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Re[2]: [sgf-std] Property PI

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  • Shigeru Mabuchi
    Hi, Arno, thanks for your comments. ... One more PI property which seems to be essential. I m not sure how it should be called in English, it is a term called
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 1999
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      Hi, Arno, thanks for your comments.

      Arno Hollosi wrote in Re: [sgf-std] Property PI:

      > > From: Shigeru Mabuchi <mab@...>
      > > Property: PI
      > > 'RK' (Record keeper) for person who records the game moves, and
      > > 'US' (User) for person who convert the moves into a computer data file
      >Looks like a good idea.

      One more PI property which seems to be essential.

      I'm not sure how it should be called in English, it is a term called
      'KIKITE' in Japanese, ie. the person who asks questions to the anlayzer
      on TV or openned events. Especially on TVs, 'KIKITE' is very important
      and all the game comments can be treated as a composition of the
      analyzer and the 'KIKITE'. Usually, an anlyzer is a high-dan pro and
      a 'KIKITE' is a low-dan pro in pro games.

      Can anyone provide an appropiate English term for this 'KIKITE'?
      Then we can use its abbreviation for this additional property in PI.

      > > Property: OT
      > > (1) "OG" is confusing.
      > > I guess Arno has messed up "Overtime" and "Extended Time".
      >Well, looking at it again, it seems you're right :o)
      >I tried to squeeze extended time into the overtime values.
      >I guess I failed. Your suggestion about XL/XN looks reasonable.
      >On a side note, I suggest that the default granularity for TG be set
      >to 0 (zero). Zero granularity means no granularity at all. This is
      >basically what every (analog) tournament clock does - just adding up
      >Could you tell us about the current state of affairs with the Nihon Kiin?

      Well, actually we are not dealing with Nihon Kiin directly.
      You would need to start from explaining ABC of computer
      if you deal with them directly. :-)
      On the Japanese side, we have been exchanging opinions within a small
      group consists of go-related software developers, and among them, there
      are developers that works with Nihon Kiin, as well as those who created
      the UGF formats, currently used by Nihon-Kiin.

      We will start up a Japanese SGF Mailing List, which will be openned to
      the general public (not only software developers). Personally, I have
      just finished a project of mine and would have more time to transfer the
      discussion between the two MLs when it is available.

      Best regards,
      Shigeru Mabuchi

      ======= W ======= I ======= N ======= G ======
      World-wide InterNet Gokaisho
      Shigeru Mabuchi (mab 2d* on WING)
      WING Server Address: wing.allnet.ne.jp 1515
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