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ANN: The Go Tools Project -- Official Launch

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  • David Goodger
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT ======= David Goodger - [[mailto:dgoodger@bigfoot.com]] - [[http://gotools.sourceforge.net]] THE GO TOOLS PROJECT: Launch of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2000

      David Goodger
      - [[mailto:dgoodger@...]]
      - [[http://gotools.sourceforge.net]]

      THE GO TOOLS PROJECT: Launch of Open-Source Web Site

      Kitchener, Ontario, Canada -- 2000-03-27

      Announcing the official launch of The Go Tools Project at
      [[http://gotools.sourceforge.net]], a new resource for go players. The
      mission of the Go Tools Project is:

      - To encourage, develop, and distribute open-source software and tools
      related to the game of go.

      - To maintain a set of links to other go-related open-source development
      projects and resources.

      All go players will benefit from SGF Summarizer, a multi-platform program
      (written in Python) which extracts game information from multiple go game
      records and produces output suitable for importing into a spreadsheet or
      database. This enables easy manipulation at the game level: sorting,
      searching, totalling, etc.

      Go programmers will benefit from these Python modules:

      - the Smart Game Format Parser Library, a general-purpose SGF parser; and

      - the Type Class Library, which implements abstract superclasses to emulate
      Python's built-in data types.

      Go-playing Macintosh users will benefit from automatic extraction of go
      game records from e-mail messages. There's a standalone applet, and
      scripts for MS Outlook Express.

      The Go Tools Project is looking for other open-source projects (any
      language, any platform, but hopefully multi-platform) to host or link to.

      For additional information, downloadable files, and documentation, please
      visit [[http://gotools.sourceforge.net]].

      # # #

      David Goodger davidg on NNGS (4k*), IGS (6k*), GoClub.org (1k)
      The Go Tools Project (open-source): http://gotools.sourceforge.net
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