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Re: Simon Buxton?

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  • jergonsacha
    That is more or less what I had heard. Thank you for your contribution. Since I m in the UK (where Buxton teaches) I get to hear of him and the horror stories
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 4, 2005
      That is more or less what I had heard. Thank you for your
      contribution. Since I'm in the UK (where Buxton teaches) I get to
      hear of him and the horror stories around him a fair bit. His
      invented pedigree (a 'bee shaman'!) enable him to make a lot of
      money from his courses, which are just new age enough to fool an
      idiot minority - and for him to attract a few 'female admirers'. I
      hear he's shacked up with one now, as he was a year ago (a different
      acolyte) so I wonder how long the current one will last. Till he
      gets more women on his courses in 'sacred sexuality' I guess...

      --- In shamandebunk@yahoogroups.com, "dctr_gd" <dctr_gd@y...> wrote:
      > Buxton is a fraud, you are correct. His book was not even written
      > him. It was ghost-written by someone else, based on his self-
      > important Don Juan fantasies, and Buxton then even cheated the
      > writer out of his promised fee. The book itself was rightly torn
      > pieces by Shaman's Drum in issue 67, which devoted 10 pages to it,
      > calling it a fairytale of 'fantasy shamans' and exorting readers
      > to go near it.
      > Some of the reviews at Amazon are equally telling:
      > "I don't believe this to be non-fiction. This isn't to say that
      > fiction doesn't have value, but honestly, "The Path of Pollen"??
      > that some kind of joke? Did anyone REALLY take this seriously?...
      > Also, just as a side note, I LOVE it when authors get their
      > (or, in some sad instances, make up various accounts by
      > themselves..) to come on and write reviews for them. You can
      > tell when they do that by the FIVE STAR reviews coming from
      > reviewers who, gee golly, have never reviewed anything ever
      > And the honest reviews, the 2-3 star reviews, come from other
      > reviewers who have a couple of pages of reviews (or, at least more
      > than ONE review) . Mmmhmm. I guess I should have known, since
      > Medicine Eagle, the plastic medicine woman who has been conning
      > people out of money for years wrote a small recommendation blurb
      > the back cover. Silly me."
      > "not trying to knock on Mr. Buxton. For all we know, he could be a
      > very sincere individual, who, for some reason, stumbled upon a
      > completely undocumented form of Bee-Shamanism in Europe. A place
      > which is WELL known for it's anthropological documentation of folk
      > customs. Yeah. Riiiiiight."
      > "This story had great promise but literally fell apart half way
      > through. I consider it either a misguided set of sex fiction or a
      > really weird sex cult."
      > Overall recommendation: avoid Buxton like the plague. As an
      > of Harner and with Brooke Plastic Medicine Eagle on his side, you
      > already know his pedigree. It stinks. So does his book. And so
      > his work.
      > --- In shamandebunk@yahoogroups.com, "jergonsacha"
      > <jergonsacha@y...> wrote:
      > > I noticed some comments about Simon Buxton at
      > >
      > > ers_.html, which weren't flattering.
      > >
      > > Particularly a course of his which "concerns the poetics of
      > > operating outside of time and space, moving from one secret
      > > to another, encountering the power of the fire serpent, the
      > tunnels
      > > of nether-worlds, the gods of nature and the nature of the
      > >
      > > As the author of Daily Ablution adds "Would-be nether-world-
      > > tunnelers wanting more information concerning the advanced
      > > will be disappointed, as "little may be said of the work for it
      > > largely ineffable." One certainty is that it requires "working
      > with
      > > the petroglyphic self, beyond the rational mind".
      > >
      > > Another post is about Buxton's book, The Shamanic Way of the
      > > which Shaman's Drum debunked a few months ago as a work of
      > > claiming to be fact, a la Castaneda: "I'd take my hat off to him
      > if
      > > I bothered to wear one - making money from credulous fools who
      > > desperate to know about "The Shamanic Way of the Bee" is as good
      > > way as any".
      > >
      > > Mr Buxton claims to be the UK Faculty for culture-plunder
      > > Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies but does anyone know
      > > anything else about him, apart from the fact that his courses
      > > his book look like flowery rubbish designed to part the gullible
      > > rich from their cash?
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