terrorism we are Muslims, when killed by looters, we become Asian", a Muslim student explained to me. He was commenting on the media reporting of the death of three young Muslims in Birmingham on Tuesday night. Like many other Muslims, they were bravely defending shops and communities as rioters went on a violent rampage of looting.


      In recent days Muslim Londoners, Muslims from Birmingham, and Muslims in towns and cities around England have been at the forefront of protecting small businesses and vulnerable communities from looting. Having worked closely with Muslim Londoners, first as a police officer and more recently as a researcher, for the last ten years this commendable bravery comes as no surprise to me. But their example of outstanding civic duty in support of neighbours is worth highlighting - especially when sections of the UK media are so quick to print negative headlines about Muslims on the flimsiest of pretexts.

      On Monday evening when London suffered its worst looting in living memory I watched as a well marshaled team of volunteers wearing green fluorescent security vests marked 'East London Mosque' took to the streets of Tower Hamlets to help protect shops and communities from gangs of looters. This was the most visible manifestation of their pro-active response to fast moving and well co-ordinated teams of looters. Less visible was the superb work of Muslim youth workers from Islamic Forum Europe who used the same communication tools as the looters to outwit and pre-empt them on the streets.


      While senior Westminster politicians started to pack and rush back to London from foreign holidays I watched Lutfur Rahman, the Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets, offering calm leadership and support in the street as gangs of looters were intercepted and prevented from stealing goods in his presence.

      Most important to emphasise is the extent to which everyone in Tower Hamlets was a beneficiary of streetwise, smart Muslims acting swiftly to protect shops, businesses and communities against looters. It is often wrongly alleged that Muslims lack any sense of civic duty towards non-Muslims and especially towards the LGBT community. I wish peddlers of that negative anti-Muslim message had been present to see how all citizens in Tower Hamlets were beneficiaries of Muslim civic spirit and bravery on Monday night. 

      From Robert Leverant


      This is tangential but relevant:





Using the same technology as Google Earth to track you, be warned it will be most
difficult to lose yourself in any crowd.

This is the crowd before the riots in Vancouver:


Put your cursor anywhere in the crowd and double-click a couple of times.  
To further help with image, use the scroll button in the centre of your mouse.

Zero in on any one specific single face..  The clarity is incredible..

You can see perfectly the faces of every single individual - and there were thousands.

Just think what the police and the military have at their disposal.


      From Janet Marsh


      Lord have Mercy, Gilad, I am very disappointed in you and your thinking.  How can you justify the way these people acted and looted from honest people and the terrible beatings and killings?  I think that your thinking is skewed. 

      All of your thoughts have always been  top shelf, akin to Shamir's.  I think that you owe all of us that love and think that you are indeed an A-One individual an apology.  Your videos and emails have been very much appreciated, but, these thoughts do not reflect you and your role in reason.  Sincerely 

      janet marsh   hastings,  ny

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