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Re: Answers, Questions, and Thoughts

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  • David Fotland
    ... I agree. This is why Many Faces doesn t support multiple game trees. I d rather have each game in a separate file in a directory so the user can use the
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 7, 1999
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      At 11:02 AM 1/7/99 -0800, you wrote:
      >Arno Hollosi wrote:
      >> William M. Shubert wrote:
      >Cgoban doesn't support multiple gametrees because as far as I could see it
      >added complexity with no benefit. If I want multiple game trees, I just put
      >them in separate files all in one directory, then when I load the SGF file I
      >can choose which one to see. With multiple game trees per file, you have to
      >first choose the file, then choose the game tree within the file; why? Why
      >not just choose them both at once? It seemed like adding the complexity of
      >parsing multiple game trees and selecting game trees and building
      >multi-game-tree files would be a waste of time.

      I agree. This is why Many Faces doesn't support multiple game trees. I'd
      have each game in a separate file in a directory so the user can use the
      interface they already know for selecting which one to open.

      Problem files are a special case, since a set of problems are examined
      sequentially, or just identified by number. This works very naturally
      with problem sets. I use .prb instead of .sgf for problem sets
      to make them easy to find. (And because I still support the old
      .prb MFGO format, which was compressed Ishi format).

      >> I think it would be nice if we could agree on one style, so that
      >> problem-collections may be spread among different programs.
      >I have pretty mixed feelings about this. I make problem sets for my own use.
      >If somebody else can find use for them, fine, but I'm not doing it for other
      >people, so I want them to look exactly the way I like, and if the problem
      >definition isn't the way I like things I'll probably just ignore it. In
      >addition, I don't think you can define a standard problem set format that
      >will well describe all the different types of problems (eg joseki vs.
      >tsume-go problems).

      I don't expect to see may problem sets, since there are copyright issues
      involved. If you enter a problem set from a book, I don't think you get
      the right to distribute them electronically. I don't expect many people
      to make up new problems. I'll have a lot more problems in the next
      Many Faces, but I had to get permission from the copyright owners.


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