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FF5 status update

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  • Arno Hollosi
    Hi folks, just want to let you know that I m still here and working on FF[5]. I ve been reading through the 150+ emails regarding FF5 and started writing a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 1999
      Hi folks,

      just want to let you know that I'm still here and working on FF[5].
      I've been reading through the 150+ emails regarding FF5 and started
      writing a first draft for the new spec yesterday.

      Main changes will occur in the game info properties. Most suggestions
      (e.g. Jan van der Steen's, John Fairbairn's, ...) will be included.
      Furthermore I rephrase some definitions to make them less

      Concerning additional properties I'll try to add suggestions by
      Shigeru Mabuchi, YAMAKAWA Kazuki, and Hyoungsoo Yoon. These additions
      will be done in a way, so that multi-player games can use them as well
      (for Dave & co. :o). This might as well include changes to old properties
      which are seldom used. I'm going to compile a statistic of properties
      used in the 780+ games of the GTL archive. I guess that properties that
      don't show up in there can be discarded or redefined without much damage.
      If you have a large game-archive I'd be interested in your property
      statistics as well.

      There's one thing where I didn't find a good solution yet: multi-lingual
      files. Any ideas welcome.

      The shell/package/set concept will be in a separate guide. I thought
      that it isn't directly part of the spec, but rather a help to programmers
      to find their way through the spec and make sensible choices about which
      properties they should include.

      Furthermore, I thought about an SGF FF[5] 'Seal of Quality'.
      Programs/archives which comply with the FF[5] spec and don't make/contain
      gross mistakes should get the 'Seal'. My hope is that this would promote
      the use of quality applications and would rid us of buggy programs which
      create errornous SGF. If anyone is good at drawing a seal, go ahead!

      That's it for now. Draft can be expected in two or three days.
      Thanks for your participation.

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